Creative consultants Bob and Colleen Bonniol of Mode Studios will lead a roster of top projection professionals for the Live Design Projection Master Classes, in Las Vegas, from Wednesday, October 18 through Friday, October 20. The classes include two days of sessions that reveal the creative and technical secrets in designing and programming projections for live events, with special emphasis on the convergence of lighting, sets, and projection in theatre and concerts. Sessions will also look at today's hottest projection technology, from LED projection surfaces to projectors, media servers, and playback options.

The classes are presented by Live Design in conjunction with LDI 2006, following the success of the first annual projection master classes held in NYC in 2005.

Wednesday, October 18

Dinner and a Performance of Cirque du Soleil's KÀ

The classes kick off with a performance of KÀ, Cirque du Soleil's incredible high-tech show at the MGM Grand, plus a post-show discussion in the theatre with members of the creative and technical teams and a cocktail reception.

Thursday, October 19

8:00am-8:45am Registration/Coffee and Bagels
8:45am-9:00am Introduction

Projection Case Studies

Designers and programmers reveal the tricks and techniques they used on today's cutting-edge productions where video plays a big role, from Sinatra at The Palladium in London to the hottest shows in Las Vegas.

Moderated by Bob Bonniol, Mode Studios
Panelists include designers Zachary Borovay, Holger Forterer, and Jon Stolzberg, video system designer

LED Projection Surfaces

Take a look at LED projection surfaces from low resolution to high resolution, a look at all current emissive options from textural to high resolution, including LED walls, curtains, MiPix and MiShere, G-LEC, Mainlight's SoftLED, Element Lab's tubes and tiles, and more.

Moderated by Bob Bonniol, Mode Studios with panelist Mats Karlsson, Barco Media and Entertainment

Playback Options

From multi-screen controllers to simple MPEG playback, an overview of options for designers looking for the appropriate playback device including today's hottest media servers to hardware playback decks and to VJ technologies.

Moderated by Bob Bonniol, Mode Studios

Programming The Converged Show

Inside information on operating multimedia and lighting from the same desk. Pioneering programmers share their experiences and approaches for programming challenges. Real world examples will be shown.

Moderated by Matt Corke, Product Specialist, PRG
Programmers include Patrick Dierson of Dierson Design Group, J.J. Wulf of Wulf Designs, Tommy Hague of Mode Studios, and Sean Cagney of Scharff Weisberg

Cocktail reception

A networking opportunity.

Friday, October 20

Engineering A Video System

Join John Ackerman and Josh Weisberg of Scharff Wiesberg for a how-to of connecting the dots between your video devices. Get an understanding of what comes between the projector and playback. Topics include matrixing, live inputs, output management, and systems design and installation.

Creating Original Video Content

Leading designers share their expertise in creating original, dynamic, innovative content for entertainment applications, from concerts, corporate events, and theatre productions.

Moderated by Colleen Bonniol
Designers include Patrick Dierson and Rodd McLaughlin of Idyll Hands Imagery

LED Pixel Mapping

Pixel mapping is a new feature of several media servers, which translates the color information of a video pixel into RGB DMX values. It is a smart way to create powerful LED animations, textures, and previously impossible-to-program chases across the LED fixtures, or even map CMY flags in automated fixtures. Imagine video screens, LEDs, automated fixtures all playing the same seamless color wave across the stage. Ever tried to build the perfect dynamic fire chase? Play a fire video, and it is a fire chase. Wrong speed, wrong color? Media servers allow fast changes of those parameters, and the amount of creative control is unmatched by any effects generation of a lighting console.

Moderated by Matthias Hinrichs, control support specialist, Martin Professional
Panelists include LD Stan Crocker, projection designer Bob Bonniol, Mats Karlsson of Barco, and Sean Cagney of Scharff Weisberg, and Charles Reese, PRG

Projectors: Picking the Proper Projector for your Project

How many lumens do you need? How much real estate do you have? An A to Z on projectors, from the smallest venues to the biggest guns for the biggest projects.

Moderated by Bob Bonniol
Panelists include Peter Scharff, Scharff Weisberg

Bob's Toy Box

The Live Design Projection Master Classes conclude with a look at all the fun stuff a designer needs to complete the job. From Apple Motion to Particle Illusion, these are the cool tools you want to want to know about.

Presented by Bob Bonniol


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