Kits and caboodles New Cool-Lux products include an updated model of the U-3 Tri-Light, which consists of three MR-11 lamps protected inside a strong, lightweight aluminum casing. The U-3 is very flexible, ranging from a flood for close-ups to a spotlight for illumination up to 100' (30m) away, or to provide general illumination. Features a 16-gauge flexible coiled cord with a 4-pin XLR-type connector, individual switches for each lamp with an LED indicator, and a master switch to control preset lamp combinations. The U-3 is compatible with 12V, 13V, or 14.4V power sources; gels can be accommodated via the one-piece frame. The palm-sized U-3 weighs only 10oz. and is 3" high, 3.75" long, 2.5" in diameter. The three lamps are individually controlled or can be operated by a master switch for easier control. Each lamp is 35W for a total of 105W.

The Combo/Soft Kit III contains three Cool-Lux Combo-Lights, complete with barndoors, easily attachable softlight hoods, diffusion accessories, and 500W lamps. The kit also contains two lightweight AC/DC Mini-Cools with 250W lamps with four-way barndoors, and dimmers for intensity control. The kit contains a 12V/22W lamp, and a quick flip daylight filter assembly to make the Mini-Cool portable. Four light stands and the carrying case are also included. COOL-LUX Camarillo, CA

Spotlight on Strand More than 20 new luminaires including HMI Daylight fresnels and Daylight PARs, and Studio and Bambino tungsten fresnels have been introduced by Strand Lighting. All are designed to meet specific needs, and incorporate the latest developments in reflector and lens design. The 22 new luminaires (a record-breaking product introduction) are available in two basic styles: small die-cast aluminum luminaires or large stainless steel luminaires with aluminum extrusions and die-cast components. According to the manufacturer, all have better distribution, and a flatter, more even field. The new maintenance-free focus mechanism utilizes a worm gear design. Common hardware, parts, and accessories are used throughout the range of models. The placement of handles and adjustments is the same on all of the instruments, simplifying usage, disassembly, service, and inspection. All luminaires are supplied with barndoor, gel frame, switches, and cables. Some of the new Strand lights are available as kits, including scrims, len ses for PARs, ballasts, and flight cases. All of the luminaires are UL- and CUL-listed and CE-marked.

Included in the range of Daylight fresnels are the HMI 200W, HMI 400W, HMI 575W, HMI 1.2kW, HMI 2.5kW, HMI 4kW, and HMI 6kW. The range of Daylight PARs includes the PAR 200W, PAR 575W, PAR 1.2kW, PAR 4/2.5kW, and PAR 12/6kW.

Additionally, the tungsten range includes the full-size Studio 1kW, Studio 2kW, and Studio 5kW fresnels as well as the compact Bambino 200W, Bambino 500W, Bambino 650W, Bambino 1kW, Bambino 2kW, Bambino 5kW, and Bambino 10kW luminaires. Strand Lighting Rancho Dominguez, CA

21st-century ballasts The new Advance Transformer Company Mark III magnetic and Centium electronic ballasts for T8/HO fluorescent lamps have -20 degrees F starting capability , and are suitable for outdoor and refrigerated applications. These ballasts have the same dimensional footprint as ballasts that operate T12/HO lamps, simplifying retrofit projects. The T8/HO ballast (with a T8 lamp) also provides significant energy savings in comparison to the conventional T12/HO fluorescent lamp and ballast combination.

The Mark III magnetic ballast is available in 120V and 277V configurations; the 120V magnetic ballast can power one F96T8 lamp or two F48, F60, or F72T8/HO lamps. The ballasts operate their associated lamps at 60Hz, minimizing the potential for interference with infrared remote control systems.

Centium ballasts are also available in 120V and 277V models, and feature a total harmonic distortion below 10% operating F96T8/HO lamps. Centium ballasts can operate one or two F48, F60, F72, or F96T8/HO lamps. Other features of the Centium include programmed starting of the fluorescent lamps to extend lamp life and a consistent light output, no matter which lamp length is operated. Also, according to the manufacturer, the Centium's high-frequency operation (above 40,000Hz) reduces the possibility of interference with infrared remote control systems. Advance Transformer Company Rosemont, IL

