Sparkle Velour

Rose Brand

Sparkle velour is a 12oz. brushed Trevira CS fabric that drapes in the same way as traditional velour. The integrated sparkles pick up lighting, allowing the environment to glitter subtly or brilliantly. It is inherently flame retardant and available in white with silver sparkles or black with either silver or gold sparkles.

Wafer and Diamond Walls

Atomic Design

The Wafer Wall is lightweight, modular scenic element consisting of a three-dimensional, white wall for projecting color and images. Customizable 24"×24" panels ship light and are easy to install with a minimum of labor. A recent client used the Wafer Wall for a corporate event and found that it also takes projection well. The Diamond Wall features customizable 2'×4' diamond shapes that are hard goods but pack and hang like softgoods. This flexible and affordable piece adds structure to a design and is suited for use at award shows, large corporate events, ballrooms, etc. This product was recently seen on Michael Buble's set for his PBS special.

Chroma-Q Color Web

AC Lighting

Color Web is a transparent, modular LED matrix used to display low-resolution video effects. Each flexible 1×1m panel provides 16 individually addressable color mixing LED cells with a pitch of 10" (250mm). Panels clip together on all four sides and can be joined over distances using separately available interlinking cables, giving users complete control over the size and shape of the display area. In addition, as only 20% of the surface area is taken up by the lightweight webbing, it offers transparency for double hanging or multi-layering at distances. It can be lit through for maximum integration with set and other lighting elements. Ten 1m panels with PSU weigh less and cost comparably to a moving light. The web can be programmed using any DMX control device with each cell using three DMX channels (RGB), but it is ideally suited to integration with a media server. It is also IP65-rated for outdoor use. Designed and manufactured by Artistic Licence and distributed worldwide by A.C. Lighting, Chroma-Q Color Web is licensed by Artistic Licence, Color Kinetics, and Super Vision.

Rainbow Tube II

American DJ

Rainbow Tube II is an upgraded LED color tube. Suited for illumination of bars, lounges, club foyers, restaurants, architectural applications, and retail displays, it can be used two ways: either on its own with its proprietary Rainbow PP II controller or with the Rainbow PP II paired with any DMX console. When used with the Rainbow PP II alone, it can be run very easily from preprogrammed sequences to create six colors plus white. When used with both the Rainbow PP II and DMX, it allows users to customize effects with features like RGB color mixing and 0-100% dimming. One Rainbow PP II can control up to 1,000 color tubes that can follow 40 internal chase and color sequencing programs. The newest feature available in this mode is 0-100% dimming. Each tube is equipped with 144 LEDs (48 red, 48 green, 48 blue). With four DMX channels, users can design programs and control the chase sequences, the speed of the chase, the speed of the strobes, and the time interval between the different effects. Each color tube has its own power supply, allowing users to run up to 140 tubes on a single power source with no power boosters needed. The tubes are waterproof and can be used indoors or outdoors to suit a range of needs. The Rainbow PP II is not waterproof.

Alpha Spot 700

Clay Paky

Alpha Spot 700 is a professional 700W effects projector with a metal iodide HTI lamp and electronic linear zoom of 15° to 40°, CMY color mixing, a graphic system with 14 gobos plus animation disc, and linear CTO. Like the Alpha Spot 1200, the filters of the color wheel can be replaced with the same number of gobos. The rotating gobo wheel includes six bi-directional, indexable, and interchangeable gobos. Another wheel has eight fixed and interchangeable gobos, variable rotation, and selectable gobo shake function. The animation disc is interchangeable with other animation or graphic discs, and it can be directed both vertically and horizontally. Also included is a magnetic fast clamping system to quickly switch with other gobo wheels. Additional features include morphing effect; nine-faced prism; two frost filters; high-speed mechanical iris; 0-100% dimming; and stop/strobe effect.

Riser Base

Telrad, Inc.

With input from Bill Nelson of Nelson Enterprises Theatrical Supply Company, Telrad, Inc. has developed two versions of a riser base that increase the offset of a Telrad Reflex Sight from the body of a followspot, making it easier for an operator to use. The base is available in nominal 2" and 4" versions, providing 2-3/8" and 4-3/8" of lift, respectively. The 4" model is best for use in the entertainment industry.

BL-4000 Warm White LED

Lamina Ceramics

The BL-4000 is a high-power LED light engine featuring a 3,000°K color temperature and warm light quality similar to halogen and tungsten incandescent lamps. More than three times brighter than other commercially available warm white LED array, according to the company, it delivers 95 lumens — nearly as much light as a 10W halogen bulb — while consuming only 5.3W of electricity. Its lasts three to four times longer than the longest-lived halogen, and it is smaller than a US nickel. BL-4000 LED light engines are designed for the popular drive current and are available mounted to Lamina's EZ-Connect board for solderless connections. Narrow, medium, and wide optics and optics holders, designed in partnership with Fraen Corporation, are available. All feature integrated protection from electrostatic discharge (ESD) and an isolated metal base for wiring on a common heat sink. Lamina heat sinks are available for rapid prototyping.

Mania SCX600

Martin Professional

The SCX600 is the second scanner in the Mania series. A 250W halogen scanner with state-of-the-art optics, it features separate color and gobo wheels, two interchangeable rotating glass gobos, five interchangeable rotating metal gobos, nine interchangeable colors, and a split color feature. A separate shutter creates fast strobe effects. Operation is done via DMX, the music trigger, or in stand-alone mode. Built in macros are also included. A hanging bracket doubles as a carrying handle. The unit is ETL, cETL, and CE approved.

