LX33 and LX41: These two new additions to Christie's Vivid line of LCD projectors are designed to provide outstanding image quality to boardrooms and meeting rooms of all sizes. The LX33 weighs just over 17 lbs. and delivers 3300 ANSI lumens of brightness with a true XGA resolution and a contrast ratio of 500:1. The LX41 weighs about a pound more and delivers 4100 ANSI lumens with an 800:1 contrast ratio. Both projectors feature digital keystone correction, vertical image shift, and four optional lenses. Both can also be configured for networking capabilities with Christie's new optional ChristieNET connectivity module. (Christie; Kitchener, Ontario; 519-744-8005;


Quadra 12P: This self-powered, bi-amplified, two-way loudspeaker system is engineered to provide the highest levels of performance in a compact loudspeaker. The Quadra 12P delivers a frequency response of 61 Hz to 18 kHz at 130 dB Peak SPL, with a coverage pattern of 90 degrees by 45 degrees. It also features an 800-watt dynamic peak power amplifier that drives a 12in. BWX Black Widow woofer. For long life expectancy and weather resistance, the Black Widow driver components, cone and dust cap are Kevlar impregnated. The RX22 compression driver, powered by a 200-watt peak dynamic power amplifier, features a 2in. titanium diaphragm. The Quadra 12P features multiple molded-in handles for easy transport and a molded-in stand adapter, allowing fast and easy stand mounting in rental applications. (Peavey Architectural Acoustics; Meridian, MS; 601-483-5376;


ATW-1453: The latest addition to Audio-Technica's 1400 Series UHF True Diversity Wireless Microphone Systems is the ATW-1453 system, which comes complete with the ATW-R14 True Diversity receiver, the ATW-T51 UniPak transmitter, the ATW-T52 handheld dynamic microphone/transmitter, and the AT831cW lavalier mic. Designed for a wide range of applications, the self-contained system features Audio-Technica's proprietary InvisibleLink circuitry, which makes it possible to operate up to 10 systems simultaneously. The ATW-R14 receiver features two independent receiver sections that protect against multi-path distortion and dropouts while providing fail-safe performance. The ATW-T52 handheld dynamic microphone/transmitter features an Audio-Technica Hi-ENERGY dynamic element with exceptional internal shock mounting. The ATW-T51 UniPak body-pack transmitter features a dual impedance input with professional locking HRS connector. A wide selection of Wireless Essentials microphones and cables is available for use with the ATW-T51. (Audio-Technica; Stow, OH; 330-686-2600;


VT4880: JBL has followed up on the success of its Vertec VT4889 Line Array loudspeaker system with the introduction of this new VT4880 dual 18in. subwoofer. Designed to offer users a wide range of setup options, VT4880s can either be flown in the array as VT4889 full-range units, suspended as dedicated subwoofer line arrays, or ground-stacked as desired. Applications include concert audio and any high-level sound reinforcement function where extended low frequency performance is desired.

At only 59.9 kilograms (132 lbs.), one box delivers a maximum peak output of 138 dB (1 meter) and has an input power rating of 4800W (1200-2400 watts of recommended amplifier power). The VT4880 has two JBL 2258H 18in. dual voice coil, Direct Cooled cone transducers with Neodymium Differential Drive. (JBL Professional; Northbridge, CA; 818-894-8850;


Plasma Screen Monitor Case: A laboratory-tested foam cushion system protects sensitive plasma screen monitors from damage during transport. The new polyethylene cases, which accommodate most 42 to 50in. screens, feature corner-mounted wheels, Mil-Spec closure hardware, and proprietary comfort-grip handles. The cushioning system leaves room for accessories and allows easy removal of the monitor. Heavy-duty casters can be stored on the outside of the case when not in use. (Hardigg; South Deerfield, MA; 413-665-2163;