A little water goes a long way The CITC Haze Max provides long-lasting, even, dry haze from a water-based fluid without the use of glycol-based fluid. The haze is very visible and "has an incredible hang time of up to 45 minutes," according to the manufacturer. A quart of fluid lasts 2-3 hours, and there is no condensation or residue with the Haze Max. DMX control is standard, and the 25' (8m) remote control/cycle timer (included) allows for easy control of output at a variable rate; cycles of variable lengths for both on and off times and a manual momentary on button. The Haze Max is 22"x9"x11" (56x23x28cm), weighs 27lb (13kg) and operates on 120V (15A) or 220V (8A). CITC Lynwood, WA

Diva power Kino Flo's Diva-Lite 200 uses T5 fluorescents instead of conventional T12 tubes and is able to provide 10 times more lumen power per watt than a tungsten light, is extremely lightweight, and has a self-contained ballast with full-range dimming capability (3-100%). According to the manufacturer, the Diva-Lite 200 displays a soft cool light with features to control the spread and intensity of the beam. The adjustable fabric diffuser, known as the Flozier, softens the light and can transform the luminaire into a key light. Tungsten and daylight temperature lamps can be used with the Diva-Lite 200. Other features include a focusing louver, gel frame, built-in barndoors, and a ball-and-socket mounting arrangement. The Diva-Lite 200 is flicker-free, silent, and is available in 100VAC or 230VAC models, with current draw as low as one amp. Kino Flo Sun Valley, CA

Compatible companion Elinchrom's OctaLite Pro Bank softbox, distributed by Bogen Photo, is compatible with other types of flash systems, thereby providing a special soft, even, diffused light that encircles the subject. OctaLite Pro Bank model 26158K5 comes complete with an Elinchrom EL 500C compact monolight flash unit (20707C) and a remote photocell (11081) that together forms a self-contained, 40-sq.-ft. (3.6 sq. m) main light source. Features of the Pro Bank system include true 500W of power output (f16 at 6', ISO 100), 1.6-second recycling at full power, full compatibility with all brands of flash systems, and consistent precise color temperature throughout the entire power range. The Pro Bank has a soft, even light with less than 1/3-stop falloff across its entire 74" diameter, and setup takes less than two minutes. Bogen Photo Ramsey, NJ

Safety first Working on balconies, scenic overhangs, roofs, ledges, and catwalks can be safer with Fall Protection Systems' new C-Clamp guardrail system. The C-Clamp system prevents falls by placing a barrier at the edge of a flat surface, through the use of a guardrail post, a toe-board foot, and a clamping system for attachment to I-beams, concrete decks, etc. Designed, built, and tested to OSHA regulations, the C-Clamp system is fabricated from 12-gauge, 11/2"-square tubing and is completely reusable. Fall Protection Systems Londonderry, VT

One Chimera fits all New products from Chimera include an adjustable speed ring that allows Chimera products (such as diffusion and Lightbanks) to be used with a variety of lighting equipment from different manufacturers. There are three speed rings designed to fit a variety of circular sizes from 5" (130mm) to 21.5" (546mm). Model 9905 will fit instruments with barndoor sizes from 9" (230mm) to 161/8" (411mm). Model 9900 will fit 5" to 9" instruments, and the 9910 will have an opening of 161/8" to 21.5".

Other products include a new speed ring Model 9755 designed specifically for the Arri X 40/25 luminaire. The redesigned Chimera Micro Lightbank developed specifically as an on-camera light, incorporates a smaller front screen, 5"x7" (12.6x18cm), and a smaller rear opening that will eliminate most of the light spill found with the original Micro. Other features of the new Micro include removable diffusion screen, standard Chimera cloth, and a lighter 1/4 grid diffusion (for use with lower-wattage camera lights). Chimera also added a releasable corner feature to their large and Strip Lightbanks. According to the manufacturer, releasing the hook and loop flap at the corners will alleviate some of the pressure created when the Lightbank is attached to the speed ring, allowing for easier disassembly of the Lightbank for transportation or storage. Chimera Boulder, CO

Get that disco feeling--with fluorescents! The Fluorescent Color Rotator is a modified standard type T12 fluorescent lighting fixture that rotates the fluorescent lamp, which is encased in a specially fabricated colored tube while providing light in the desired colors. The tubes are available in numerous stock colors and custom colors may be specified. Conventional cool white T12 fluorescents in 2' or 4' lengths are used. The fixtures come preset at a standard fixed rotation rate and operate at 120V. Options include 6' or 8' fixtures, colored fluorescent lamps, blacklight (UV), a high-output ballast, and 220V power supply versions. A wireless speed control provides for a convenient method to adjust the rotation speed. The Fluorescent Company Saugus, CA