The Soundcraft GB2R is a 19" rackmountable mixer designed specifically for smaller installations. Available in two variants, it offers either 16 mono inputs to a stereo mix output, or a 12.2 version with 12 mono inputs, two full-feature stereo inputs, and two group busses, each model having six auxiliary sends. The console inherits both the GB30 mic preamplifier and GB30 equalizer designs from the larger GB4 and GB8. The connector section is contained in a rotatable pod, allowing cable access from the top of the mixer if on a tabletop or from the rear when mounted in a 19" rack. On the stereo inputs of the 12.2 model, connectors are provided for both mic and line inputs. With mic signals routed to the local channel, the line inputs are available as stereo returns to the main mix bus. Two stereo returns and a two-track (CD replay, for example) input are provided, so the GB2R-12.2 model can offer up to 26 inputs. Every input has a pre/post switchable direct output for recording or effects sends, while an internal universal voltage PSU avoids external power supply connections. All input modules are constructed with individual vertically-mounted PCBs fitted to the steel chassis front panel with individually-nutted potentiometers.

VectorWorks 2008 Plug-Ins For Mac OSX

ESP Vision

ESP Vision offers modeling plug-ins for use with VectorWorks Spotlight 2008 for Mac OSX. The plug-ins allow users to draft in VectorWorks Spotlight 2008 on a Mac and create Vision-ready files. VectorWorks is the only modeling program that currently is available on both PC and Mac platforms.

SceneControl Remote

JR Clancy

SceneControl Handheld Remote extends the capabilities of the SceneControl automated motion control system to any point in the theatre. It has a 6" graphic color touchscreen and 14 function keys that allow the operator to select sets or multiple sets and move them between show-specific soft limits. From the screen, the operator can see and execute the presets and cues that were written on the SceneControl 500 console. Using the remote, operators can move scenery, lighting, acoustical banners, reverberation doors, travelers, speaker clusters, winches, revolves, orchestra lifts, and more. The device is hard-wired with a 34' cord that can be plugged into receptacles installed in up to 12 locations. Each receptacle is hard-wired to a direct connection with the SceneControl 500 console. Users can purchase a cord as long as 328'. The unit also has a hard-wired emergency stop button, so the operator can stop the cue instantly.

AirSleuth Pro And AirHorn

Kaltman Creations LLC

The AirSleuth Pro and AirHorn — a 2.4GHz RF Spectrum Analyzer and 2.4GHz, 11-channel signal generator, respectively — are software-based applications designed for IT managers or MIS personnel who need to install, test, troubleshoot, analyze, and optimize wireless networks. AirSleuth Pro includes an antenna and allows the user to view Wi-Fi channels 1 to 11 individually or simultaneously with Peak, Average, and Raw trace modes. Ten diagnostic modes include Traces, Spectrogram, Channel Time Course, Differential Channels, and Pie Charting. It also includes a realtime calculation of the best Wi-Fi channel and a logging and playback recorder for extended monitoring. AirHorn is a 2.4GHz ISM band signal generator that can be selectively set to generate RF signals for any number of the 11 Wi-Fi channels. It has three transmission modes of Single Channel, Traverse All Channels, and Peak. It can be used to assist in antenna placement, RF shield effectiveness, wireless network stress testing, and more.

LightJockey Version 2.7.8

Martin Professional

Windows-based lighting controller LightJockey has been upgraded to Version 2.7.8, featuring new fixture profiles for the MAC 575 Krypton, smartMAC, Exterior 1200, and Exterior 200 LED. In addition, LightJockey Manager 1.4.0 Beta 4 now includes LED-Trix, an LED effects engine. The plug-in facilitates the programming of color mixing fixtures, such as LED-based lighting fixtures. In addition, any RGB, CMY, HSI, RGBAW, or single-dimmer?channel can be controlled. LED-Trix also contains many LightJockey updates, including a new visual layout.

