Nexo, a European loudspeaker manufacturer, has announced the opening of corporate headquarters in the US. Jim Sides, formerly of Apogee, will head up the sales and distribution activities of Nexo USA. The facility will be based in Cotati, CA, near San Francisco, and will service US, Canadian, and South American markets.

"Finding the key individual was central to our opening the American operation," explains Eric Vincenot, chairman and president of Nexo. "We are delighted to have a person of Jim's experience and standing within the industry working with us. Jim's appointment, and the opening of our US office, underlines Nexo's commitment to the pro audio market worldwide."

Although Nexo has a presence in both Europe and Asia in the touring and installation markets, the company is not well known in the North American market. The new California facility brings technical and customer support channels closer to American users, and one of Sides' first tasks will be the establishment of a national rep network.

Nexo's product range falls into two categories: the Alpha systems, designed primarily for touring live sound, and a wide variety of compact cabinets suitable for permanent installation in venues, houses of worship, A/V theatres, and other applications.

Nexo USA can be reached at: 7950 Redwood Highway, Unit 3, Cotati, CA 94931. Telephone: (707) 793-9300; fax: (707) 793-9310.