First seen at LDI99 in Orlando, the Strand 300 Series console features a unique modular construction for a fully flexible control console layout; modules may be arranged in any order or pattern, and may be detached up to 300' apart. Interconnection between modules is via Strand S Buss communication system over Category Five cable with RJ 45 connectors for simple connectivity. The 300 Series comes in seven models. Systems beginning with 24/48 and 48/96 memory manual desks and progressing through the 125- and 250-channel memory systems are designed to meet the needs of small to medium facilities. The 400- and 600-channel memory consoles, with integral flat screen LCD displays and full network support, are designed for larger venues. The 120 submaster model with 600 control channels is designed for operators seeking extensive flexibility. All systems feature fully integrated motion control software with 500 preset focus groups and an extensive range of fixture libraries. Motion control access has been implemented using Strand's intelligent mouse interface and a wide range of control accessories, including digitizer support.

STRAND, Rancho Dominguez, CA