The ColorWash 1200E AT is the eagerly awaited addition to Robe's moving light range. This powerful moving head wash light comes complete with a CMY color mixing system; variable CTO; two color wheels — each with six easily replaceable slots for colors and effects; a combined dimmer/shutter and many more features. The ColorWash 1200E AT zoom has a range of 7-50°, depending on the lens type used. The electronic ballast enables features like flicker-free operation, extended lamp life, and power-saving mode. The large LCD display — highly successful on Robe's ColorSpot 1200 AT profile fixture — makes the operation of the ColorWash 1200E AT quick and easy. An Ethernet connection offers additional connectability. ColorWash 1200E AT is appropriate for large theatres, live productions, and television shows.
Robe Show Lighting
Roznov pod Radhostem, Czech Republic
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Elation Professional introduces two DMX strobe effects, the Protron Color and Protron Star, which project a powerful 1500W output from a 750W lamp. The Protron Color and Protron Star multiply wattage using a breakthrough feature called “Flash Burst.” This feature enables flashing at a super high speed, about three times faster than conventional strobes (up to 15 flashes per second), which creates a blinder effect that intensifies output to 1500W. The Protron Color and Protron Star will not overheat, because they utilize advanced Thermal Sensing Technology. Both are DMX compatible, allowing operation from a standard DMX-512 controller. The high-speed Flash Burst feature becomes operational in DMX Mode. Both fixtures also include a Stand Alone mode with selectable flash intensity and speed. The Protron Color is a color strobe effect that includes a scroller with three colors — red, blue, and yellow. Split colors can also be created, and color gels can be substituted (sold separately). The Protron Color includes five DMX channels for Flash Speed, Flash Dimmer, Power Burst function, Color, and Motor Speed. In Stand Alone mode, the Protron Color features Selectable Color or Color Scroll in addition to Selectable Intensity and Selectable Speed. The Protron Star flashes in white only. It comes with three DMX channels for Flash Speed, Flash Dimmer, and Power Burst function. In the Stand Alone mode, the Protron Star provides Selectable Intensity and Selectable Speed. Both the Protron Color and Protron Star offer a flash range of 1-15 flashes per second and 0-100% dimming. Each unit comes equipped with a 750WZB-300 lamp.
Elation Professional
Los Angeles, CA
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For DJs and clubs, American DJ has beefed up the brightness on four of its most popular sound-activated effects: the Topaz, Trance Wheel, Titan, and Whirl — now named the Topaz 250, Trance Wheel 250, Titan 250, and Whirl 250. All are now equipped with more powerful 250W lamps, producing more vibrant, eye-popping colors and allowing for larger area coverage for use in bigger clubs and venues. In addition, these fixtures have a new design with high-tech molded plastic end covers that protect the case from damage. The Topaz 250, Trance Wheel 250, Titan 250, and Whirl 250 still have the same colorful patterns and graphics that made their predecessors so popular. All include an effects switch with three different operational modes: sound active, rotating head, or still head. Additional features include: a focusing lens; an access door for changing the lamp; and circuit breaker protection, which eliminates the need to change fuses. Each fixture measures 14.5"L × 5.5"W × 7.25"H and weighs 7 lbs.
American DJ
Los Angeles, CA
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The C38 is a PAR38 reflector metal halide fixture that produces a warm color temperature (3000K) and excellent color rendering (83CRI). The unit can be used as an accent light for display or other high luminance areas. Users can alter the lamp's beam pattern by adding barn doors, hoods, louvers, and spread or rectangular lenses. These accessories simply clip on to the front of the unit and lock in place. The C38 is available in 120V and 277V versions. Features include: easy lamp replacement, electronic ballast, mounting options, accessory clips, ex-tremely low heat output per footcandle, and a typical throw of 10' to 40'.
Times Square Lighting
Stony Point, NY
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Pulsar's new Outstation OS1 is a compact 12-Scene, 54-Channel DMX-programmable control desk that is ideal as an architectural controller and as a remote for the ChromaZone. It is finished in stainless steel and fitted with chrome push buttons. The OS1 is ideal for offices, bars, restaurants, foyers, or anywhere an easy-to-use DMX controller is required.
Pulsar Light of Cambridge Ltd.
