Pearl Expert


Pearl Expert is a new high performance version of the Pearl console, with more submasters, more flash buttons, and more power and optimized for use on larger and more demanding shows and events. It is based on the Pearl 2004 operating system and powered by the new Intel® Core Duo Processor. An additional five submaster playbacks make a total of 20, the most of any console in its class. New Add and Swap buttons for the top row of faders allow easy placement of fixtures and dimmers on all 60 preset faders. The new Color Picker gives instant control of CMY and color mixing devices. A new Split Roller separates the 20 submasters into two banks of 10, allowing live mix and match of memories. The internal hard drive gives virtually unlimited internal storage of shows. USB Memory storage and a CD/DVD rewriter (and a floppy disk drive) give show portability and long-term backup. The console includes industry-standard Ethernet protocols. In addition, the Pearl 2004 has been upgraded and is now known as the Pearl 2008, which includes USB memory storage and a USB connection to an external PC.

MRT1 And MRT2 Towers


The MRT1 and the MRT2 Rigging Tower Systems are cost effective and manageable, both appropriate for festivals, bands, touring promotional road shows, concerts, and special events for hanging of video systems, signage, etc. The MRT1 incorporates the QuickTruss M290V Quatro truss system and is the smallest rigging tower available from Milos. Its total height when raised is 26.25', with a self-weight of 392.4lbs. The total carrying capacity with motor is 1,235lbs. The MRT2 incorporates the QuickTruss M400 Rectangular truss system and is a mid-sized rigging tower, which combines a higher loading capacity with a compact size. Its total height when raised is 31.17', with a self-weight of 529lbs. The total carrying capacity with motor is 2,425lbs.


Livid Instruments

Livid's octav-4 allows control of up to eight Edirol v-4 video mixers for synchronized and centralized control, providing multi-screen control with up to 32 video inputs and eight unique video outputs. This allows the creation of presets for basically anything the V-4 can do. Users can also cycle multiple inputs, creating a chase effect across multiple screens at the same time. The octav-4 takes advantage of the V-4's MIDI integration, allowing quick configuration, connection, and control of multiple V-4s. The software features one step MIDI setup, cascading controls, automated input and transition cycling, BPM transitions, effects selection, and preset saving. It is available for both Mac and Windows and can be purchased directly from the Livid Instruments website.

SQ-CP1 Mobile Rigging System

Global Truss

The SQ-CP1 Mobile Crank-Up System allows users to assemble professional-quality overhead rigs of hanging effects and fixtures from the ground. It is an all-in-one package that includes two square pieces of truss, the necessary support bars, and two crank stands, everything required to erect a fully loaded, stable rig without ever having to climb a ladder. The two 6.5' square sections of SQ-4112 truss go across the top of the rig. The STSB-005 Support Bars attach to the tops of the ST-132 Crank Stands and hold the truss securely in place. One person can snap the system together in about 15 minutes. The TUV-approved trussing is made from high-strength, 6082-T6 aluminum alloy, with the highest tensile strength currently available while being three times lighter than steel. It is available in a variety of colors and powder-coat finishes. Each crank stands is rated at 220lbs. Since the stands are just 63" high at their lowest point, the average person can assemble the rig and crank it up to as high as 158" by raising each side a little bit at a time. The support bars measure 120" wide by 95" high and have a diameter of 1.57". Their 18"-wide secure latches are adjustable from 4.5" to 16".

RGB Laser 1.6

Martin Professional

The Martin RGB Laser 1.6 is a Class 4 white light laser with balanced cool white and comes in an extremely compact housing. With simple plug-and-play operations, hundreds of preinstalled effects, and a cooling system that eliminates the need for expensive and bulky water cooling, it is capable of extremely deep saturated colors, especially an intense blue (442nm), which allows the creation of pure white. Smooth advanced graphics that can pass through 40,000 positions a second are achievable. The possibilities are enhanced by the narrowness of the actual beam (<3.5mm), which gives more flexibility when choosing imagery or in long distance projections. An onboard show playback system features 432 available cues. Downloading and upgrading images and graphics to the internal flash card is achieved through the USB 2.0 PC interface. Realtime effect programming, editing, and viewing are possible through the included software. The unit can be controlled with any standard DMX controller using 5-pin XLR connectors. The fixture also uses the signal-input SubD25:ILDA, a worldwide standard. Dust-free sealed optics prevent pollution from penetrating the fixture. It boasts 10,000 hours of operation and is protected by a two-year or 3,000-hour warranty. The RGBL 1.6 may only be operated by a trained Laser Safety Officer.


