Group One, the Long Island-based distributor of audio and lighting products, has entered into a contract with SPL Electronics GmbH of Germany, to distribute all of SPL's products in the US. The agreement became effective June 1.

SPL Electronics is a German manufacturer of signal processing founded in 1984 by Wolfgang Neumann. (It is not to be confused with Signal Perfection, also known as SPL, the systems engineering company owned by Production Resource Group.) SPL produces equipment that reportedly provides a unique approach to common audio problems in signal processing. For example, Transient Designer 4, one of SPL's newest products, utilizes an unusual concept for dynamic processing, rendering controls such as Threshold, Ratio, and Gain unnecessary. The product incorporates SPL's Differential Envelope Technology (DET(TM)), which is the first solution for level-independent shaping of envelopes, allowing transients to be accelerated or slowed down, and sustain prolonged or shortened.

Speaking about the new arrangement, Group One president Jack Kelly says, "We look forward to the opportunity of working together with SPL. Their products represent a unique approach in the world of signal processing." Chris Fichera, vice president of sales for Group One's audio division, adds, "As a former recording engineer, I feel Wolfgang Neumann has designed products that are easy to use and that achieve the desired sound quickly for today's fast-paced recording and mixing market." Hermann Gier, managing director for SPL, says, "We are very excited and proud to be working together with Group One Ltd. Group One has proven to be a successful and powerful distribution partner and we look forward to expanding sales in the US marketplace."

On the audio side, Group One Ltd., is the exclusive US distributor of XTA Electronics, Celestion Professional Products, and Milab microphones, and acts as the sales representative for M&K Professional loudspeakers and Soundtracs digital production consoles. On the lighting side, the company represents Clay Paky automated lighting fixtures, and Pulsar and Elektralite control consoles.