LED Color-Changing Spot 12V

Jesco LED Lighting Solutions

LED Color-Changing Spot 12V is a spotlight and wash fixture that provides a range of LED color selection and brightness levels, color chasing, cross-fading, sequencing, and strobe effects. A compact, low-profile, tapered canister-type fixture, it features densely arrayed clusters of red, green, and blue Ultrabrite LEDs, 120 each, combined for 16 million color combinations in a static display, or red, green, blue, yellow transitions. Projecting up to 65', LEDs have a 25° beam angle, while the housing yoke is adjustable to 65°. Units are DMX-compatible and are also available with an optional DMX control system. Superbrite LEDs are also optional. Rated over 50,000 hours, with total power consumption of 24W, the fixture is UL- and CUL-listed.

Quadro® FX 3700?


The Quadro® FX 3700?graphics board is aimed at improving productivity for computer-aided design and digital content creators, delivering a performance increase of up to two times its previous generation. With 112 parallel processors, 512MB of onboard graphics memory, and a 256-bit memory interface, the card manages large models and complex, realtime shaders. The board incorporates the NVIDIAE® Application Configuration Engine (ACE), which automatically configures the graphics hardware and software, and SLI technology to dynamically scale graphics performance, enhance image quality, and expand display real estate. The advanced Unified Architecture enables sophisticated shaders to simulate a virtually unlimited range of physical characteristics, such as lighting effects and physical surface properties. Additional features include PCI-Express Gen 2 support, essentially doubling the data transfer rate between the GPU and the Gen 2 chipsets to 16Gbps, and support of CUDA technology.

Vue VI


Vue VI is a six-channel DMX LED fixture with built-in automated programs, individual control of red, green, and blue LEDs for each pod, and a wide beam angle. Equipped with over 250 LEDs distributed by color into two pods, the fixture incorporates features from the Vue series and adds pod rotation. It is lightweight, consumes very little power, produces a beam angle of 110°, and?has an additional power output. Where DMX control is not available, built-in sound activated programs provide a show that can be synchronized?among various?units linked in?master/slave mode.

X-Stick 500/1000


X-Sticks are high-output RGB color-mixing SMD LED strips that can be placed end-to-end in any architectural or entertainment application where a line of color is desired, including long runs of cove or linear lighting. Made of extruded aluminum, the strips are available in two models, X-Stick 500 (500mm) and X-Stick 1000 (1,000mm). The shorter version contains 24 high-intensity 5060 SMD (Surface Mount Device) red, green, and blue tri-color LEDs. The 1000 model contains 48 5060 SMD red, green, and blue tri-color LEDs. Both can produce a virtually limitless range of colors. The strips can run in standalone mode, with seven built-in programs, or operated via a DMX controller. Chase speed and fade time are selectable by dipswitches. Under normal operating conditions, the LEDs are rated at 50,000 hours. The X-Stick 500 consumes 5W at full RGB intensity, while the X-Stick 1000 consumes 10W at maximum performance. Each features a 5-pin terminal connection. An adjustable mounting yoke is included on each unit.


Stage Research

SFX 6 is a new version of sound playback software, with updated features including a revamped user interface and an ASIO sound playback engine that supports 16-bit or better WAV, MP3, or WMA audio files. Cues output to a true matrix with virtually any number of inputs to any number of outputs. Audio cues can contain mono, stereo, and more channels. Users can drag-and-drop multiple sound files to create a multi-channel, synchronized sound cue from existing mono and stereo sound files. Fades are now called Volume Changes, and Volume Change curves can be completely customized. Curves can be assigned on a per cross-point level. Undo/Redo functions have been added, as have two new windows: the Transport Window controls the execution of cues, and the Active Matrix gives users instant and on-the-fly control of all the volumes of the standby and playing cues. Cue sequences connected by Waits and Autofollows can now be collapsed into one line. In addition, users can seek to the middle of any complex cue and have every part of that effect sync to the correct place. Users can also select multiple effects in a cue list independent of the Standby cue.