Cambridge, United Kingdom
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The Diablo is a new, cost effective, and flexible lighting controller from Zero 88, suitable for controlling moving lights and generics. It is easy to program and operate and aimed at users wanting a small, powerful console. Unlike many small controllers, it is not simply for club or DJ use. The Diablo can be used in a range of venues from small theatres to schools, TV, or clubs. An LCD screen is at the heart of the Diablo. Using soft keys, navigating the various operating modes is simple and intuitive, whether you are setting the desk up, assigning fixtures, patching, or playing back shows. To aid in programming, the Diablo comes with an effects engine for shape generation and color and beam effects. The Diablo can control up to 18 moving lights as well as 18 generic channels. The Diablo has a comprehensive library of fixture personalities that can be loaded into the console from a PC using a USB port. Regular updates to the library are downloadable from the Zero 88 website. It is also possible to write fixture types directly to the console, and 18 different fixture personalities can be stored on the Diablo at any one time. Key features include: built-in effects engine, 12 playback stacks each with 250 steps, 108 submasters, control of 18 generic channels, control of up to 18 fixtures, four DMX auxiliary keys, page chase/ripple functions, and fixture library.
Zero 88
Cwmbran, United Kingdom Circle 106
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The Robo Ranger IH8000-1 is an intelligent moving-head fixture using standard DMX512 addressing. Five channels of control include color wheel (11 colors and white), gobo wheel (15 patterns), pan (540° in 3 seconds), tilt (270° in 1.8 seconds) and strobing/shutter. Fast and precise movement of the sleek design head is achieved with the use of high-quality, smooth micro-stepper motors. The Robo Ranger includes a bright 24V/250W lamp and features an adjustable focus lens. The Robo Ranger can be used with most standard DMX512 controllers. In addition, each unit is pre-programmed to be used either solo or in a master/slave configuration where no controller is needed. Built-in sound-active patterns create movement, color and gobo changes to the beat of music. The optional MBT Easy Controller CA6 provides basic control in master/slave mode. The optional MBT Intelligent Controller CA1612 gives the user full programming and manual operating capability. The Robo Ranger moving-head light offers professional features in a compact, attractive full-color P.O.P. package with a one-year limited warranty.
MBT Lighting & Sound
Charleston, SC
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KATIE Group, Inc. introduces the Geena Series Downlight, the latest innovation from Renaissance Lighting, LLC, and its patented Constructive Occlusion Optical System. The unit produces selectable white light from standard red, blue, and green LEDs. The white light is user selectable and changeable from 2700 to 6000K. The unit can also be dimmed. In addition, the downlight is manufactured with “sleeper” LEDs that only turn on as the output of the initial LEDs begins to deteriorate. The Geena starts out as a 36W unit, but by the end of the projected 100,000-hour useful life, the power consumption would have increased to 48W.
Katie Group, Inc.
Los Angeles, CA
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Building upon the success of its LD Assistant software in the theatrical and entertainment lighting design software market, Design and Drafting, a subsidiary of Chicago Stage Equipment, Inc., has released LD Assistant 04 with bi-directional communication, built-in console, and a real-time show visualizer. This 2D/3D Autodesk OEM CAD program is optimized for theatrical and entertainment lighting design, which helps designers create lighting plots, animations, and presentations as well as control lighting systems. With the release of LD Assistant 04, designers can control dimmers, automated fixtures, motorized curtain tracks, counter weights, chain hoists, self-climbers, and consoles from within the program. Any object in the drawing can also be controlled using an external source DMX channel. LD Assistant is the only entertainment lighting design software to offer advanced DMX and Ethernet control with high-end lighting and rendering tools in a full 2D/3D CAD program. Streamlined and intuitive lighting, animation, and control wizards ensure a quick start to your project without having to become a lighting designer or animator to produce outstanding work. By shortening the design process, it also reduces costs.
Design and Drafting
Oak Lawn, IL
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City Theatrical has added a new product to its award-winning WDS Wireless Dimming System: the WDS Personal Dimmer. This tiny (3 1/4" " 4 1/4" " 7/8" deep), wearable device combines a wireless DMX receiver with a 5Åmp battery-operated dimmer allowing costumes, scenery, and props to be electrified and controlled by any DMX lighting console. For the first time, designers will be able to incorporate complex electrical effects into stage elements and integrate them into the overall stage lighting by using wireless control and battery operated dimming. The WDS Personal Dimmer is compatible with the entire WDS range of wireless transmitters, receivers, and dimmers.
City Theatrical, Inc.
Bronx, New York
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