New from High End Systems, is the Catalyst DL1, a digital video engine that bridges the worlds of automated lighting and video projection, and includes both lighting and video communications protocols. High End is positioning the DL1 as the lighting industry's first commercially available digital moving light and it has a lot of applications in the entertainment and information markets including theatre, television, film, concert touring, night clubs, churches, and corporate events.

Catalyst DL1 is the second generation offering in the Catalyst family of High End products. High End Systems started the move to digital-based lighting with the Catalyst moving mirror product two years ago. The original Catalyst combined a media server and moving mirror light with an off-the-shelf video projector. Catalyst DL1 significantly enhances the technology by housing a digital engine in a ruggedized package that has the look and feel of a moving light and the versatility of a moving projector. Users are able to take images from DVDs, videos, and other types of media and display them onto a stage, wall, prop, screen, or a set - with complete control over image size and shape. The Catalyst DL1 also provides the ability to project digital aerials and provide uniform color and beam intensity. Unlike conventional moving lights where the beam field has peaks and valleys, digital lighting creates a flat, even field with a high contrast ratio.

To help bridge the video and traditional lighting worlds, Catalyst DL1 incorporates the communications standards of both: VGA, RGBHV, and S Video inputs for incorporating movie, film, or graphics content, and DMX programming. DMX will also enable the video input selection to be switched - a feature that will enable the lighting director to choose content from multiple input devices simultaneously. Through a DMX console, the user can control color, brightness, contrast, focus, zoom, and other video-related parameters of the DL1. An integrated fully closing iris even allows for a true blackout. DMX also allows bi-directional communication enabling electronic feedback on its temperature parameters, lamp life, filter quality, and other details needed for maintenance purposes.

The Catalyst DL1 can be controlled from any DMX512 control console with imagery being provided by the Catalyst Media Server running Catalyst software or any other high quality video image source. To further complement DL1, High End Systems has released the updated Catalyst Media Server based on Apple's new Power Mac G5 and Catalyst Version 3.0 software. This combination allows the Catalyst DL1 to take full advantage of the enhanced functionality of Apple OS X Version 10.2 (or later versions) and the latest developments in Open-GL based video cards.

The Catalyst DL1 is ETL and CE approved for safety.
High End Systems, Inc.
Austin, TX
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MiPIX (Modular Intelligent Pixel) is Barco's brand new LED pixel block product, which measures only 1.59" H × 1.59"W × 1.38" D (40.3mm × 40.3mm × 22mm). Its small size and shape allow for it to be used to create intelligent lighting effects on large-scale backdrops of any form, shape, or size, while also offering the possibility of full video content on 3D logos or other free-form shapes. The MiPIX blocks further facilitate the construction of large-scale backdrops by the fact that they can be spaced apart at various distances, making the pixel blocks a cost-effective medium for ultra-large applications. The MiPIX pixel block, which weighs a mere 1.2oz (34g), has a resolution of 20mm, and is sold as part of a system comprising 128 pixel blocks and a control unit. Each pixel block consists of four SMD LEDs that deliver a brightness of 1,300 Nit. Due to the SMD LED technology, a MiPIX display accommodates viewing angles of up to 145 degrees.
Barco Projection Systems, LLC
Kennesaw, GA
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Chauvet COLORtubes from its COLORdash series, mark the company's debut in the field of LED technology. Each tube is outfitted with 144 high intensity LEDs, and a milky white optical diffuser. RGB mixing diffuses seven colors: cyan, magenta, yellow, red, green, blue, and white. These tubes are easy to mount and boast a life span of up to 100,000 hours. They consume very little power (just 16.8 watts per meter), sustain wide temperature ranges and humidity levels, and are DMX compatible. They can be programmed to create a wide variety of color and pattern combinations. Dimensions: 40" × 2.25" × 3". They will be shipping in January 2004.
