The control of fixtures has been a significant achievement. From the console to protocol, lighting control has really shaped not only the time it takes to program fixtures but also has expanded the possibilities of what you are able to program. Christian Choi, High End Systems

Computer lighting control board--Lighting cues no longer depended on the number of fingers and hands running levers. Douglas Vogel, Shadow Mountain Lighting

The Autocue, manufactured by Skirpan Lighting, was the first lighting control console with a video display, a huge step forward in technology. Tom Young, J.R. Clancy

The computerized lighting console, specifically the Strand Lightpalette. Through this innovation, the control of lighting moved past the cross fading from one "preset" to another and recognized, in a very Einsteinian kind of way, that multiple events can happen simultaneously, with different durations, initiated at different times. It completely made possible a new kind of theatre and a new method of storytelling. Although my console of choice today is the Obsession, the Lightpalette was the breakthrough console. Peter Maradudin, lighting designer

The introduction and ongoing development of servo-motor technologies, which could be applied to control over movement, direction, and color of an unlimited number of lighting instruments. The same technologies were applied to sound and communication systems and scenographic handling systems to permit the current state of technical development of products and systems in the entertainment industry. Joel E. Rubin, Artec Consultants