Product Pick of the Month: Prophet Systems Console Q
Prophet Systems' Console Q will change the way you think of DMX controllers. It is a powerful standalone DMX controller package that is designed to not only replace the bulky, proprietary lighting console, but to also expand your lighting capabilities. Control everything from simple architectural lighting to complex special effects for an entire museum or exhibit. One player can even be used to control multiple areas. Console Q is designed for theatres, exhibitions, shopping malls, clubs, restaurants, and museums.

The console Q currently is available in four hardware configurations, 1k, 2k, 4k, and 9k. The 2k series can be used as a remote focus unit. The 9k unit is designed for rack mounting in an equipment rack.

Features include up to 20 DMX universes/10,240 dimmer addresses per unit, and unlimited units can be controlled together; DMX snapshot and DMX input; a fixture library with editable personalities and updates via the Internet; unlimited cues; unlimited active-dynamic soft-patches with unlimited channels, which means no rebooting to load shows and patches; easy intuitive interface for the novice or professional, based on Microsoft Windows drag and drop technology; support for USITT ASCII standard show file format allows you to import your existing shows from most lighting boards; unlimited layering of cue lists, chases, and links, each containing an unlimited number of elements; playback audio or video files out unlimited outputs including MPEG1 layer 2, PCM, and MP3 digital or analog audio, and MPEG1 and MPEG2 video with stereo, AC3 or DTS audio output; monitor and maintain the system from anywhere in the world via the Internet; easily record non-linear changes (pan, tilt, color, etc.); schedule playback of cues or cue lists based on real time, SMPTE (input or output) triggers, or Prophet Systems programming language.
Prophet Systems Innovations

Crank It Up
The new Genie Lift is a manually operated material lift, easily loaded into any size pickup truck or van to go wherever a lift is needed. There are three base models and many accessories to choose from. The Genie Lift handles loads up to 500lb (227kg) and has a lift capacity as high as 13'9½" (4.2m). The compact design of the standard base model allows lift and maneuverability in congested work areas. The straddle base model with adjustable base legs straddles loads or fixed objects up to 36" (0.9m) wide.
Genie Industries

Perfect Storm
American DJ introduces the Fog Storm 1200, a 1,200W fog machine with a new design and heating system, capable of producing 7,000 cu. ft. (210 cu. m) of fog per minute. The machine has a 2.5-liter (2.65 qt) removable fluid tank, an initial eight-minute warm up time, and comes with a 25' (7.5m) wired remote controller, although an optional wireless remote and a remote timer are also available separately. The Fog Storm weighs 12lb (5.4kg) and measures 12"×8.75"×6.5" (30×22×16.5cm). This model is in the midrange between its Fog Storm 1700 at the top end and the Fog Storm 700 at the entry level.
American DJ

Take It to the Bank
Chimera has made some additions to its extensive product line. The first is the Plus One Lightbank, a new series that features a removable front screen like its Plus Line but at the price of the Pro Line. The Pros with sewn-on screens will be phased out. The second is the 24x32 Kit. In an effort to create the most complete kit possible, they have combined the new Plus One Lightbank with a Mogul Socket Ring, a long life 500W lamp, plus a 10'8" Manfrotto stand and 40° Fabric Grid. The kit comes in a ballistic cloth duffel.
Chimera Lighting

Soaring Towers
Penn Fabrication announces its new TowerLift line of portable crank-up stands. The line offers seven models ranging from the portable TE-03 lift, which can elevate 220lb (100kg) up to 12' (3.6m), to the heavy-duty model TE-076Pro that lifts 440lb (200kg) up to 21.6' (6.5m). For larger requirements, Penn offers the Magnum TowerLift that can elevate lighting structures, audio systems, shelters, and small roof systems from ground level up to 23.5' (7m) with a capacity of 660lb (300kg).
Penn Fabrication

Show Control in a Can
Leviton's NSI/Lighting Control Division introduces the MLC-128R, a programmable control system that is designed for simple shows to elaborate events. The front panel of the rack-mount device offers access for up to 1,024 user-programmable scenes. Device position memories allow fast standard show set-up times with minimal editing. The unit has 512 channels and can control 128 individual intelligent devices via DMX. The memory capacity supports up to 256 device patterns for up to 256 shows. Features include an editable fixture library, four encoder wheels and a joystick control, audio synchronization, an RS232 port, MIDI in/thru/out, and a two-line, 40-character backlit LCD display.
Leviton Manufacturing Co., Inc.

A Dimension of Sight and Sound
Malaxy, a technological design company, has developed a process to create media productions that are a convergence between sight and sound. To enhance this relationship, Malaxy introduces its own software toolkit, Composera. The software helps in the design of audio, video, and lighting elements so they can harmoniously work together. Some of the applications include retail environments, concerts, conferences, and other staged events. Composera consists of a software communications bridge that fuses digital audio applications to video design applications. This software toolkit also includes DMX control capabilities.

Robo Cam
Wybron has come up with another use for its Autopilot II product — now it also allows a camera to follow moving objects or people. This setup will be invaluable for smaller venues such as TV or film production companies, churches, and community theatres where staffing is at a minimum. Easily operated, a transmitter carried by a presenter or actor sends out signals to receivers, which are connected to the Autopilot controller. Mounted on a movable platform, a camera follows the person carrying the transmitter, ensuring that they are in the frame.
Wybron, Inc.