DMX Partner

Elation Control Systems

The DMX Partner is a hand-held DMX recorder/playback unit that will accept information from any universal DMX controller and play it back anytime, anywhere. Featuring 96 DMX channels, it measures less that 4.5"×8" and weighs 1.5lbs. It can hold eight chases of up to 99 steps each and two light shows of up to 99 steps each with separate speed and fade time adjustment. Chases and shows can be played back either in Sequence Mode, one at a time, or in Mixed Mode with all eight chases and two shows playing during one session. Data can be transferred between any universal DMX controller and the DMX Partner via the unit's DMX In/Out connections. Information can also be transmitted between a personal computer and the unit (or between two units), using Elation's proprietary RS-232 software, available free at the company's website. The unit features a mini-joystick that can be assigned to fixtures for pan-and-tilt control. Other features include a programmable strobe function, password protection for recording, and blackout control. It can be run in three modes — DMX, Audio, or Manual — and features a four-character LED display and 21 backlit buttons. Preprogrammed units are available at no extra charge and set for selected American DJ and Elation Professional lighting fixtures.

A39T6H and A70T6H

Times Square Lighting

The A39T6H and the A70T6H are suited for commercial and retail wall wash applications. These units utilize a high performance T6 metal halide lamp with a textured reflector in 39W (A39T6H) or 70W (A70T6H). They both feature a hinged front for easy re-lamping and tool-free accessory changes. Features include electronic horizontal ballast, wrench lock yoke, and an adjustable head. The units are available in standard black, white, or silver finishes. Options include 120V and 277V availability. Numerous mounting options and accessories are available.

Weatherproof Flip Cover

Lex Products

Nineteen-pin (six circuit) cables are ubiquitous in the entertainment industry. Now, the 19-Pin Weatherproof Cover (LSC-19-WPFC) protects 19-pin outlets from dust, rain, or other contaminants, keeping outlets from being susceptible to damage, reduced life, or even short circuit conditions. It is designed to allow the densest possible spacing of outlets. The frame and spring are heavy-duty stainless steel for durability and corrosion resistance. The gasketed cover is insulating polycarbonate for strength and weather/dust protection properties. The cover can easily be added to existing outlets. It is only certified as weatherproof with Lex LSC 19-Pin outlets but will provide mechanical and dust protection to any 19-pin outlet. It is UL-listed for wet and dewy locations.

Low Fogger

Look Solutions

The Low Fogger consists of a 2,000W fog machine and chilling chamber in a single, compact, road-worthy housing. This unit offers individual, variable control in 1% increments for fog, fan, and cooling, using three DMX channels.The housing measures 20"×20"×12". An external dewar of liquid carbon dioxide is required to cool the fog. Dewars of CO2 are easily obtainable in any major town or city. Low fog is more convenient to use than dry ice-even after factoring in the dewar of CO2, according to the company.

SketchUp® Plug-in for VectorWorks


SketchUp® is a free plug-in for VectorWorks that eliminates the need to recreate SketchUp models in VectorWorks. The plug-in allows architectural models to be imported from SketchUp into VectorWorks as wall, roof face, and floor geometry. It also maps components to VectorWorks intelligent building objects. This will allow further editing and refinement of architectural models. The command provides control during import, during which SketchUp geometry is converted to architectural elements based on materials, layers, or geometry. Users can also let the command convert objects automatically using the orientation of the SketchUp geometry. The free plug-in supports SketchUp version 4 and higher. Macintosh® and Windows® plug-ins are available for download to all VectorWorks version 12 users.

SuperBig 7K

ZAP Technology

The second fixture in the BigLite series, the SuperBig 7K, features a 7000W Xenon lamp source in a single arm moving head. Indoors or outdoors, it throws a massive light output through a dual color scroller system and has the ability to add various diffusion effects. The fixture houses two interchangeable cartridges, each containing color scrolls with up to seven colors, plus open. Both color cartridges feature a gel saver mode when using deeper colors and use plug-and-play connections for easy changing and customizing of each color scroll. It also features an additional mechanical shutter cartridge for smooth dimming and reduced intensity outputs. Fully DMX-controllable with a powerful electronic strobe effect, the fixture will generate a spot-to-wash effect three times per second and moves effortlessly at speeds up to three times faster than any competitor, according to the company. An energy saving standby mode gives it an extended lamp-life and reduces heat output and fan noise. Martin Professional is the exclusive distributor in North America for the BigLite product series.

Smart Track Lighting System

Altman Lighting

Smart Track is a revolutionary way to bring DMX signals to addressable luminaires without the need for dimmer packs and bulky cable runs. Altman's patent-pending Smart Track consists of a three-circuit track with DMX control built right in. This allows you to control the Smart IQseries luminaires without the need for cabling and remote dimmers. With onboard dimming and control, you can control quartz, CDM, and LED luminaires with this system. You can mix and match source types on this track, even on the same circuit. With its DMX Adapter, you can break out DMX for controlling automated lights and other DMX-based lighting products, so you do not need to run control cables to the lights. You can use simple architectural control stations; a laptop; or a DMX-based theatrical lighting console; and you can choose your protocol. When using RDM (Remote Device Management), you can get feedback from the luminaires, and you can remotely address each individual unit. This three-circuit DMX track is a good solution for any lighting application where appearance and versatility are important.