Medialon debuts its newest software, Manager V3, designed to reflect the needs of the North American show control market. V3 is a brand new version of Manager, based on the input of leading theatrical, staging, and theme park professionals. It is available in Lite, Stage, and Pro versions. New features include real-time control of any cue, countdown windows, data recording, and visual containers for pop-up control panels. V3 also extends Medialon's innovation in the areas of network control and user interface development with new variables and new graphical indicators.
Miami, FL
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Fastlane Productions introduces the SuperScreen, available in two models (24' × 36' and 17' × 24'). These inflatable screens act as a projection screen and as a billboard and are available for sale, seasonal lease, or rental for customers in the United States and in select international markets. SuperScreen is designed for outdoor movies or big communications; it is easy to set up, can be moved in minutes, is completely weatherproof, and works both indoors and outdoors. And you can even attach sponsorship banners or logos for branding. Packages are available with multiple screen options to support various movie formats.
Fastlane Productions
Denver, CO
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GAM introduces its new SuperTube, colored gel sleeves that provide protection from the harmful effects of UV light, and are now available with a two-year warranty. They prevent color fade with two filter layers, and are available in 138 colors. SuperTube slides onto any T5, T8, or T12 fluorescent lamp quickly and easily, and can be used with high output lamps. They fold flat for easy storage and can be trimmed easily with scissors.
GAM Products
Los Angeles, CA
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Mole-Richardson Company has released the MoleHub, a 1,200A spider. The MoleHub features one set of three-phase Cam-Lok® inputs and four sets of three phase Cam-Lok outputs. The single-sided design minimizes the amount of floor space needed; 20A stage pin and Edison connectors provide the ability to test lighting fixtures or to power nearby worklights. Test-jacks allow for safe metering of voltage and frequency. Recessed panel lights for illumination of connectors and indicator lights show on/off status of each hot-leg. Nylon skids isolate the unit from earth ground and allow for easy movement. The MoleHub is available Type 6551, 1,200A Cam-Lok or Type 6541, 600A MoleLock with double neutral as well as straight or reversed ground connectors.
Mole-Richardson Company
Hollywood, CA
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Photoflex introduces continuous light connectors for Lowel's Tota and DP lighting heads. These two extensions of the Photoflex Connector FV line have been redesigned so that the connectors can be used immediately. They are all metal, and will not break, melt, or warp. The Lowel Tota head mounts right onto Photoflex's Tota Connector FV via a 5/8" post, and is positioned inside the softbox for maximum efficiency. Tota Connector FV will be accompanied by Photoflex's new 2-1/2" Grip Swivel, which replaces the company's previous aluminum swivel. This new swivel has a 2-1/2" diameter clutch like a standard grip head, and a 5/8" receiver on both ends for an extremely secure hold when positioning the light in combination with Photoflex film and video softboxes.
Photoflex, Inc.
Watsonville, CA
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OmniSistem's Stinger Laser has been redesigned to provide not only more colors but superior functionality in similar price points. The Stinger 1B 4.95mW (blue) and Stinger 1MC 4.95mW (multi-color) are the newest additions to OmniSistem's Stinger series. These laser projectors are available in several output power levels ranging from 4.95mW up to a quarter of a Watt. The new Stinger series features an extruded aluminum housing for extra strength and added durability. The units features including: LED menu system for personality and DMX addressing; seven channels of DMX; 25 base patterns; pattern hold; hundreds of variations in patterns under DMX control; Y axis offset (vertical positioning of effect); individual color control (multi-color units only); multi-color modes; enhanced stand-alone features; and multi-color mode speed settings.
OmniSistem Lights & Effects
Kent, WA
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