Montage LX33: Christie Digital Systems now offers an entry-level, fully integrated passive stereo 3D projection solution. The Montage LX33 includes two Christie LX33 LCD projectors (with 3300 ANSI lumens), a six-axis adjustable stacker, Christie's Active to Passive 3D Converter, a polarization stand with two linear polarizers, a dedicated power bar, cables, and a set of 10 passive glasses. The Active to Passive Converter converts an incoming 3D active stereo signal to two passive 3D output signals, and the separated left-eye and right-eye information is then routed to the two stacked LCD projectors. The resulting stereoscopic images, projected onto a non-depolarizing screen, are viewable via polarized 3D glasses. The projectors deliver resolutions ranging from VGA (640×480) to XGA (1024×768), and the system is compatible with SGI, Sun, HP, PC, Unix, Linux, and Windows platforms. (Christie Digital Systems; Kitchener, Ontario, Canada; 800-407-7727;


Technorainbow TR2010E: Via rental company McKnight Visual, Toshiba's giant-screen (10mm pixel pitch), indoor/outdoor display system is now available in North America. The initial delivery includes 60 TR2010E screen modules, representing a screen measuring 205 square feet and containing 552,960 LEDs. Each module measures 25"×19" and displays one billion colors. (McKnight Visual; Los Alamitos, CA; 562-431-2773;


PT-D7600U (SXGA) and PT-7500U (XGA): Making them suitable for a wide range of large-venue applications, Panasonic designed both projectors to be easier to transport, set up, and maintain. Both are also equipped with a high-contrast, three-chip DLP subsystem and fluid-cooled optical and noise-suppression control systems. High-speed digital signal processing provides interlace-to-progressive signal conversion, digital noise reduction circuits. Digital Cinema Reality improves viewing quality from 24fps film-based sources. The PT-D7600U delivers 6000 ANSI lumens at 1280×1024 SXGA resolution, and the PT-7500U delivers 5000 ANSI lumens at 1024×768 XGA resolution. Both stackable projectors offer a contrast ratio of up to 1000:1 and are HDTV-ready, capable of automatically synchronizing to display 1080/24p, 1080i, 720p, 480p, and 480i video in the 16:9 wide aspect ratio. Built-in multi-screen color matching and edge blending allow a maximum of 100 projectors to be edge-blended simultaneously. Additional features include two 3W speakers, mechanical shutter, 96 user memory settings, adjustable 3X digital zoom, and a selectable seven-language onscreen menu. Both units weigh 43.6lbs. (Panasonic; Secaucus, NJ; 800-528-8601;


CL-200: From Minolta's Instrument Systems Division comes a versatile, multifunctional device that measures tristimulus colorimetrics, chromaticity, color difference, correlated color temperature, and illuminance of light sources. Featuring an expandable modular design, the CL-200 is compact (69mm × 174mm × 35mm) and lightweight (7.6oz.). Suitable applications for the CL-200 include light source research and development, color adjustment for CRTs and flat-panel displays, color control and light evaluation of light boxes and booths, and optimum installation of projection systems and presentation lighting. The basic CL-200 system consists of the handheld, battery-operated body and a receptor head. Optional accessories include a remote sensing cable, which allows the receptor head to be placed as far as 100m away from the CL-200. Up to 30 receptor heads may be connected simultaneously to a single CL-200 unit. (Minolta, Instrument Systems Division; Ramsey, NJ; 888-473-2656;


