One of Spain's newest themed attractions is devoted to the exotic creatures of South America. Selwo Marina in Benalmádena, Malaga, Spain, is billed as new concept of marine park, bringing together the sea life and birds of South America and complementing the theme of the successful Selwo Adventure wildlife park in Estepona, Spain. Visitors to Selwo Marina participate in an expedition in which they discover the amazing ecosystems of the South American continent.

The sound system design and installation was carried out by Madrid-based Himesa Professional, using a variety of D.A.S. products. The system designed by the company provides ambient sound and paging utilizing 60 Factor-5T camouflaged within the decorative elements of the park.

The park is accessed through the Plaza of the Americas where shops and food services are available. Through the plaza, visitors enter the Caribbean zone known as the Antilles, home to the Dolphinarium, an installation designed to exhibit, maintain, and breed species of dolphins and sea lions. Sound reinforcement is handled by two self-powered DS-12A systems, eight DS-12, and eight DS-8 conventional systems.

Next up is the Papagayo Club, where visitors can watch a variety of birds in flight and bird exhibitions. Eight DS-8 systems powered by QSC CX-204V amps are used to provide sound reinforcement.

One of the most unique parts of Selwo Marina is Ice Island, home of the penguins. A cooling system located in the glass-enclosed area provides the animals with the extreme living conditions found in Antarctica. Himesa installed four Factor 5T two-way systems to provide background effects in this area. Very cool, indeed.