SH-LPM Floor Monitor

Danley Sound Labs

The SH-LPM is a compact, low-profile, full-range floor monitor and the latest addition to the Synergy Horn product line. The large horn mouth offers substantial directivity through 110° of conical dispersion with excellent front-to-back rejection and greater gain before feedback. The wedge is capable of a maximum SPL of 120dB continuous or 123dB program, with a sensitivity of 95dB SPL (-1dB 70Hz to 20kHz, measured as 28.3V input free space at 10m). Power handling is 400W continuous, 800W program. The monitor houses an 8" coaxial transducer in a braced Baltic birch enclosure measuring 13.7" high by 21.5" wide and 18.3" deep, and weighing 42lbs. The low profile wedge operates across a frequency range of 65Hz to 20kHz (+/- 3dB; 50Hz to 24kHz +/-10dB) and offers high frequency coverage that is smooth throughout the dispersion pattern. The Neutrik NL4 speaker input and link-through connectors are mounted on a recessed panel that protects them from accidental damage or disconnection. With the cable connectors fully enclosed, it can be turned on its side completely hiding the cable and connector.

Track System

Livewire Enterprises

Track System is specially designed for installation of Livewire electro-luminescent lighting. These extrusions, with self-stick adhesive, are available in straight sections, 50' long, and in custom cut lengths. A complete line of accompanying accessories is available, including angles, inside and outside corners, start and end pieces, and directional arrows. The extrusions will fit both the High-Brightness Livewire (2.5mm) and the standard brightness Livewire (2.3mm) sizes. The extrusions and accessories have a channel for insertion of one wire for a seamless fit. The system can be operated from a 110V powered source, via battery power, or using a combination of both. Available in aqua, blue, green, lime green, red, yellow, purple, orange, white, and pink, all colors come in either standard or high brightness.

Starball/Sunray LED Series

American DJ?

The Starball/Sunray LED Series features rotating spherical effects reminiscent of mirror balls but powered with LEDs. Four models in the series include Starball LED for all-white beams, Sunray LED for multicolor beams, Starball LED DMX with all-white beams, and Sunray LED DMX with multicolor beams. All units throw 34 slowly rotating beams. The Sunray models produce beams in five colors: green, purple, blue, yellow, and orange. All units use one 3W LED source. The LEDs are rated at 50,000 hours. The Starball LED and Sunray LED each draw 17W of power, while the Starball LED DMX and Sunray LED DMX consume 10W. The LED units can run standalone or be operated with the optional UC3 universal controller. The two DMX versions, each with two DMX channels, can also be operated with a standard DMX controller or run in sound-active mode with eight built-in programs.

GamColor® Additions

GamProducts, Inc.

GamProducts, Inc. has announced the availability of eight new colors in the GamColor® product line. The new colors are: 100 Gypsy Pink, 342 Light Honey, 368 Cinnamon, 425 Sunflower, 666 Wicked Green, 813 Dark Moon Blue, 889 Hot Blue, and 982 Lovely Lavender. Spectral data distribution curves for each color are shown in the GamColor Swatchbook or online. Each color is organized in the GamColor Swatchbook in a numeric and chromatic sequence, and each is available in sheets, three roll sizes, and fluorescent sleeves.

R4-B And R6-B

Lighthouse Technologies

The R4-B (4mm pixel pitch) and R6-B (6mm pixel pitch) are black-faced indoor LED panels that combine superfine resolution with Lighthouse's new 3-in-1 black Surface Mount Device (SMD) LED. Suitable for rental applications, they can also be installed and integrated. The black casing of the SMD provides a truer black level within the displayed image and a contrast ratio of 3,300:1 and 3,800:1, respectively. Both are able to run at lower temperatures and feature 2,000 nits of brightness, a horizontal viewing angle of 140° (+70/-70), vertical viewing angle of 90° (+40/-50), and a single kingpin for fast rigging.



