Panorama Digital Scenic Server

Rose Brand

Rose Brand has unveiled Panorama, a tightly integrated system of software and hardware providing a powerful but affordable media server capable of driving projectors, plasma displays, LED curtains, or any other video-based equipment. The system combines the ArKaos VJ 3.5 DMX Media Server Software with optimized hardware. The system is available with Panorack, a media server featuring up to eight media layers, hardware accelerated effects — including position, rotation, blue, mirror, luminance and chrominance, and beat detection — as well as live video input; Panobook, a mobile media server designed for multi-venue facilities; and Panobook I/O, a Panorama interface box that can expand the capabilities of the Panobook.

Marquee PC Console

Entertainment Technology

Entertainment Technology's Marquee® PC DMX Interface is a multipurpose USB device that can convert any Microsoft® Windows® XP computer running Marquee PC operating software into a Marquee Console. The system is scalable and upgradeable, preventing controller obsolescence. Multiple cue lists and timing options allow users to create shows only previously possible using multiple desks and programmers. The Marquee Abstract Control Model redefines a theatre-friendly language where cues are written using degrees, hertz, and RPM. Rear expansion and USB ports provide seamless integration with any combination of additional slider wing panels or other accessories. New points of control can be added through inexpensive hardware upgrades, and more channels or the latest version of the operating software may be downloaded. It has a possible channel and fixture count between 128 and 32,768.

Alkalite PZ-720A LED Panel

Elation Professional

The PZ-720A LED panel is a DMX-compatible floor/wall panel equipped with red, green, and blue LEDs that can create thousands of colors through RGB color mixing. Installable on any room surface, it is durable enough as a dance floor surface, while being completely portable, which also makes it suitable for mobile applications like stage shows, concerts, rentals, and special events. It can also be used for permanent installations, adding color-changing tiles to any architectural application. Measuring 39.25"×39.25", each square panel actually consists of four smaller 19"×19" color cubes, each of which operates independently for up to four different colors per panel. It operates as a single unit or as four separate cubes by selecting from two DMX operating modes, three or 12 DMX channels. The panels themselves are made of 1/2"-thick Plexiglas®, which can support up to 1,100lbs. All of the light-generating mechanics are built into the panel, so there's no need for external controllers or devices other than a DMX controller. Each panel comes with nine rubber feet for mobile applications, as well as four base holes for permanent installations. The panels can daisy chain in both data (DMX) and power using PowerCon in and out connectors. The system requires one 20A power source to daisy chain 25 panels. The panel comes with a PowerCon power cord. Other features include a power on/off switch and four-digit digital LED display. The panel is manufactured by Alkalite and is distributed in North America exclusively by Elation Professional.

Roadster S+ 20K Projector

Christie Digital

The Roadster S+ 20K DLP projector is designed for the rental/staging, live entertainment, trade show, and exhibition markets. Driven by a 3-chip DLP SXGA+ engine and delivering 20,000 ANSI lumens, the projector features a contrast ratio of 1800:1, high-quality optics, and 10-bit image processing. With built-in handles and multiple rigging points, it is designed to meet the rigors of the staging market. The high bandwidth signal processing supports additional functions such as picture-in-picture, HD 4:4:4, and seamless switching between sources. Motorized lens functions provide power focus, zoom, and horizontal and vertical offset at the touch of a button, while the Intelligent Lens System (ILS) provides auto recall for zoom and focus. User-replaceable, pre-aligned Xenon lamp modules and bulbs with adjustable lamp power minimize downtime and cost-of-ownership. The projector responds to almost any kind of control, including RS-232, RS-422, DMX, IR remote, wired remote, and direct control panel input. Onboard ChristieNET networking allows for remote monitoring from anywhere in the world.

Color Shot LED Strobe

American DJ

The Color Shot is an LED DMX-compatible strobe light, featuring RGB color mixing to create flashing effects in virtually any color. Designed for DJs, bands, and nightclubs, it features RGB color mixing and is DMX-compatible. In addition, it delivers the many other benefits of LED lighting: it's economical to operate, runs on low voltage, draws very little power, has a long operating life, and emits limited heat. Featuring three DMX channels, the strobe allows users to customize the speed and color shade of the effects using a standard DMX controller. In sound active mode, it creates a light show via its own internal programs.

