The Imager from Martin Architectural is an image projector with movement capability designed for projection of patterns, images, logos, and messages. It is designed for applications including exhibitions, museums, restaurants, retail, bars, clubs, or any low-maintenance installation.

It is available as either a single-image projector or in a four-image version. A moving-mirror option — a click-on accessory — is available. The unit uses a 250W discharge lamp, which is included.

A cold light glass reflector maximizes optical efficacy ensuring a high light output. An optimized condenser lens system produces an even light distribution. The multi-layer, coated, four-element focus lens (f=100mm) ensures high transmission, high contrast, image sharpness, a flat field, and no distortion. The standard spread angle is 23° and it is easy to insert narrow angle 15° and wide-angle 32° options.

The Imager uses large D-size gobos in both the four-gobo and one-gobo versions and can be quickly replaced without the need for tools. Images can be rotated in both directions or set in an indexed position. With the use of a special protection kit, it is possible to insert a photographic slide or overhead film for temporary promotions.

The Imager contains a remote controllable focus that keeps the image sharp from 6.6' (2m) to infinity, and a full-range 0-100% mechanical intensity control is included to ensure smooth fade-ins and transitions of the image.

A color flag makes it possible to permanently change the color without tools. An optional mirror arm creates the possibility of precise, smooth image movement in a range of 235∞ of pan by 65° of tilt.

Fixture settings are controlled via a three-digit control panel. The fixture can be controlled via DMX with either nine or 12 channels. Stand-alone programming offers one sequence containing up to 20 scenes.

Designed for permanent installations, the Imager features a remote ballast, which together with the junction box can be, installed prior to the installation of the Imager itself. The remote ballast can be positioned up to 50' (16m) away from the fixture. The data connection uses RJ-45 connectors and the power connection uses screw terminals.
Martin Professional
Aarhus, Denmark
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A.C. Lighting has expanded its Chroma-Q range to include DMX management and power supply accessories. The new Magic Box enclosure houses a range of accessories and can be configured for rack or truss mounting. The new products include: An eight-way DMX Buffer box, a fault-tolerant, self-healing device designed to fully isolate each output from another. Supplied with 4×5-pin and 4×3-pin XLR connectors, each output of DMX is separately generated, therefore boosted from the original DMX signal; The 8>4 DMX A/B Switch box uses a simple but effective manually operated switch to change the DMX source between two × 2048 channel lighting consoles. The cost-effective unit requires no power and does not incorporate any electronics or software; and the 12PU Power Supply box provides three circuits of combined 24VDC power and DMX signal suitable for Chroma-Q accessories. Each circuit features male and female four-pin XLR connectors which self-terminate when completed.
A.C. Lighting, Limited
High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, UK
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High End Systems introduces ColorCommand, a color-changing PAR/Washlight that uses a patented, color mixing system that incorporates automated changing of color and beam angle at a cost comparable to a PAR and scroller, but at just a fraction of the cost of automated lights. The dichroic color mixing system uses a patented design that incorporates two lenses and three color wheels. The first lens splits the light into 25 separate beams, which pass through CMY color-mixing glass. The second lens rejoins and projects the light into a fully saturated, evenly colored beam. The CMY color wheels are able to perform almost instantaneous color-changes (1/3 of a second to go from clear light to virtually any color imaginable.) It can quickly — and quietly — bump between any of these colors or make slow, controlled fades — all through a uniform field.
High End Systems, Inc.
Austin, TX
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Coemar unveils a trio of moving yoke fixtures that make up the Flex range. The adjustable-output iSpot Flex, iWash Flex and iProfile Flex cover a variety of lighting applications within a single unit. With the light output reduced, the low power/low noise factor makes it ideal for operating in television studios. At the top of its power rating Flex will be at home in any arena or stadium concert rig, and actually runs brighter than Coemar's Nat 4K fixture. The Flex series features include: full CMY interchangeable color wheels, variable CTO, rotating gobos, effects library, prisms, a wide range of zooms, strobe, and framing shutters. Innovations include a revolutionary color compensation system and internal barn doors on the iWash Flex, enabling real shapes to be created from a wash light. Finally, there is adjustable power between 1,200W and 2kW. These lightweight aluminum/carbon fiber fixtures are rubber protected and boast an extremely low power requirement.
Coemar USA
Hollywood, FL
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Extron Electronics expands its IP Tools Series of compact Ethernet-to-serial interfaces with integral Web servers. The two new models are the IPL T S4 with four serial ports and the IPL T S6 with six serial ports. These complement the previously announced IPL T S2, which provides two serial ports. The IPL T S4 Ethernet-to-Serial Interface, with four serial ports on four 9-pin D-sub connectors, can control four independent RS-232, RS-422, or RS-485 serial devices. When configured for pass-through mode, the IPL T S4 can pass through commands from an existing control system and control two other attached devices. The IPL T S6, with a total of six serial ports, provides two 9-pin D-sub connectors and four captive screw serial connectors, and can control six independent RS-232, RS-422, or RS-485 serial devices.
Extron Electronics, Anaheim, Ca
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