Morpheus is now shipping the PanaBeam XR2, a 1200W DMX-controlled washlight that features continuous unlimited pan and tilt performance with 360° rotation on both axes for both high- and low-speed movement that's extremely bright, has vibrant colors and an amazing array of beam effects. Its high-performance drive system makes the PanaBeam really fast in pan, tilt, color, and beam modification. The proprietary optical system delivers maximum brightness at all beam sizes with a variable angle from 10 to 22 degrees. PanaBeam's range and variety of beam-shaping effects includes a three-stage effects system with two dynamic stages, each with four rotating indexable elements, and a third stage with frost and static effects that can be used individually or in a combination. An anamorphic beam-shaping effect that can be continuously rotated is also included. Operating via a flicker-free electronic ballast, the washlight is easily mounted with two standard clamps or with the Morpheus PanaPlate, or it can stand on the floor.
Morpheus Lights
Redding, CA
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GLP — YPOC 575

The Ypoc 575 moving head from GLP of Karlsbad, Germany, is now available for delivery. Among the most obvious advantages of the new device is its compactness — in terms of size and weight, the Ypoc 575 is equivalent to a 250-class moving head. A powerful HTI 575W discharge lamp combines with annealed optics to ensure copious light output. A well-regulated ventilation system provides the necessary cooling. The Ypoc 575 is equipped with a color wheel with 11 dichroic colors and two separate gobo wheels. The first wheel contains seven rotatable and positionable gobos and an additional two glass gobos; the second wheel is fitted with nine fixed gobos. All the gobos are exchangeable. A further onboard effect is the 4.5 mW laser diode, controlled by a separate DMX channel.
Karlsbad, Germany
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The Glaciator X-Stream from Jem brings you a total ground fog effect solution in a self-contained unit. The X-Stream utilizes Jem's heavy fog fluids with radically advanced, closed loop refrigeration system to provide an all-terrain, all-applicable heavy fog solution. As a true “plug-and-play” solution, the Glaciator X-Stream can be used in a wide range of applications, from theatre and stage and club installations to theme parks and more. The X-Stream's compressor is designed to allow for strong fog output levels, and because of its electronically-controlled expansion valve, the unit promises rapid freeze down time and fast recovery when fired. Keeping track of internal components can be done using the X-Stream's Internal Diagnostic Assistance. Featuring a Power Save System when passive, the Glaciator X-Stream is quiet and energy efficient, and its cooling fans make little noise when idle, a definite plus for theatrical and studio applications.
Jem is a division of Martin Professional A/S
Arhus, Denmark
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New from Artistic Licence is the Tour-Lynx, with 12 Ethernet inputs and 12 power-over Ethernet outputs in a 2U high, 19" rack-mounting unit. It is the latest addition to the Art-Net range of DMX-over-Ethernet devices. The Tour-Lynx, which uses all RJ45 compatible Ethercon connectors, is ideal for large DMX-over-Ethernet touring or installation systems. Simply put, the Tour-Lynx converts Ethernet to power-over-Ethernet so that a single Cat 5 cable can be run to a DMX input or output node, supplying both power and data. This significantly simplifies setting up DMX-over-Ethernet systems by removing the need for local power to supply each node.
Artistic Licence
Harrow, Middlesex, United Kingdom
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The new Palco architectural fixture from SGM can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications. Its avant-garde technology and unusual, stylish lines enable it to blend easily into the architecture and scenarios being illuminated. The main innovation is its use of a series of high-power Luxeon LEDs as a light source (with RGB color mixing — five blues, 20 greens, and 24 reds). It is available with 3W (PALCO 3) or 5W (PALCO 5) Luxeon LEDs. The Palco is particularly bright (2,500 lumens), which suits it to a wide range of applications. Color temperature is 5500K, and any other color temperature can be obtained by mixing the red, green, and blue LED luminosity. The Palco transmits and receives on six DMX channels, and the built-in microcomputer has a comprehensive function menu, accessible via user-friendly interface display.
SGM Elettronica srl
Tavullia, Italy
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Light Stream Controls introduces the SC 816 System, a 4-in-1 lighting control system that can handle a variety of fixtures and effects, including non-DMX special effects to strobe lights, foggers, and chase control. The system is built around the SC SP8 Controller that is capable of functioning as: an 8-channel (non-DMX) lighting controller, a strobe controller, a fog machine trigger button, and a chase controller button. The system also includes an 8-channel SC 8C Switch Pack and a 25' extension cable. The SC 8C has a maximum load of 15 amps or 1,800W per relay pack. It features circuit breaker protection and comes with a hanging bracket. The controller measures 3"L × 19"W × 1.75"H and weighs 2lbs. The switch pack measures 10.5"H × 7.7"W × 3"H and weighs 6.5lbs.
Light Stream Controls, a member of the American DJ Group of Companies
Los Angeles, CA
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Chauvet has unveiled the Legend 250RX intelligent moving light, designed for mobile DJs and smaller clubs. At the heart of Legend 250RX is the MSD 250W highintensity discharge lamp. A combination of interchangeable rotating gobos, dichroic colors, rotating prism and a shutter/dimmer douser offers the programmer wide latitude in creating effects, while the motorized focus mechanism is designed to assure image quality for presentations and stage backdrops. The standard installed gobo set includes three glass gobo effects consisting of a multicolored crush dichroic, one single color dichroic gobo, a honeycomb textured glass effect, and four specially-selected metal gobos designed for beam shaping and movement while rotating. Five additional gobos are included-three metal and two glass. The full-range dimmer allows for smooth color, effect, and scene transitions by varying the intensity of the light output.
Chauvet Lighting
Hollywood, FL
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