Chauvet Lighting
Hollywood, FL
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Element Labs, Nils Thorjussen's new company, introduces Versa TILE, a glowing LED light tile controlled by video. The edge-lit LED tiles with RGB color-mixing create a broad spectrum of rich, saturated colors and easily produce previously inaccessible colors-various flesh tones, browns, and grays. The incredible color range, made possible by the use of sophisticated video wall technology, has amazed LDs who have seen it. The tiles, placed together in arrays of any size or shape, create different moods and effects. The system is extremely versatile and is suitable for use on applications ranging from architectural installations to concert events. In contrast to traditional video walls, Versa TILE has an ultra-wide viewing angle and no visible LED clusters. In addition, it is much thinner and less expensive than video walls. The tiles can be used to create a wall of changing color in a permanent installation or in portable staging blocks of 25 tiles.
Element Labs
Austin, TX
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Electronic Theatre Controls introduces the Source 4 Revolution, an automated ellipsoidal luminaire for the theatre. Its main features are performance, modularity, and quietness. The designers sacrificed speed to get the unit quiet; in comparison to other intelligent lights, it is very quiet indeed. It uses a 750W HPLX lamp, which has a quick-change mount at the rear of the unit and is very bright. It comes with an onboard dimmer that accepts worldwide voltage, so there is one filament design for the world. It comes with a color scroller with up to 24 plastic colors. It has two module bays and currently, there are four modules available: a shutter module; a static gobo wheel module; a rotating gobo module; and an iris module. The gobo module comes with three positions and clear that holds M-size metal or glass patterns as well as glass dichroic colors.
Electronic Theatre Controls
Middleton, WI
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MA Lighting launches the Network Signal Processor (NSP) for the grandMA console range. The NSP allows for an integrated network solution by bridging the differences between the current multiple defacto standards, and with an Ethernet network, it brings more transparency into the signal flow and utilizes standard industry components for an increased level of reliability. For de-centralized DMX distribution networks the NSP converts the incoming Ethernet data stream back into full-speed DMX signals. Four individual DMX ports are available for output, and up to two of them might also be used for DMX input. The NSP can be controlled as DMX node via multiple network protocols. Currently supported are ArtNet from Artistic Licence and its own protocol MA-Net.
A.C.T Lighting
Agoura Hills, CA
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Mole Richardson Company introduces the six-light MaxiCoop, a PAR64 based overhead with an integrated reflective skirt. Controlled by a six-circuit Socapex connector, it can be used in an overhead array or as a directional backlight. The MaxiCoop can be rigged by 180þ for optimum positioning, not normally achievable with conventional overheads. It contains two slide-out filter frames, which allows for multiple combinations of color and diffusion. Lamps for the fixture range from 500 to 1,200W and beam angles are available from very narrow to wide in both quartz and daylight. MaxiCoop accessories include a skirt extension set and a MaxiCoop cart.
Mole-Richardson Company
Hollywood, CA
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Selecon introduces the Pacific Followspot, which offers the cool beam and all the other operational advantages of the Pacific ellipsoidal's heat-management technology. It includes a choice of light sources to meet the throw requirements of most venues including 575W, 750W, and 1,000W tungsten halogen; MSR hot restrike 575W; flicker-free operation, and 90-240V. Other features include adjustable iris diaphragm with blackout and protective guard; braced yoke and platen spigot, to ensure smooth operation; the yoke balance point, which can be adjusted to suit the operator's requirements; no fans, other than those required for the MSR power supply; ergonomic guide handles which position the hand for easy operation of the iris and color changer; slide out iris; top panel slide access to lens; removable lamp module and wiring. Stand included. Accessories include four-color changer and A-size pattern holder.
Auckland, New Zealand
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City Theatrical launches Lightwright 4, the newest version of John McKernon's paperwork software tool. The recent improvements promise to make everyone's life easier. Lightwright gives designers and electricians sophisticated tools for tackling the enormously complicated job of compiling and maintaining lighting paperwork. New features include up to 30,000 worksheet rows; up to 6,000 purposes, 6,000 positions, 6,000 colors, etc.; 62 universes of DMX; 100 moving light libraries per show. Also stores accessories, weights, symbols, and template holder sizes; work notes database with work note, status, and category; integrated focus chart database including notes, sketches, and photos; worksheet rows which collapse with a single click to reduce clutter; worksheet changes flagged automatically; new reports, error checks, and user-definable categories; new student version; and much more.
