ESTA's board of directors has voted unanimously to approve a detailed business plan to establish a personnel certification program for entertainment technology technicians, provided the required funds can be raised. Two key areas have been identified for initial development: electrical skills and rigging skills. In addition, a curriculum-based certificate program will be created to address essential skills which comprise a fundamental body of knowledge needed to work in the entertainment industry. The business plan for the certification program has been developed under the guidance of a professional certification consultant using detailed research and extensive market surveys.

In order to implement this business plan, the board has defined the administrative structure needed to establish and run the program, including the management skills that are essential to the governing body. A certification council will be appointed by the board of directors as soon as possible. ESTA will reach out to other industry associations to join in this important industry-wide effort. In addition, individual members, selected for their specific skills and talents, will be appointed.

The direction and charter of the new Certification Council is substantially different than that of the original Certification Program Committee. The council will be charged with a variety of duties, including fundraising, financial management, marketing, and public relations.