Advance Centium
Advance introduces the Centium ® T5/HO electronic ballast featuring IntelliVolt-Hi technology for operation at 347-480V, 50/60Hz. The ballast is designed to operate one or two F54T5/HO lamps and will also operate a variety of other fluorescent lamp types and wattages. Since the new ballast can operate at any input voltage from 347 to 480V, 50/60Hz, it is highly suitable for industrial applications that utilize a 480V AC system, eliminating the need to rewire to another mains voltage. The 90°C case temperature rating makes the ballast ideal for use in high-temperature ambients. The IntelliVolt-Hi feature, combined with its ability to operate either one or two lamps, provides significant cost savings to both OEMs and distributors by reducing the number of SKUs required in inventory.
Advance Transformer Co.,
division of Philips Electronics North America Corporation

Alkco Lighting Multi-Med
Alkco introduces Multi-Med, a multifunction, ceiling-recessed patient room lighting system. It provides four separate indirect and direct lighting functions including room-ambient, patient-reading, and physician-exam lighting, as well as an optional nurse's night light, all from a single 2x4 fixture. It permits comfortable, efficient functioning of a patient room without cluttering wall or floor space. In standard position it emits diffused, glare-free, ambient overhead lighting through shielded energy-efficient fluorescent lamps. When switched to a reading light position, it emits downward illumination at a right angle, so it reflects off the back wall to eliminate direct glare and shadow. An exam light function provides full, accurate illumination over the entire bed area. The nurse's light function provides ideal low-level illumination to allow night nurses to check on patients without disturbing them.
Alkco Lighting,
subsidiary of JJI Lighting Group, Inc.

ALLScape Focca
ALLScape introduces Focca, a collection of contemporary-design accent and floodlighting exterior luminaires that are characterized by a streamlined cone-shaped lamphead with a large, recessed lens and a tapered Y-shaped yoke. The lamphead moves through 180° of vertical adjustment. A locking, numbered thumb wheel assures precise angle setting. Focca luminaires are available in two different models, each in a choice of three sizes. A broad range of mounting options and narrow, medium, and wide optics are available; accessories include visors, louvers, and colored and light-shaping lenses. It has a heavy-wall die-cast aluminum housing with a chip- and fade-resistant gray powder-coated enamel finish with stainless steel hardware. Black, bronze, green, natural aluminum, and white finishes and custom colors may be specified. It is UL- and CUL-listed for assured safety in wet location use.
subsidiary of JJI Lighting Group, Inc.

LEDtronics Ultraviolet LEDs
LEDtronics announces its new line of ultraviolet discrete LEDs that enable sophisticated chemical analysis, forensic investigation, quality assurance, document authentication, among other applications. Ultraviolet LEDs are ideal light sources for nightclubs or amusement parks that need to control admission, identify forgeries, and detect unauthorized entry. These 5mm LEDs incorporate advanced semi-conductor compounds to produce ultraviolet emissions in the wavelengths of 370nm, 390nm, 395nm, 400nm, 405nm, and 410nm. UV LEDs are available in narrow and wide emission angles. Low power consumption, solid-state design, and compact size enable UV LEDs to be incorporated into portable devices. Solid-state design renders ultraviolet LEDs impervious to electrical and mechanical shock, vibration, frequent switching, and environmental extremes.
LEDtronics Inc.

Morlite Defiant II
Morlite launches the Defiant II series, ADA-compliant interior/exterior decorative surface luminaires, for high-abuse environments. The design presents a smooth, wall-hugging profile to resist vandalism or inadvertent damage while providing a contemporary appearance. It can be lamped with compact fluorescent, HID, or HPS lamps in an array of wattages. All fixtures are UL- and CUL-listed for wet locations; when specified with a recessed wall box, the fixtures are ADA-compliant. Mounting plates are constructed of marine-grade, die-cast aluminum, in flat or deep back box styles. The bezel ring is die-cast aluminum. The locking ring and decorative front accents are constructed from UV-stabilized corrosion-resistant polycarbonate. The lens is UV-stabilized, injection-molded polycarbonate. Clear or white opal lenses may be specified. The luminaires are provided in a factory-standard chip- and fade-resistant, UV-stabilized black finish; white, bronze, or custom colors may be specified.
Morlite Systems, Inc.,
subsidiary of JJI Lighting Group, Inc.