Maxxyz: From Martin Professional comes a professional lighting controller that delivers direct fixture access, an effects generator, USB, motorized faders, touchscreens, and SMPTE/VITC/LANC/MIDI timecoding. Maxxyz also includes some new features: digital LCD buttons, which allow users to group functions and customize layouts for easier navigation and quick recognition; the built-in 3D Visualizer, which allows 3D light-show viewing with realtime preview; and a DVD/CD-RW drive for saving shows and synchronizing to audio and video. Eight DMX universes are available directly from the console, but via its Ethernet capability, it is expandable to a maximum of 64 universes (up to 32, 768 channels) by connecting a series of EtherDMX boxes. Two 12.1in. color touchscreens offer wide viewing angles and high luminance for outdoor visibility. Further, two Pentium III 1.2GHz processors drive the Maxxyz, running in tandem to operate as a single integrated system. Should one processor fail, however, the remaining processor will act as a backup, preserving the console's core functions during a show. (Martin Professional; Sunrise, FL; 954-858-1800; or


PlasmaSync 42VP4 and 42VP4D: NEC Solutions America offers two new 42in. plasma displays, both designed specifically for public display applications. This new generation of NEC's Public Display series presents users with the choice between an anti-glare screen (42VP4D) for high ambient lighting conditions and an anti-reflective screen (42VP4) for normal lighting conditions. Both models can be configured in a 3×3 display matrix without an external processor. The displays also feature built-in 8W by 8W stereo and an integrated programmable timer for extended automatic use. Advanced AccuBlend scaling technology, motion-compensated 3D scan conversion, 3:2 pulldown, Capsulated Color Filter technology (for realistic color), and AccuCrimson (for purer reds) all enhance video display quality. The wall-mountable displays support landscape or portrait orientation, and a fanless design allows quiet operation. (NEC Solutions America; Rancho Cordova, CA; 800-632-4636;


FireCut: From Laird Telemedia, this device is a 4×1 IEEE 1394 DV vertical interval switcher. The FireCut enables locking and switching of up to four asynchronous DV sources without the delays caused by reinitialization. The unit is portable, lightweight, operated on 12V (DC), and employs front-panel pushbuttons for easy control. Two of these switchers may be accommodated in a single rack space. (Laird Telemedia; Mount Marion, NY; 800-898-0759;


E-Z Fold Stager's Choice: The Screen Works now offers a portable screen that combines the strength and durability of a truss-style frame with the folding design of its E-Z Fold screens. The Stager's Choice frame incorporates a 6in. horizontal truss design, dual hinges, and 6in. truss legs to enhance vertical stability. Also, its single-tube sides allow folding into portable carrying cases. Available screen sizes range from 4.5ft. × 6ft. to 9ft. × 12ft. (The Screen Works; Chicago; 312-243-8265;


VT4881, VT4887, VT4888: JBL Professional extends its VerTec product line's sound-reinforcement applications. The VT4881 compact, low-frequency module is a dual-coil 15in. arrayable subwoofer. The loudspeaker delivers a frequency range of 18Hz to 160Hz and a 1,000W power rating. At 120lbs. (including integral suspension hardware), it measures 31"×22"×27". The VT887 compact line array element, a dual 8in. biamplified three-way design, delivers a frequency range of 60Hz to 22kHz from a 1,000W low-frequency section and 225W mid-/high-frequency section. The unit weighs 62lbs. (including suspension hardware) and measures 31"×11"×16". The VT4888, a mid-size line array element, features a dual 12in. three-way design that offers full-range, road-ready performance in a 108lb. unit. (JBL Professional; Northridge, CA; 818-894-8850;


CSR575/2/T/2E and CSD 250/2: These two new metal halide lamps are available from GE Consumer Products — Lighting. The CSR575/2/T/2E, a single-ended lamp, is designed for the optimum skin-matching light effect, meeting the different skin tones in each application. The matching color temperature has been selected from the CRT chart, enabling producers to get the skin-color matching effect as intended. The CSD 250/2 is a single-ended cold-start lamp that offers a universal burning position and compatibility with electronic or AC magnetic ballast/ignitor control gear. (GE Consumer Products — Lighting; Cleveland, OH; 800-435-2677;