Baxx-Truss is self-stacking, folding truss designed by NBA production electrician Rob Baxter and developed by Tomcat. The truss is already halfway built as it rolls in the door: hinges made, truss sections folded, fixtures, dimming and cable pre-installed, and it is ready to fly without the need for tools or blots. It unfolds, pins, and flies. Forty feet of truss rolls from the truck and flies to trim in 10 to 15 minutes using two stagehands. As it unfolds, accordion-like from a horizontal position, two hands can pin the spigots as it flies vertically. The opposite happens as it flies in and folds on itself.

Onlyview 3D And Focal Triple


Onlyview 3D is a new development to the Onlyview multimedia control platform for integration of realtime 3D video mapping across multiple projectors onto moving objects. With a new interface, it features optimized performance, new effects, and an onboard 3D engine. Users can import 3D objects and full 3D environments and manipulate and animate them independently and directly. Media content can be precisely mapped onto moving 3D objects, as well as follow the movement of the object, all while corrected for keystoning. Additional enhancements include improved capabilities for technicians, such as easier line-up and multiple independent timelines running across multiple projectors. Another new product, Focal Triple, is a combination of three elements that triple the focal length of a standard video projector. It is suitable for corporate presentations and large outdoor events with a requirement to throw precise images long distances without losing intensity or quality

DIN Rail DMX Splitter

Visual Productions

A new line of DIN rail-mounted control devices features the DIN Rail DMX Splitter, providing six DMX ports and designed for installers and system integrators. The splitter features a DIN Rail enclosure for easy mounting, and all connections have detachable screw-connectors for a quick replacement of the unit. The input port is protected through optical isolation, safeguarding the splitter/booster and its connected equipment against power surges and dangerous ground loops.

NTL720 Line Array Loudspeaker System


The NTL720 is a self-powered line array loudspeaker system featuring a three-way design housed in a compact (9.4"×24"×14.3") and lightweight package. The entire enclosure face of each module is filled by a full-sized mid/high horn providing 110° (horizontal) by 12° (vertical) dispersion. High frequencies are produced by six 1" dome tweeters, configured in two vertical columns mounted on a manifold that feeds a single slot in the center of the horn. Flanking the HF section, dual 6" cone woofers handle the MF range, also loading on to the horn. The LF section features EAW's proprietary Phase Aligned approach. Both 6" LF drivers are positioned in a side-mounted figure-8. The response of the MF drivers is also extended down to 100Hz. The onboard self-powering technology includes three individual, modified 500W Class-D amplifier modules, each tailored for its respective subsection (LF, LF/MF, and HF, all 4-ohm loads) and accompanied by its own DSP with EAW's Gunness Focusing alignment and driver processing algorithms. EAWPilot control software provides DSP control as well as monitoring of amplifier status. For input selection, users have a choice of U-Net, as well as analog, AES 1, and AES 2. Communication connection options include U-Net or USB. Each back panel also offers HF boost and nearfield contour controls, along with a range of LED indicators for signal, limiter, clip, input selection, U-Net status, amplifier status, HF boost engagement, and nearfield contour engagement. The system also features the FastLatch integral rigging system.

Light Palette And Palette Consoles V.10

Strand Lighting

Version 10 software for Light Palette and Palette consoles features faster command operations, with more informative and flexible displays. Using Universal Attribute Control, this version allows users to copy attribute information across to any type of fixture. Features include full command line programming, enhanced color control including gel manufacturer's color libraries, smart touring options with magic update, directive updates, and fixture offset. Additional features include partial show loading, 500 series import, ASCII export, Vision.Net support, fixture status across a range of cues, and more than 100 other enhancements.