Quality Lighting Design-FLV-42
Quality Lighting launches Design-FLV-42 compact outdoor floodlighting fixtures. The luminaires are characterized by a boldly stepped rectangular housing design with broad, flat-glass framed lens. It has a multisurface, segmented aluminum reflector which accommodates a range of single or double high-pressure sodium, metal-halide, or metal-halide pulse-start lamps in different wattages and beam spreads. A glare shield, straight louvers, and choice of color filters are available options to customize the light output. Fixtures are supplied with an above-ground adjustable Y-yoke mounting bracket standard, but may also be specified with wall bracket mounting, or a slip fitter for pole mounting. The housings are constructed of die-cast aluminum alloy with a chip- and fade-resistant baked polyester powder-coat finish. All exposed hardware is stainless steel. The fixtures are UL- and CUL-listed for wet location use.
Quality Lighting,
subsidiary of JJI Lighting Group, Inc.

Starfire Lighting Decorative Sconce
Starfire Lighting offers the Decorative Series Translucent Quarter Sconces, decorative quarter-round contemporary wall sconces in a selection of hand-painted specialty finishes. Part of the Starfire Select Standards family of in-stock decorative lighting fixtures, the sconces are characterized by an elegantly simple, highly adaptable quarter-sphere housing design that provides lighting and design continuity with differentiation. Units cast a broad pattern of reflected uplighting and diffused non-glare lighting. Sconces are offered with a choice of 14" or 18" housing widths, and dome depths of 7" or 9", respectively. Illumination is provided by a choice of compact U-shaped twin- or quad-tube fluorescents in 13, 18, or 24W, or standard 60W incandescent A lamps.
Starfire Lighting Inc.

Humanscale Diffrient Task Light
Humanscale debuts the Diffrient Light. Designed by industrial designer Niels Diffrient, the 26W quad-tube fluorescent lamp and in-line electronic ballast provide a cool light source with up to four times the lamp life. Made of anodized aluminum, the parallel arms maintain reflector shade position during placement and the double arms allow light to reach 42" from the base. For glare-free lighting on both desktop and computer screen, the parabolic reflector shade is adjustable 360° horizontally and 220° vertically. The lamp is both feather-light and cool to the touch for effortless one-hand positioning and burn safety. A virtually perfect counterbalance with concealed springs eliminates the need for friction adjustment. And the thin frame and small shade will not interfere with the workspace or surrounding aesthetic. The light is available with single or double parallel arms and comes with a host of desk and wall-mount options.

Lighting Analysts Photometric Toolbox32
Lighting Analysts, known for its lighting design and rendering software, has released its Photometric Toolbox32. Also known as PTB32, it is a significant upgrade on Photometric Toolbox, its predecessor program that provided enhanced use for lighting designers, product developers, engineers, and manufacturers in working with luminaire photometric files. PTB32 includes an improved framework-style structure that is capable of accepting a number of individually constructed programs and separates these elements or tools. The end result is a modular structure that allows the user to construct software programs for all types of potential customers and a true toolbox that can accept new tools as they are developed. They can be assembled in a specialized form for private label program efforts.
Lighting Analysts, Inc.

W.A.C. Lighting Contemporary Monorail/Track Fixtures
W.A.C. Lighting has introduced a new series of Contemporary MonoRail/Track Fixtures. Integrating function with a high-tech look, the new series features a clean, sleek design. The fixtures are designed with stems, aiming wands, and lamp shields offered in three metal finishes: chrome, platinum, and satin brass. They accommodate a variety of colored glass filters and a broad range of lamps: 12/24V, 20W to 75W, and the MR16G. Using the new QuickConnect Series of ceiling components and accessories, the fixtures can be utilized on its new MonoRail System, with all four of its track systems, as well as monopoints and multipoints. QuickConnect components also enable these fixtures to be used in retrofit installations with all major track and monorail systems currently in the marketplace.
W.A.C. Lighting Co.

FC Lighting FCP660
FC Lighting announces the arrival of the Pendalite series. These are self-ballasted, die-cast aluminum luminaires that come in 13" and 17" sizes to accommodate incandescent, compact fluorescent, and HID lamps up to 400W. Styles include ribbed polycarbonate refractor allowing 20% uplight, clear reflector, or a full array of Rosco colors on the glass shade. Enclosed with decorative suspended frosted glass disc to further diffuse and soften illumination. The field-adjustable suspension is provided by aviation cable.
FC Lighting Manufacturers, Inc.

Stingray Lighting Complement Series
Stingray Lighting has quadrupled its product line with the introduction of its Complement Series product line. The series is a wide range of easy-to-install, contractor-friendly lighting products for both industrial and commercial markets. Products include floodlights, industrial lighting, surface-mounted fixtures, and landscape lighting. Fixtures in the series are economically priced, have low installation and operating costs, and require negligible scheduled maintenance over years of continuous use. Lamping options include HID as well as compact fluorescent.
Stingray Lighting, Inc.