Product Pick of the Month: Artistic Licence DMX-Split RDM and Rack-Split RDM
Artistic Licence has launched two new DMX512 splitters: DMX-Split RDM and Rack-Split RDM. As the product names suggest, both are designed to support the forthcoming ESTA Remote Device Management protocol. Officially titled “Draft American National Standards BSR E1.20, Entertainment Technology — Remote Device Management over USITT DMX512,” RDM is currently in development by the ESTA Technical Standards Program, of which Artistic Licence is an active participant. (For further information on RDM and lighting networks, see the Technology column on networking in the June 2002 Entertainment Design.)

RDM will have a major impact on all areas of lighting control. In essence, RDM allows data to flow in both directions on a standard DMX512 cable. Existing DMX equipment uses the first three pins of the XLR connector to send control data from the console to intelligent lights or dimmers. RDM allows data to return (still using the first three pins) from the intelligent lights and dimmers to the console.

There are many benefits to this proposed standard, but most significant is that the console can now ask “Who's out there?” The intelligent lights reply in sequence, telling the console who they are and how many channels they use. Then comes the clever part — the console can automatically assign DMX start addresses to all of the moving lights. No more climbing around the truss looking for that mis-patched light.

RDM also allows the status of devices to be monitored, so you could opt to receive a warning when the smoke fluid runs low or a dimmer overheats. The new DMX splitters from Artistic Licence provide all the electronics needed for this next generation of technology, and, of course, work perfectly with “ordinary” DMX512.

Artistic Licence also has introduced the new Truss-Ear, a truss-mount adapter, compatible with a range of Artistic Licence products, including Rack-Split RDM, Net-Link I/P, Net-Link O/P, and the soon to be released Power-Hub 4. The Truss-Ear is simply retrofitted to the product by removal of the end plates. Truss-Ear provides two thumbscrews for added security in addition to dual safety chain mounts. Attachment points for cable ties are also provided, allowing the product cables to be secured.
Artistic Licence
ACT Lighting Inc.

Art that Hangs on a Wall
Avolites launches the ART 2000i Install Dimmer, its first installation dimmer. It is aimed at theatrical, architectural, leisure, and retail applications. The ART 2000i has the same specifications as other dimmers in the ART 2000 range. It is currently available in modules of 24x16A units or 12x32A, or you can mix the two modules in one rack. Features include quick and simple installation, hot patch option, 100% duty cycle on all channels simultaneously, 240µs chokes, thermostatically controlled fan, dual isolated DMX inputs with merge and full soft patch, smooth dimming of low-voltage, low-wattage, or inductive loads, RCD protection as standard, and a selection of dimming curves.
Avolites Ltd.

You Need Plenty of Fiber
Visual Lighting Technologies announces the availability of the XPO conduit lighting system from Roblon Fiber Optics. Featuring a timeless design based on the principles of elegance and simplicity, this fiber-optic lighting system is ideal for use in showcases, shop windows, and lighting tasks which call for aesthetics, design, and flexibility as essential parameters. The modular build-up of the XPO system offers designers maximum flexibility in the design of beautiful and creative display solutions.
Visual Lighting Technologies

Awash in Color
Coemar introduces the ProWash 575 LX fixture, a 575W moving-head fresnel, offering 385° pan and 260° tilt movement, 14 or 16 DMX channels, built-in mechanical dimmer, strobing effect, fade pulse effect, and programmable chaser effect with adjustable speed. Infinite color possibilities can be achieved via a CMY color-mixing system or with the additional six colors plus open color wheel. For PAR effects, there is also a rotating beam-shaping filter. It boasts a progressive zoom from 9.5° to 23° (half peak angle) and from 19° to 34° (1/10 peak angle) with a maximum beam angle of 44°. Other features include silent convection ventilation and self-regulation of fan speed.
Coemar US

Play in the Rain
Pulsar introduces the new ChromaScape, a compact waterproof spotlight containing a combination of 80 red, green, and blue LEDs. Its IP68 protection rating makes it ideal for outdoor use in any weather condition. Available in black only, it comes with an adjustable mounting bracket or an optional recessed/ground mounting kit, making it a versatile fixture. It features three channels of 0-10V control of red, green, and blue output, expected 25,000-hour life at full power, and extra low voltage power input at 24VDC. Low power consumption saves energy and generates very little heat. The unit produces no infrared or ultraviolet light, therefore does not heat or discolor objects.
Pulsar Light of Cambridge Ltd.

Would Someone Get the Phone?
West Side Systems introduces the FocusPhone, a handheld cordless remote for your lighting console. Utilizing a standard 900MHz cordless telephone, the FocusPhone lets you control your lighting console from the top of a ladder, catwalk, personnel lift, or anywhere within the phone's range. The system consists of a cordless phone handset and receiver, and the FocusPhone interface unit. FocusPhone converts tones from the phone into console commands to select channels or dimmers, set levels, use groups, run cues, and invoke macros. The FocusPhone attaches to the console's RFU or keyboard port.
West Side Systems