VersaTools switchers: The newest members of Extron's family of compact, affordable VersaTools products are seven new switchers. The MSW 4 Series of four-input video Mini Switchers includes three models. The MSW 4V is a composite video switcher utilizing BNC connectors. The MSW 4SV is an S-video switcher utilizing 4-pin Mini DIN connectors. The MSW 4V SDI is an SDI video switcher with two buffered, re-clocked outputs on BNC connectors. The MediaLink MLS 100 Series of switchers includes four models. The MLS 100 A is a four-input active audio switcher utilizing 3.5 mm captive screw connectors. The MLS 102 VGA is a two-input active RGB computer-video switcher utilizing 15-pin HD connectors. The MLS 103 V is a three-input active composite video switcher utilizing BNC connectors. The MLS 103 SV is a three-input active S-video switcher utilizing 4-pin mini DIN connectors. With four switchable audio inputs and pre-amp volume control, all MLS 100 Series switchers can be used in conjunction with the MediaLink Controller MLC 206 or as standalone products. (Extron Electronics; Anaheim, CA; 714-491-1500;


Thunder: Digital Projection calls its new Thunder line of projection systems the “perfect big brother” to its existing HighLite line of projectors, as the two chassis share the same user interface as well as many lenses and electronic components. The two new Thunder models feature 3-chip DLP technology and are available in two native resolution platforms, SXGA (1280×1024) and XGA (1024×768). The projectors offer advanced features for optimum performance including high fidelity color and brightness, intuitive menu structure and channel set-up, and simple lens and aspect ratio control. The Thunder 10000sx has a light output of 9,500 ANSI lumens and the Thunder 9000gv outputs 10,000 ANSI lumens. Both units offer 1600×1200 compatibility. (Digital Projection; Kennesaw, GA; 770-420-1350;


R2 Rental System: The latest version of this inventory management software includes support for mobile capabilities. The wireless solutions deliver a whole new dimension to efficient inventory management at the warehouse and at the field. With these solutions, check-in and check-out of equipment can be done with real time updating of the database and orders. Previously, this needed a two-step process — off-line capture by the scanner and then updating of the records. Now, a facility's warehouse will be able to take decisions and spot differences instantaneously. The solution also provides the ability to track meter readings and service/repair needs directly from the field. (Unique Business Systems; Santa Monica, CA; 800-669-4827;


P680: Among the new multimedia projectors recently introduced by Luxeon is the P680, a 9.9 lb. LCD unit with a brightness rating of 2,800 lumens. The unit combines native XGA resolution and a 350:1 contrast ratio to provide sharp, bright images. Connectivity options include composite, component, and S-Video inputs. These complement the unit's standard two RGB inputs and one DVI input. The P680 has a switchable IR receiver for the remote control, designed to help users avoid interference caused by some high frequency fluorescent lighting. Additional features of the P680 include HDTV compatibility, a whisper mode that decreases ambient noise, manual zoom and focus, vertical and horizontal digital keystone correction, and 16:9 aspect ratio. (Luxeon; Irvine, CA; 866-458-9366;


DVP4: The new DVP4 system is a complete presentation solution that includes a digital video processor, touchpanel interface, and standalone 2-Series control processor that can display four real-time video/computer windows simultaneously on a single high-resolution monitor, projector, or plasma screen. With the 257 MIPS, 32-bit Motorola ColdFire processor of the 2-Series control engine at its core, the DVP4 can be used as a standalone master control system. In addition, the system can act as a seamless matrix switcher that features 8 BNC inputs that allow any combination of composite NTSC, PAL, or S-Video (Y/C) sources to be routed to the unit simultaneously. Each video window can be scaled and positioned in a virtually unlimited configuration. (Crestron Electronics; Rockleigh, NJ; 800-237-2041;


