Larry still owes me a call. We last met at our usual haunt, the infamous Proud Bird near LAX during his last LA/Las Vegas swing on behalf of PRG before he was heading to Russia with his wife for a holiday on the Volga River. As always, we had discussed over wine and food many things related to the industry, the Wally Russell Fund, Las Vegas Projects he was working on, projects I was working on, and as always, trying to figure out a way to help each other — if not directly work with each other — at the very least commiserate over the issues of our time, our projects, and our industry. When we parted last, he for the airport and me for home, I had posed a question and problem to him regarding a project I am currently working on. He had thought for a moment and said, "Folsom, I have the answer for you, but I can't talk about it right now. I will call you in a couple of weeks and tell you what we are going to do."

Over the years, I had the pleasure of competing with Larry (tenacious is only the half of it), working on projects with Larry (much more fun having him on my side), and at one point, I almost went to work with Larry. No matter where I was working or what I was working on, I always made it a point to be in touch with Larry at least once every few weeks. Ultimately, and proudly, I called Larry one of my good friends. The industry has lost one of its truly great ones.

I guess I am still trying to get over the shock, and that is why I haven't gotten this letter out. I have trouble imagining this industry without Larry. I am still expecting the phone to ring: "Darling, how are you?”