Main Light Industries

The Soft-LED/Scrim see-through RGB LED scrim incorporates the same Color Kinetics Chromasic LED node and drive technology utilized in the SoftLED and HardLED products but attached to an indoor/outdoor heavy-duty mesh scrim to support the LED nodes and cabling. The mesh and nodes appear transparent in normal production use, allowing lighting, scenic, and projection elements to be visible behind the scrim. The scrim folds and travels the same as the SoftLED curtain, and systems specifically packaged for theatre, touring, and outdoor applications will be available.

Synergy SD Switchers, Version 17

Ross Video

Version 17 software for Synergy SD switchers provides major additions to the array of device control interfaces, operational enhancements, and support for the latest version of OverDrive. Added device interfaces include: Avid Airspeed and EVS maXS servers; Panasonic, Canon, Hitachi, and Sony robotic cameras; Chyron Duet and Pinnacle Deko CGs; Extron, Nvision NV9000, and Utah SC-4 routers; Sony MiniDisc audio cart machines; Yamaha DM 1000 audio boards; Look Ahead Serial Tally (LAST) for interface to virtual sets such as BrainStorm; and enhancements to the Miranda K2 virtual monitor wall system. Operational enhancements include: added features in the Custom Control macro system, independently mappable Auxiliary Buses, CCU override latch mode, quick random access cueing of servers, VTRs, and DDRs via the numeric keypad, and an enhanced audio clip menu, to name a few. This software release is free to all Synergy SD customers with a current version control panel CPU board.

Rerun Series

Doug Fleenor Design

Rerun is a lighting control station capable of storing up to ten 40-minute shows. Shows are recorded by capturing the output of a DMX console. The recorded show's start and end points may be trimmed non-destructively. Each show can be set to hold the end look, loop to itself, or link to another show. Rerun Architectural consists of a main station and a power supply. The main station is supplied with a solid aluminum faceplate designed to fit over a standard two-gang electrical box. Single-gang remote stations can be added to remotely select shows. Connections to Rerun Architectural are power (two wires), DMX Input (three wires), and DMX output (three wires). Power for the unit can be supplied from a variety of sources, including a 10V Class 2 doorbell transformer. Rerun Portable is identical to Rerun Architectural except it is mounted in a weather resistant Pelican box and includes an attached power supply. Rerun Rack Mount uses the same brain as the Architectural and Portable versions but is mounted in a single space rack enclosure. Rack mount units are available that record one, two, three, or four universes of DMX data. The units can stand alone or work in conjunction with a lighting console, automatically switching between recorded shows and console control. When a unit sees DMX data on its input, it retransmits the incoming data. Upon loss of DMX from the console, Rerun starts its previously selected show.

Color FX

Entertainment Technology

The Color FX is a color-mixing downlight and the industry's only interior downlight utilizing the patented VARI*LITE® CYM color mixing technology with dichroic glass filters to provide a virtually unlimited color spectrum. It features 12,000-hour lamp life, a single-point light source, and up to 8,500 lumens of 3000°K pure white light. Control is via any DMX control or the wall-mounted Color FX Downlight Controller. Downlight Controller Stations allow for individual control of up to 16 Color FX fixtures and store 13 scenes and two chase programs. Fade times between scenes and chase sequences are programmable from one second to one hour. The controller connects through standard Cat5e cable and receives power directly from the fixture itself. The unit is available in a 40° downlight and a spread lens wall wash, with both models available in 120V and 277V. The fixture has been designed to allow access to all components from below the ceiling and may be operated in any position. It uses the same aperture opening dimensions as other industry-standard downlights and incorporates Lightolier® trims in both Black Alzak® and Clear Specular Alzak® finishes.

Club Series


Robe Show Lighting has launched three new products in its Club Series — the ClubSpot 300CT, the ClubWash 300CT, and the Euphoria effects projector. ClubSpot 300CT is based on the Spot 250XT and comes with a 250W discharge lamp, remotely controlled motorized focus, and standard beam apertures of 15° with options for 12° and 18° lenses. The color wheel offers 11 dichroic filters, and the gobo wheel offers six interchangeable/indexable rotating gobos plus open, with both wheels able to rotate continuously in both directions. It also has a strobe function, a three-facet prism, and a macro function for combined rotating gobo and prism effects. The ClubWash 300CT features a high luminous parabolic reflector, CMY color mixing, a color wheel with six dichroic filters and open, a smooth dimmer, and near-silent cooling fans. The color wheel continuously rotates in both directions, and onboard beam effects include a beam shaper and a frost filter for diffusion. There's also a strobe effect. A four-digit LED display control panel enables the addressing of special functions, calibration, and gathering of feedback information including lamp usage, DMX values, temperature, etc. The third new fixture, Euphoria, includes a rotating triangular mirror for special visual effects, nine static gobos with continual positioning, and variable speed strobe effects with audio trigger, plus gobo shake effect. The unit has manual focus and two triangular mirrors, one rotating and one static. Two microprocessor-controlled stepper motors ensure smooth movement.


