Cov-R-Guard, by General Electric, is a shatter-resistant line of fluorescent and incandescent lamps available in a multitude of types, stocked for immediate distribution. T5, T8, and T12 fluorescent and medium-base incandescent lamps of varying wattages/styles are included in the Cov-R-Guard product family. An extensive list of additional shielded fluorescent lamp types comprise the "made-to-order" group. The shielded lamps are wrapped in a 15-mil thick shield of polycarbonate plastic, virtually eliminating the possibility of flying glass. The plastic completely encloses the glass, and effectively contains glass fragments and phosphors if the lamp is broken, while providing excellent UV stability during operation. Since the covering is applied by the manufacturer, the inconvenience and labor to install unwieldy sleeves and caps are avoided. The Cov-R-Guard shielded product family is recognized by NSF International as complying with NSF c2, 21 Code of federal regulations (CFR), and the 1999 Food Code. GENERAL ELECTRIC LIGHTING Nela Park, OH