Dallas Buchanan has been named vice president of sales and marketing at A.L.P. Lighting Components of Niles, IL, which has opened A.L.P. Europe in Birmingham, England, to serve its regional and Mideast customers.

In memoriam: Meyda Tiffany founder Meyer Cohen died last December 31; his age was put at between 93 and 98 years old. The firm will continue to be run by his son Robert.

Scott Dobias has joined Intermatic Inc. (www.intermatic.com) as marketing manager for Malibu and Canterbury outdoor lighting products.

Milton Forman, 85, died last November 25. In 1964, when he was president and managing director of Colortran Industries, he won the technical Oscar for inventing versatile and compact quartz iodine lamps; he also helped develop the camera-stabilizing Steadicam and the Ediflex non-linear editing system, both of which won Emmys. He was also a noted design consultant and had film producing credits as well.

Martin Professional's head of Latin American operations, Peter Hald, has moved its headquarters to Buenos Aires, Argentina, from Miami to be closer to the main Latin American markets. “Miami is the gateway to Latin America, but by establishing a base in one of the most advanced markets in Latin America, we feel confident that we can raise the Martin presence here to a new level,” he says.

Horton Lees Lighting Design (www.hortonlees.com) has added three new shareholders and several designers, and announces its name change to Horton Lees Brogden Lighting Design. The additional shareholders are: Teal Brogden, senior principal and director of design; Mark Harris, principal; and Angela McDonald, principal. The new designers are Dave Meagher, Neil Mishurda, Andre Siew-Yeong Yew, Heather Stagl, all in the LA office, Lucia Palmitessa and Sarah Rushton in San Francisco, and Mi-Seon Lee in New York.

Michael Lay has been named vice president of engineering of Strand Lighting Inc. His engineering and project management credits include the Cirque du Soleil theatre in the Bellagio Hotel and the Flamingo Hotel showroom in Las Vegas.

A.C. Lighting Ltd. has announced a number of staff appointments: Mark Tonks as IT & logistics director, and Peter Searles company secretary. Martin Savage has been added to the technical sales department.

John Wiseman has been named vice president of worldwide sales for High End Systems. Wiseman recently served as vice president of special projects with specific responsibility for sales efforts in Europe and Asia; the promotion gives him total sales responsibility worldwide. He will continue to operate out of Van Nuys, CA, supported by Reina Evans.


In “A retail renovation” (February LD, page 52), the italicized phrase should have been included: The Simon representative who came to Philadelphia to interview Borden and Diemer, Brian D. Cotter, PE, director of mechanical and electrical engineering for Simon Property Group, wanted to meet them and find out how they planned to get the job done and their methods for documenting.

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