Fingertip control Easier and flexible control of lighting is available with new American DJ controllers. The Visage offers 16 built-in programs with four channels, each containing two AC receptacles, and the capability to power a maximum of 600W per channel. Other features include: blackout, speed control, a wireless remote (included), and an optional wired remote available. The Visage operates on either 120V or 220V, and can be configured for a truss mounting. The TP-DMX24F is a DMX touch panel controller, utilizing gold-colored touch pads for the control of automated lighting, especially in darkened club environments. Each keypad activates one of the 24 channels, and DJs have the option to create their own scene and assign it to the channel. There are 24 latch pads that can "lock" on a specific effect, and 24 momentary pads that can be used for flashing and keying of special effects. Other features of the TP-DMX24F include dimming and chase audio sliders, and MIDI capabilities. American DJ supply Los Angeles, CA

LEDs in the wash Color Kinetics developed the ColorBlast, a luminaire comprised of microprocessor-controlled LEDs, capable of generating over 16.7 million colors using its patented Chromacore technology. ColorBlast's compact design projects a 24-degree-angle soft-edge beam of light, which washes interior and exterior walls up to 10' high with saturated color and/or a variety of color-changing effects. The luminaire is equipped with an industrial-grade constant torque hinge, enabling the fixture to be situated in a variety of mounting and aiming positions, including wall, ceiling, or floor locations. Color Kinetics offers the LED luminaire in a cast-aluminum housing, available in black or white finish, suitable for interior and exterior environments. Color Kinetics Boston, MA

To the exits The High Glow series of exit signs are interior, stylized, energy-efficient exit signs that operate with LED or cold cathode technology. The slender, curved-edge, smooth-surface design provides illuminated building signage in wall-, side-, or ceiling-mounted models to suit all types of fire-safety signage requirements. The High-Glow series signs last a minimum of 25 years and consume only 1.5W. They are constructed of lightweight, injection-molded thermoplastic with translucent optical polycarbonate panels. Self-powered models use a nickel-cadmium battery for long life. All signs meet NFPA Life Safety 101, OSHA, NFC, and all state and local fire code requirements. High-Lites, division of JJI Waterbury, CT

Pendants for all uses Available in many styles, in glass and metal, as well as a broad range of colors and finishes, W.A.C. Lighting low-voltage LV Ceiling Pendants provide designers with varied choices. The fixtures can be attached to four track lighting systems offered by W.A.C., as well as other commonly used track systems. The pendants can also be extended from a monopoint or minipoint (using a remote transformer), or the W.A.C. linear system. The fixtures feature shades in vibrant, decorative glass colors, including red, white, blue, yellow, green, seafoam, and pink, as well as gold and brushed aluminum metallic finishes. A flexible cord set, with a tube for rigidity, is available in black and white and in 48" and 96" lengths. The exact mounting height can be determined in the field during installation. Halogen 50W LV lamps are used and dimming is available when mated with the proper W.A.C. electronic transformer. W.A.C. Lighting Garden City, NY

LEDs on all sides The Aero-Tech Triple-Lite is a new 1W LED Exit Sign Retrofit system that is triangle-shaped and is available in both 120 and 277V versions. The Triple-Lite is available in a style to fit candelabra sockets and as part of a hard-wire kit suitable for installation in many older-style exit signs. The LEDs are situated on three sides and are suitable for installation in exit signs of all types. In addition to saving energy, the use of LEDs eliminates the need for frequent changing of burned-out lightbulbs, thereby improving safety. The LED retrofit meets UL924 general listing for exit signs and is also CUL (Canada) approved. Aero-Tech Light Bulb Schaumburg, IL

Three equals five The DMX XLR three-pin to five-pin adapters are small, pre-wired, and tested. Techni-Lux is offering the adapters in two styles: three-pin male XLR to five-pin female DMX connector and three-pin female XLR to five-pin male DMX type connector. The barrel connectors are offered in a nickel-plated finish and weigh about 2oz. These useful adapters are also being distributed by Interactive Technologies. Techni-Lux Orlando, FL

Some like it hot The Cementex insulated tool kit is comprised of 29 insulated tools that provide an extra margin of safety while working on electrical equipment while the power is on (hot). All of the tools feature two-color double insulation for safety, protecting from shock and flashover. According to the distributor, the tools have been tested at 10,000V, for use up to 1,000V. The set includes three flat (slotted) screwdrivers, linesmans, needlenose, and diagonal pliers, a 3/8" drive reversible ratchet, a 3" and 6" ratchet extension (3/8"), an 8-piece deep wall socket set; an 8-piece box end wrench set, a 3/8" torque wrench, and a mini-flashlight. A tool case with cut-outs in the foam interior protects the tools and provides convenient storage and portability to the job site. Jensen Tools Phoenix, AZ

Endurance and performance Osram Sylvania has developed two innovative MR-16 lamps, the Tru-Aim IR and the Tru-Aim Titan XP, that offer additional features to designers and specifiers using these lamps. The Tru-Aim IR lamp utilizes a special design that increases the energy efficiency of the halogen light source with a higher lumen per watt (LPW) than standard MR-16-type lamps. Tru-Aim Titan XP lamps provide 50% longer life than standard MR-16 lamps, while still delivering a high level of white halogen light.

The Tru-Aim IR features an infrared-coated, low-voltage reflector that allows for a high luminous efficiency to be achieved through thermal recovery. By capturing infrared heat within the lamp capsule, the energy input required to bring the lamp to its optimal operating temperature is reduced, and therefore the operating efficiency (LPW) is increased. An additional feature is the axially aligned filament that yields a smooth beam pattern. The 4,000-hour, high-LPW, compact lamp is available in 37 and 40W versions.

The Tru-Aim Titan XP lamp's reflector features a hard titanium oxide coating that ensures white light throughout the life of the lamp and incorporates a UV-control capsule that significantly reduces UV rays. In addition, the Titan XP has a rated life of 6,000 hours, extending relamping, and is available in four 50W models. Osram Sylvania Danvers, MA

Bright and powerful The Amerlux Presentor Series provides powerful symmetrical or linear distribution of light at a much higher intensity than available in fluorescent and can be utilized as a spot, flood, power wash, or wall wash optical system. The Presentor series combines metal-halide lamps and reflectorized optical systems for precise aiming of light and uniform beam. Presentor utilizes four different reflectors each developed for specific applications. The Presentor Spot is suited for highlighting objects from a distance, and the Presentor Flood is recommended for use in larger areas. The Presentor Wallwash is used for smooth, even illumination on walls from luminaires spaced on 8'-10' centers; and the Presentor Powerwash is appropriate for similar wallwashing but with approximately 15% more punch. Amerlux is also introducing additional luminaires utilizing metal-halide lamps, and engineered reflectors and optical control systems. The Transformer Par and ED-17 luminaire series utilizes PAR-20, PAR-30, and PAR-38 lamps with a set of interchangeable lenses that provide spot, narrow flood, flood, wall wash, and narrow band dispersion angles. A line of energy-efficient Pendalite pendant luminaires offers superior color rendering via metal-halide lamps. The designer can choose the exact lamp and ballast type, as both magnetic and electronic are offered. Amerlux Lighting Systems Fairfield, NJ