Spirit E Series: Manufactured by Soundcraft and designed to emphasize uncluttered, easy-to-understand operation, the E Series is available in four standard models: the E6 (six mono inputs, two stereo inputs), E8 (eight mono inputs, two stereo inputs), E12 (12 mono inputs, two stereo inputs), and ES (10 full-function stereo inputs and four mono inputs; for use with multiple stereo sources that require simultaneous connection, such as samplers and computers). All consoles feature surface-mount technology (for accuracy and repeatable EQ and gain control settings), mic amps that allow high-resolution adjustment over a 55dB gain range and provide +22dB headroom, and 48V phantom power to accommodate a wide variety of condenser microphones. Further, all models include two auxiliary buses (each individually pre/post-switchable), three-band equalizers with a swept mid for the mono inputs, and two-band equalizers for the standard stereo inputs. (Soundcraft; Herts, England; +44 (0) 1707 665000;


RLA/2: For small- and medium-sized venues that cannot accommodate large cabinet arrays, SLS Loudspeakers offers the RLA/2 ribbon line array speaker system, which incorporates the company's proprietary ribbon driver technology. Each speaker cabinet contains two 8in. cone drivers (delivering bass response down to 70Hz) and SLS' PRD1000 push-pull neodymium ribbon driver for high-frequency response to 20kHz. The 8in. drivers handle 500W, resulting in a continuous SPL of 125dB, 131dB peak. The PRD1000 handles 70W RMS with instantaneous peaks up to 1,000W, yielding a sustained SPL of 121dB, 131dB peak. The SLS planar ribbon element facilitates even distribution of high-output sound over the entire radiating surface. Weighing 56lbs., the trapezoidal speaker measures 9 5/8in. tall at the front, 7.64in. tall in the back, 28 1/4in. wide, and 13in. deep. (SLS Loudspeakers; Springfield, MO; 417-883-4549;


ViewPoint: Designed for use with the Wavefront W8L line array system, Martin Audio's ViewPoint is a Windows-based software tool that allows users to configure an array quickly to suit a specific venue. Last summer, with each acoustic element driven by a virtual EQ and crossover, Martin Audio derived an analytical model to predict frequency response for the entire array at any point in the audience and then conducted practical trials in a variety of venues to confirm the validity of the results. The findings of this data are now contained in ViewPoint. Along with a help section, the software has three screens: Venue Screen (shows the array in the venue for design and editing), Array Screen (shows array and rigging detail from the side), and Patch Screen (displays the controller setup and how the array is zoned). The first step for the user is to input venue dimensions, vertical coverage start/stop points, trim height, and the number of cabinets. After the user clicks Design Array, ViewPoint will then calculate the optimum array configuration, including overall tilt of the array and splay angles between each cabinet. The user may then nudge or edit the array as required. (Martin Audio; Buckinghamshire, England; +44 (0) 1494 535312;


MTP series: The MTP series from Extron Electronics is a line of one-eighth rack width, mini twisted pair transmitters and receivers for composite or S-Video and stereo audio (balanced or unbalanced). MTP units are capable of sending and receiving signals to a maximum distance of 1,000ft. over CAT5, CAT5e, or CAT6 unshielded twisted pair cable (UTP). Designed for integration into new and existing A/V environments, MTP transceivers are powered, providing active balanced transmissions for video and audio. The six types of transmitters and corresponding receivers are the MTP T CV and MTP R CV (for composite video only), MTP T AV and MTP R AV (for composite video and balanced stereo audio), MTP T AV RCA and MTP R AV RCA (for composite video and unbalanced stereo audio), MTP T SV and MTP R SV (for S-Video only), MTP T SV A and MTPR SV A (for S-Video and balanced stereo audio), and MTP T SV RCA MTP R SV RCA (for S-Video and unbalanced stereo audio). (Extron Electronics; Anaheim, CA; 800-633-9876;


Production Designer Studio: From multimedia systems integration company Wet Electrics comes a downloadable software tool that allows users to control audio, video, MIDI, and serial devices from a single interface. Designed to run on a Mac G4 system (minimum 533MHz, 256MB RAM), Production Designer Studio supports CD-quality audio and DV-quality video (720×480) and features a track-based GUI for drag-and-drop presentation authoring. A free downloadable demo is available on the company's website. (Wet Electrics; New York, NY; 866-877-3736;


