The DA-78HR from Tascam is a modular digital multitrack recorder/reproducer with 24-bit capability. The unit features the company's ASIC IC (application specified integrated circuit), which provides improved modulation and error correction code algorithms and enables the recorder to write 24-bit digital audio data to standard DTRS format tapes without increasing either the tape or drum speed. The DA-78HR's proprietary ASIC IC utilizes a data modulation system in which 24-bit word lengths are accommodated without sacrificing error code correction, much like the company's ATF (auto track finding) system. The unit provides full recording and playback compatibility with all DA-98/88/38 16-bit digital-audio tapes, at either the 44.1kHz or 48kHz sampling frequencies. Also featured is an integrated 8 x 2 MIDI-compatible mixer, which provides volume and pan control over all eight tracks.

TASCAM, Montebello, CA