SpyderPoint Control System

Vista Systems

SpyderPoint is a new Microsoft PowerPoint®-based control system for the Spyder processor, which offers a real-time compositing and Windowing environment coupled with superb image quality and processing capabilities. The SpyderPoint add on, compatible with PowerPoint 2003, is offered as a free download to all Spyder owners. It operates in concert with Vista Advanced control software and Montage II consoles so, if the need arises, users can switch from using SpyderPoint to control PowerPoint presentation elements to tapping Vista Advanced to control the rest of the presentation.


Times Square Lighting

The MC202 is available in 120V or 277V and utilizes 20W PAR20 ceramic metal halide lamps. These lamps last two to three times longer than standard incandescent or halogen PAR lamps, with a rated average life of 7,500 hours. It features an electronic vertical ballast with an adjustable self-locking head and hinged front for re-lamping. An internal accessory ring accommodates louvers, glass filters, barndoors, and hoods.

iX Mate

Analog Way

iX Mate is a multi-way analog and digital distribution amplifier. The iX Mate features five inputs: one DVI D, two HD/SD-SDI, and two Universal. Each input is independent and is amplified and distributed toward three outputs. The compact distribution amplifier can be used in hybrid environments, when digital sources, such as DVI or SDI from digital media players, will be used along with traditional analog sources coming from PC or DVD players. It is a compact, 1U rack with a built-in power supply. It is also HD-compatible and can drive HDTV signals as high as 1080i and 1080p, and its front panel features input/output LED indicators.



ProLED LED Bars are designed for the illumination of large surfaces, such as buildings or walls, and they carry an IP-65 rating. They are also suitable for atmospheric indoor lighting. Available in two lengths of 50cm and 100cm, the LED bars include RGB color mixing and monochrome (blue, green, red, yellow, white). They are equipped with 1W LEDs (50cm with 15 LEDs and 100cm with 30LEDs). The standard beam angle is 15°; it is also available in 45° optics upon request.

Onyx LED Striplight

Lighting & Electronics

The Onyx LED is a lightweight, compact, and customizable MR16 LED striplight designed for washing large areas with a full range of saturated colors and color-changing effects. Every unit is equipped with Color Kinetics iColor® MR g2 lamps, each of which can have a unique DMX address or can be configured in groups using the same address. The striplight is suited for cyclorama, special effect, or color wash applications in theatres, TV studios, concerts, displays, and architectural lighting.

StringLED Series


STP301S Super Intensity Backlight LED Modules are a new addition to the LEDtronics line of modular LED light strips. According to the company, StringLED modules eliminate many of the shortcomings of neon or fluorescent lamps, such as heat, broken tubes, and ballast failures. They can be used for lighting channel and reverse-channel letters, displays, architectural applications, and entertainment venues. Each module may be fastened to a surface with either double-sided tape or with two screws per module. Modules may be used alone or in quantities of up to 100 units. Each module contains four sealed super-bright, wide-angle SpiderLEDs, available in various colors: green (525nm, 2000mcd), white (7000°K, 1300mcd), blue (470nm, 550mcd), yellow (592nm, 800mcd), and red (636nm, 750mcd). The sealed weather-resistant construction and insulated wires prevent moisture and dust from entering the housing and affecting the electronics. Additionally, the hard-wired connection between LED modules results in reliability in outdoor applications. Mounting hardware is not included. StringLED comes standard in 12VDC and requires a 12V regulated power source.

Spiral PAR CFLs


Spiral PAR Compact Fluorescent Lamps offer the same versatility as standard incandescent PAR lamp but with a lamp life of 8,000 hours, lasting four times as long, according to Litetronics. The 20W Spiral PAR 38 and the 15W Spiral PAR 30 can be used in the same non-dimming applications as incandescent PARs. These can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications, including track lighting and recessed can lighting. The lamps are available in 2,700°K and 4,000°K versions. The spiral reflector allows the lamps to offer higher lumens per watt than ordinary fluorescent lighting. When a replacement is needed, the hard glass design allows the use of lamp changers, making maintenance easy.