Mobile Fiber Optic system: From Evertz comes the WDM or 16-wavelength CWDM Mobile Fiber Optic system, which is capable of providing a fiber optic link up to a 50km (31-mile) range. The system, fully bidirectional and supporting multiple wavelengths on one fiber, consists of transit cases, frames, TAC-4 fiber optic cable with hermaphroditic connectors, cable reel, and an optional AC/DC changeover unit (7700-PCO). The system supports SD and HD SDI; analog video; DVB-ASI; AES, Dolby E, and analog audio; Intercom (available Q2 2003); RS-232/422, GPI, GPO control; 10/100Mbps and Gigabit Ethernet; Fibre Channel; L Band R.F. and 70/140 MHz I.F.; and DS3/E3, T1/E1 & SONET OC3/12. (Evertz; Burlington, Ontario, Canada; 877-995-3700;


New Wave: From Total Structures, the New Wave truss is constructed using a series of perforated plates bonded to the main chords that pass through them, thereby allowing a variety of materials to be used — aluminum, Plexiglas, and carbon fiber/aluminum hybrid. The standard New Wave product consists of chords with a black carbon-fiber fabric finish and bright aluminum web. It is available in 1ft. increments up to a total of 8ft., with 10ft. to be available shortly. With more than 20ft., the carbon fiber hybrid has a rated uniformly distributed load of 900lbs. (Total Structures; Ventura, CA; 805-676-3322;


Stingray: From RGBMate comes a 1-in/2-out VGA distribution amplifier integrated into a flexible 12in. molded cable. The cable accepts standard VGA-UXGA input through a 15-pin connector and provides two buffered, 15-pin outputs: one for a local monitor within 75ft. of the source and another for a 250ft. run to a display device. The Stingray cable requires no external power supply; the device is powered, based on the 1998 VESA DDC2AB standard, by the 5V carried on pin 9 of the 15-pin connector. Just in case, however, a DC power supply is included for those video applications predating the VESA standards. Additionally, the distribution amplifier provides equalization compensation at 16 levels for each red, green, and blue, and offers 350MHz of bandwidth. (RGBMate; New York, NY; 212-391-7700;


V1 and Live Event Editor: Dixon Sports Computing and Doremi Labs now offer a joint low-cost solution for users who need to provide instant replays and create highlight packages on the fly. The package includes Doremi's V1×2-1r2p (one record, two play channels, DCT compression) or V1-MP2-1r2p (one record, two play channels, MPEG-2 video, device pictured below) video disk recorder along with Dixon's Live Event Editor, which allows the user to tie metadata to all the action as it is recorded. Other features include auto-cueing for instant replay, synched replay, and a modular design. (Doremi Labs; Burbank, CA; 818-562-1101;; Dixon Sports Computing; Long Beach, CA; 562-439-0720;


SRP-X700P Manager Software (v. 1.1): From Sony comes a new Windows PC-based application tool for use with its SRP-X700P powered A/V matrix mixer, providing the unit with greater flexibility and programmable projector control. The SRP-X700P integrates the functions of a wide range of input sources, including video recorders and DVD players, notebook PCs, and LCD projectors. The system links the functions of an audio mixer, two wireless microphone tuner slots, RGB/video switcher, equalizer, active feedback reducer, and power amp. With the software, users may enter RS-232C protocol command information (supplied with the projector or PDP) to integrate control of a variety of popular projectors from the unit. The software allows management of A/V source selection, speaker volume, and transport control, and the user can recall alternative system setups remotely (from a Windows PC) running the supplied user control panel software. Finally, the SRP-X700P has an RS-232C input control port to allow third-party touchscreen controller integration. (Sony; Park Ridge, NJ; 201-930-1000;