VP-723DS and VP-720DS: These are true multistandard video-to-RGBHV scalers that convert video, S-video, component video, VGA through UXGA, and DVI signals to multiple user-selectable output pixel rates. They also allow seamless switching between inputs. To create high-quality image output, these low-cost units digitally reprocess the incoming signal to clean up any mastering errors, and then they regenerate the video at a higher line and pixel rate format, providing native resolution output for many of today's LCD, DLP and plasma displays. They scale any signal resolution to any available output resolution, thereby allowing the scaling of not only video signals but also computer signals from VGA through UXGA resolution. The machines also include a PIP inserter, allowing the insertion of any video source into a graphics background and vice versa. The VP-723DS differs from the VP-720DS in that it has additional 1080i, 720p and 480i HDTV output capability. (Kramer Electronics; Hampton, NJ; 908-735-0018;


BlendPro: This wide-screen image processor accepts high-resolution video from up to four sources and processes the input to generate overlapped and edge-feathered images suitable for driving up to four projectors. The result is a seamless, wide-screen output image. The size of the blend regions and the characteristics of the blending transfer functions are user programmable. Multiple BlendPro units can be connected to support applications with more than four screens. (Folsom Research; Rancho Cordova; 916-859-2500;


LVP0630: This ultra-high-resolution LED screen is targeted at indoor applications that have a need for large-screen displays that can generate television-quality images even when viewed at close range. The new LVP0630 features a pixel pitch of 6mm and a brightness specification of 3000 Nits. It has a horizontal viewing angle of 160 degrees, a vertical viewing angle of 90 degrees, and each intelligent module contains 96×72 pixels in a 4:3 aspect ratio. It incorporates Lighthouse's proprietary fourth generation M4 Technology that has been developed to ensure that the color balance of every pixel, and the brightness of every LED, is identical. M4 Technology allows for screen uniformity to an exceptional level, and also incorporates 13-bit processing, allowing each panel to display 8192 gray-scale levels per color. (Lighthouse Technologies; Cary, NC; 919-677-0327;


SolidPoint: Peerless has expanded its SolidPoint line of mounts to include a redesigned wall mount for 32in. to 50in. plasma screens. The mounts have been engineered to hold the screen closer to the wall and provide a combination of security, versatility, and ease of installation. The flat design with no tilt holds the screen about 1.5in. away from the wall, while the design with tilt adds about 2in. to the depth of the screen and offers 20° of adjustable forward tilt. Horizontally, the screen position can be adjusted within a range of 4in. either left or right of center. The mount also allows the screen to be rotated from a landscape to a portrait orientation. (Peerless Industries; Melrose Park, IL; 708-865-8870;


LQ Powered Series: The three models that comprise the LQ Powered Series — the LQ-10P, LQ-12P and LQ-15P — are designed for a wide variety of mobile and fixed sound reinforcement applications. All are made from high impact, injection-molded polypropylene in a trapezoidal shape for easy stacking or cluster formation and feature extensive ribbing and bracing. The flagship of the series is the Crest LQ-15P two-way bi-amplified system that features a 15in. cast frame woofer with 4in. voice coil, water-resistant treated cone and a dust cap for superior environmental stability. These drivers are then coupled with separate internal matched, low-noise (more than 90 dB below rated power) amplifiers — 400 watts (800 watts, peak) and 100 watts (200 watts, peak), respectively. Designed for primary sound reinforcement, the LQ-15P has a dispersion pattern of 90 degrees horizontal and 45 degrees vertical. The LQ-15P is capable of delivering 500 watts total of continuous program material (125 dB SPL) with 1000 watts total peak (130 dB SPL @ 1M). (Crest Audio; Fair Lawn, NJ; 201-909-8700;


Clevis Series: The new patent-pending Clevis series wall mounts for large-screen plasma displays features a unique dual-plate and sliding-rod system that the company says makes this one of the company's easiest mounts to install. The series consists of four kits that may be used to mount more than 90 different plasma displays from leading manufacturers. Once mounted, the plasma display can be left in a flat position or tilted up to 10 degrees to achieve the desired viewing angle. (Premier Mounts; Brea, CA: 800-368-9700;