The D4DMX four-channel programmable DMX dimmer pack integrates both DMX and Leviton Microplex protocols, all in one unit. Suited for use in live performances, clubs, and DJ lighting, the D4DMX features re-settable circuit breakers, so users don't have to change fuses during working conditions. A menu-driven LED programming panel allows one-button setup of digital DMX addressing functions. This eliminates the need to adjust dipswitch settings for DMX addressing. It also features 3-pin connectors, an enhancement developed in response to customer requests. It provides a chaser function with 16 preprogrammed patterns, including speed and output level controls that are appropriate for stand-alone and display lighting applications. An output channel selector allows users to select the exact number of channels needed. For additional ease of operation, Leviton has printed operating instructions on the back of the unit.

dmXact Software


dmXact software, for use with the BCi Pocket Console, has just completed beta testing at Element Labs, Inc. following the company's request to use it on its video servers. Prior to this development, DMX users wishing to see real DMX output values were generally challenged by the use of a cursor-based DMX test device or a full-featured console. dmXact allows the user to choose from one of four methods how to see the output of the Pocket Console: DMX real values from 0 to 255; DMX percent values from 0 to 100%; binHex values from 0 to FF; or no output readout. These choices are selected by depressing the “last” or “next” buttons while in normal (non-patch) mode. This will advance the LED screen through the four visual references being sent to the screen for immediate display from whichever fader is being touched at that moment.

Installation Repeaters

Pathway Connectivity

Pathway has taken advantage of the small format and easy mounting style of the new eDIN opto-splitters to make a modular opto-splitter designed specifically for permanent installations. Installation repeaters are provided in NEMA-1 enclosures, complete with conduit knockouts and terminal strip connections for fast and easy site installation. Available with four, eight, 12, and 16 outputs, the modular construction also means that it can be configured in a number of different ways. For example, a user could configure it as a two in/four out or four in/four out. Installation Repeaters and eDIN Opto-splitters also offer Pathway's signature “self healing” technology, which obsoletes the need for fuses on DMX inputs or outputs. The repeater ships complete with a UL-listed power supply and is fully RoHS compliant.

Ribbon Lift Actuators

Ribbon Lift, Inc.

Ribbon Lift is a family of compact and portable actuators that can lift payloads ranging from 1lb to 1,000lbs and up to 25'. The system can be modeled using three tape measures laced together to form a triangular lifting column. The base can be either floor- or ceiling-mounted. It comes in four different models. Model 3, the smallest of the group, is designed for lighter payloads in either a permanent mount or portable mount arrangement. It can be used for commercial lighting and projection systems and features DMX or pendant up/down control, variable speed control, and an adjustable up limit switch. Retracted, Model 3 is 12" high and 22" wide; extended, it goes up to 12'.



Stagemaker is a stepless, variable speed chain hoist. Depending on the weight and the type of load (speakers, projectors, multi-screen projectors), the type of movement, and user experience, the operator can adapt the movement speed for specific needs for safe, precision lifting. It also eliminates load swinging and allows less-experienced operators to safely handle loads with no risk of damage. Mechanical shocks are reduced by progressive startup and softer stopping. Lower stress is applied to the hoist components and to the structure on which it is mounted, enhancing overall life. The motor is based on the Stagemaker SM 10 body with a variable speed drive type VLH002 integrated into the electrical unit. Standard features include an encoder on the motor shaft, brake resistor, brake control relay and rectifier, stall and over-speed monitoring, Chainflex chain guide, and hour meter. Options include a non-standard electrical power supply, controller with or without radio control, cam-type limit switch, IP-55 or higher rating, flight case, power supply cable, and control cable.

Magnum 1500

Martin Professional

The Magnum 1500 is a portable fog generator for clubs, DJs, and performers. It features a 1,200W (240V) heater in a compact casing in the style of the Martin Mania series. Useful as a full fog or light enhancing effect, its 2.3-liter fluid capacity is designed for long run times. The fogger comes standard with a flying bracket, and a 180° “flip solution” allows for versatile positioning for precise horizontal or more vertical projection. It also comes with a truss-mounting bracket that doubles as a handle to suit all mobile and fixed installations. Additional features include remote control with variable output as well as a timer function for greater effect regulation and an optional DMX interface.