City Theatrical, Inc.
Bronx, NY
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Total Fabrications introduces the T2 support system, a new and advanced demountable structural system with integral protection for personnel against falls from a height. It is designed for typical truss applications; its structural/practical performance is superior to traditional products; it offers safer methods of climbing and working at height; it can sustain the loads arising during an arrested fall and facilitates safe rescue. Key components of the system include: modular truss, energy absorbing lanyard with twin mobile anchor points, T-clamp, rigging hardware, and accessories. The truss is constructed from a custom-designed extrusion, not round tube. A T-channel is integrated into the extrusion on all four chords; the dedicated personnel safety attachment fixes directly to this channel, providing a mobile but direct anchor point. This channel provides for all attachment needs, personnel security, lighting, video, and audio, dispensing with the need for hook clamps. All the various attachment fittings conform to CE standards.
Total Fabrications Ltd.
Birmingham, United Kingdom
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West Side Systems announces the FocusPhone Jr wireless remote for ETC lighting consoles. An even more economical version of the original FocusPhone, it enables wireless control of a lighting console. The included cordless phone interfaces to the RFU connector on the console allowing wireless remote control from anywhere in the phone's range. The Touch-Tone keypad is used to enter dimmer and channel numbers, levels and many common commands including And, Thru, At, Full and Release. FocusPhone Jr provides basic console control for focusing, troubleshooting, or checking out a lighting system. The FocusPhone Jr is initially available only for ETC Express and Expression/Insight 2x/3 family and Emphasis consoles. Original FocusPhone models are available for ETC Obsession, Strand 300-550i, and other consoles.
West Side Systems
New York, NY
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OSRAM HPR — 575/115

Osram Photo-Optic introduces the patent pending HPR 575/115 high performance tungsten halogen lamp for theatrical, concert, and architectural applications. The lamp has been engineered for maximum light collection efficiency in parabolic and ellipsoidal fixtures. The specially positioned internal reflector reduces the lumens lost through the rear of the lamp, while increasing the forward lumens in PAR and ellipsoidal fixtures. The result is a sharper, more intense beam pattern and significantly higher light output. A secondary benefit of the reflector is reduced lamp seal temperature due to the effective deflection of infrared heat. Increased light output means fewer fixtures required and reduced energy consumption.
Osram Sylvania
Danvers, MA
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While not known for producing luminaires, Wybron does know color and color mixing. Wybron introduces the Nexera Wash and Ellipsoidal color-mixing luminaires. It is a clever fixture that uses an interesting set of dichroic CMY plates to mix color in the beam. Color consistency over time is assured, because the glass filters will not fade with heat or age. To maintain a cool beam, a dichroic reflector is used to absorb most of the infrared. The unit is convection cooled for quiet operation; It uses a 575W tungsten lamp that produces over 8,000 lumens; It uses three DMX channels and uses Wybron Coloram II power supply and cables; and is priced to compete with other color changing methods.
Wybron, Inc.
Colorado Springs, CO
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The Times Square Cometa 70 is a specification grade die-cast, adjustable metal halide fixture that utilizes a unique reflector system. It can project a beam spread from 10-20þ without the use of tools. The unit's flexibility allows the end user to achieve spot or flood beam spreads without changing lamps. The Cometa accepts a T6 70W single-ended, 12,000-hour metal halide lamp, and is furnished with an Aromat electronic ballast. This fixture is ideal for retail designs where a long life energy saving lamp is required. A 39W unit is also available. It is available for either 120V or 277V operation, has numerous mounting options, weighs three pounds, and is available in black, white, silver, or custom colored.
Times Square Lighting
Stony Point, NY.