Artistic Licence

Common-Sense is a common point for sensors and interfaces in the world of show control and systems integration. It provides input and output functions including opto-isolated contacts, keypad readers, analog sensors, realtime clock, DMX, MIDI, MIDI timecode, RS232, and RS485. A Microsoft® Windows® software package, Sense-Edit, is used to configure the relationship between all of the inputs and outputs. This can include up to 350 discrete events such as: “When DMX channel 3 passes 50%, send this serial data string.” The product has been expanded to provide more functionality. The optical inputs can now be combined using Boolean equations to provide greater triggering sophistication. This new feature is particularly useful when interfacing to devices such as “beam break” sensors. It allows concepts such as: “Trigger show 3 when someone enters zone 3 but only if zone 1 is empty.” Sense-Edit can be downloaded from the company's web site and run on Mac OS using the Windows emulator.



The DVX200 can extend any DVI-D signal up to 220' with a single STP Cat5 cable connecting the transmitter and receiver, while retaining a clear image of up to 1,600×1,200 resolution at 60hz. Features include the ability to user-select with DCC-Information used from a remotely located monitor, a locally located monitor, or an internal DDC Table.

DL.2 Curved Surface Support

High End Systems

Curved Surface Support is a new software feature for the DL.2 Digital Light fixture. It corrects for shape distortions, which happen when the DL.2 projects onto surfaces that are not flat. This feature allows the user to project the DL.2 onto convex or concave cylinders, angular screens, spheres, and disk-shaped surfaces. The user can then control the amount of correction needed, as well as control the vertical and horizontal center points of the image. The software v1.2.3 may be downloaded free of charge from the support section of the High End Systems website.

Version 2.5 For Vista Advanced and Spyder Server Apps

Vista Systems

In addition to linear keying allowing for cut and fill channels to be created using live source inputs, the software release of version 2.5 for Vista Advanced and Spyder Server applications offers numerous feature enhancements. Key to the release is support for Spyder's DX4 quad-output digital board. The board features four DVI outputs on a single card and enables horizontal and vertical edge blending, black level compensation, and output rotation. In addition to these features, DX4 allows for more physical inputs or output boards to be placed into a single frame. This expands Spyder's capabilities and allows more configuration flexibility without the purchase of additional Spyder frames. SpyderPoint, the add-in that allows it to be run in Microsoft PowerPoint®, is also included in this release. This capability will be of special interest to those in corporate presentation and worship environments. Spyder's scripting controls have been enhanced as well. The scripting controls in the user interface have been completely redone to allow script programming to be viewed and edited more logically. Many new drag-drop features have been added. Utilizing BVW 75 protocol, scripts now fully support external timecode triggering with or without play items. Wait cues and jumps have also been added. Scripts are run on the server for frame accuracy even while Advanced is disconnected. A new variable loop feature allows scripts to be run at preset intervals creating a hands-off presentation environment suitable for many fixed install and tradeshow applications. A new element has been added to scripts that allows multiple layers to be controlled as a single object. This feature has been added specifically for use with linear keys and backgrounds but may be applied in many situations. Finally, new soft edge control has been added to Spyder layers. This capability allows multi-headed graphics, outputs, or overlapped media, such as those created with Watchout, to be blended using Spyder.

Swatchbook Series 5 Volume 2


Apollo has created a new and improved swatchbook. Additional information on each color can be found on the back of its full color transmission data sheet. New information includes possible uses or suggestions for the gel color, a color description that explains the influence color and/or primary color, the color saturation in percentages denoting very deep to very light, and the color's interaction with scene paint and costumes.

DV Backpack

CineBags Inc.

Shooting content, taping a walk-through for reference, or even archiving your own show? Pack it up in CineBags Inc.'s new DV Backpack. It accommodates new medium-sized DV cameras such as the Panasonic HVX200, DVX-100, and HVR-Z1U and features padded customizable inner compartments and external storage pouches. See-through compartments keep your gear organized and accessible, while the large padded shoulder harness helps ease your load. Additional features include waterproof material, large zipped opening for easy access, internal organizer pockets, tripod strap, and exterior bottle holder.