Profile And Pebble Convex


Profile and Pebble Convex have been used among European theatre professionals, but until now, American designers have had little access to them. Unlike an ellipsoidal, the Profile is designed around a spherical reflector and double condenser lens system, providing a flat field. The spot also projects exceptionally clear gobo patterns. Pebble Convex spot is also new to the North American market, aimed at providing a crisper field than a Fresnel, with the ability to change lenses in the field from PC to Fresnel.

Union 2.5

Livid Instruments

Union 2.5 is a significant upgrade to this realtime video performance software. In addition to many performance enhancements and improvements, new features include an all-new SoundTrigger module with audio filters and audio-aware effects, an audio waveform generator, a module for adding captions to video, and FreeFrame support. The new video layers feature makes it easy to composite video on top of an existing mix. In addition to the new features and functions, the software has undergone many under-the-hood performance enhancements. The redesign coincides with the company's release of the new Ohm MIDI instrument, and Union's interface has also been reworked for the Ohm.


Artistic Licence?

DMX-Fix addresses gear incompatibility issues that arise due to developments in DMX and RDM protocols. A combined DMX512 splitter and data filter, it automatically removes any intelligent information from the data stream, ensuring compatibility with older or out-of -specification fixtures and dimmers. The DMX input is optically isolated, and the product offers five independent DMX outputs. It automatically strips all non-standard start codes, passing only lighting level data; corrects stop-bits, ensuring output always has two stop-bits; and corrects short or long break times. It also stabilizes inter-slot delay and automatically retransmits in the event of data loss. The unit is mounted in a robust aluminum extruded case with an optional truss mounting adapter, and it is powered by an external power supply of 9 to 24V DC.

Wireless Workbench 5.0


An upgraded version of Wireless Workbench software includes compatibility with Macintosh platforms. The software lets users of Shure UHF-R® and U-series wireless microphone systems configure and control large installations of wireless microphones in performance venues, theatres, meeting facilities, and houses of worship. Like earlier versions, the software can scan the radio frequency environment, identify potential sources of interference, and automatically select operating frequencies that avoid them. The new version, also compatible with the Windows XP and Vista operating systems, features an enhanced frequency compatibility tool that allows the user to designate certain priority wireless microphones in the sound system and provide an additional safety margin when calculating frequency compatibility for those units. The software can also download the resulting frequency set to all of the UHF-R receivers on the network. When used with Shure UHF-R wireless systems, the computer connects directly to the receivers through integrated Ethernet ports, without additional hardware. The application can use any one of the connected receivers to scan the spectrum or an external WiNRADiO receiver. The operating frequencies for existing wireless microphones, personal monitor systems, and wireless intercoms (including non-Shure units) can be entered into the software to ensure compatibility between all wireless audio equipment.


High End Systems

The DL.3 digital automated lighting fixture features an integrated media server and is equipped with a 6,500-lumen, three-chip LCD projector. A 2,000:1 contrast ratio results in a dark video black, and new lens options allow for longer throw projection applications. Also new is an SDI input/output for professional AV applications. A DMX-controlled vertical lens shift function allows the user to set the lens shift function by DMX cue. A large surface area HEPA filter is used to protect the projection optics from theatrical haze and debris. This results in an extremely low cooling noise. The unit also enhances existing software features such as Collage Generator. This patent-pending feature enables multiple units to create seamless vertical, horizontal, or central panoramic media projections controlled from a lighting console. Collage Generator supports any configuration up to 8×8 arrays (64-unit edge blending). Expanded stock libraries are offered with high-resolution still images and video footage, all royalty-free, provided by visual artists from the industry. The integrated media server also supports importing of custom content including 3D objects, media files, and still images. The integrated camera system is constructed of Super HAD CCD sensor technology with an infrared illuminator. It provides live video input and output from the fixture location. The unit also?features tool-less lamp replacement.

Wireless Dimmers


Leprecon has added wireless DMX control to its latest line of dimmers. This is an optional add-on package to the ULD and LDS series dimmers. With the wireless receiver built-in to the dimmers, users can control up to 512 channels of DMX.