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SetWear's new Easy-Fit 2 gloves will quickly become a favorite tool for everyone. These gloves have a two-way stretch spandex-lined top with .5mm synthetic leather for added hand protection with increased fingertip sensitivity for detailed work. Featuring new Lycra panels between the fingers to increase mobility, comfort, and sensitivity, these gloves feature neoprene knuckle padding that provides increased flexibility and protection along with foam gel padded palms to help reduce impacts and vibrations. This glove has a pull cord on the wrist to assist in easy entry and for hanging gloves after each use.
SetWear Products, Inc.
Canoga Park, CA
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Building upon the success of its LD Assistant software, Design and Drafting, a subsidiary of Chicago Stage Equipment, Inc., releases LD Assistant PL03 w/FX, an AutoCAD-Plug-in optimized for theatrical and entertainment lighting design. The software helps lighting designers create better lighting plots, animations and presentations, reduce costs, and shorten time to market for their projects. It is the only entertainment lighting design software to offer advanced lighting and rendering tools. Included are atmospheric lighting and lens effects, volume light (smoke in the beam) and lens effects (glow, ring, noise, secondary, star and streak). LD Assistant PL03 is aimed at theatrical & entertainment lighting designs in an easy to use package. Sophisticated, streamlined, intuitive lighting and animation wizards, ensure that you will get started quickly producing outstanding work quickly.
Design & Drafting
Oak Lawn, IL
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American DJ launches the Bubble Blast. A heavy-duty bubble machine with massive output, the Bubble Blast uses dual-fan technology to create hundreds of bubbles per minute. Not only does the Bubble Blast blast out more bubbles, it also shoots them high into the air, where revelers can better admire their sparkle and effervescence. That's because the machine is equipped with a secondary dual-fan lift system that raises the bubbles upward as they come pouring out of its two wand chambers. It comes with a remote control, which allows the user to adjust its bubble output from any location in the room. Included on the remote unit are both a duration and interval control. Using these two controls, the operator can tweak the unit to create sudden bursts of bubbles, or simply set it and leave it to generate a steady stream of dancing bubbles all night long.
American DJ
Los Angeles, CA
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MALighting introduces the grandMA micro, one of the most compact moving light controllers ever produced. This console includes all the features of many conventional lighting consoles. Therefore this mid-range console is suitable for small concerts and tours, events and exhibitions, as well as for smaller theatres and TV studio use. It offers 1,024 individual parameters for control of conventional dimmers, moving lights from the built-in library, or self-created fixtures of any kind. The micro includes all its components in a very compact desktop housing with everything built-in; no external power supplies, processor units, or monitors are required. This computer has all necessary links to the external world on-board from a mouse and keyboard connection to an auto sensing 10/100 Mbit/s Ethernet port. A built-in floppy disk drive can be used for external archive options or to upgrade to the latest version of software.
A.C.T Lighting
Agoura Hills, CA
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Jands introduces the Vista control console. Jands, known for innovative consoles, has gone in a completely new direction with the Vista. It is fundamentally different from current consoles; a new approach to the user interface makes it easy to use and, with the introduction of a timeline, gives you the complete picture and control of all lighting events. Along with a generic fixture module that is becoming more of a standard in intelligent lighting consoles, the Vista uses a pen-based system to draw directly on a screen. Instead of a touch screen, the console uses a pen that works just like a mouse. The combination of the pen and the new visual interface allows you to build your designs visually. You can plan your action over a moving timeline, much like computer-based audio and video editing tools. The Vista applies this concept to lighting, providing a new approach to design and performance.
Jands Pty Ltd.
Mascot, NSW, Australia
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The Power Tiny is a 400W battery-powered fog machine with adjustable output. Control is via a switch on the fogger itself; a three-pin XLR jack is supplied for use with an analog remote. A radio remote, digital timer, and DMX converter are also available. The supplied battery will provide enough power for 10 minutes of continuous fog, or 150 puffs, before it must be recharged. Standby time is 250 hours. It fills the void that currently exists in the market between low output, battery-powered fog machines and high output, AC-powered fog machines. Now you can create a considerable amount of fog from a compact, handheld, wireless unit. Dimensions: 9" × 4" × 8-1/2"; Weight (including battery and empty fluid tank): 11 lbs. 7 oz.
Theatre Effects
Hagerstown, MD
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