Translating lighting languages Converting from and to the many different lighting protocols currently being used is eased with Gray Interfaces' DMX Ultimate Converter. The user can translate most multiplex protocols, including DMX512, AMX192, Kliegl K96, Colortran CMX, Electro Controls, Micro-Plex 1 and 2, Avab, and Strand D54. Features include simplified configuration with a backlit menu-driven LCD display, user-assignable minimum and maximum levels, and a security lockout function. Ten snapshot cues, output protocol customization capability, and input and output diagnostics are part of the package. BIOS upgrades are available via the Internet, and models are available for North America and Europe, and with rack-mount supports. GRAY INTERFACES Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Hurricane blows through industry Exterior use of automated moving-mirror luminaires for entertainment applications is now possible year-round and in all types of climates with the Hurricane Enclosure from Tempest Lighting. These specially designed enclosures are manufactured with a complete UL-listed climate control system with an operating range of 0 degrees to 115 degrees F, ventilation fans with washable filters, industrial-type heaters, and a clear glass projection window. Interior electrical and DMX receptacles are provided.

The Hurricane, manufactured with steel, fiberglass, and aluminum components, weighs 98lb (44kg); its exterior dimensions are 74"L x 21.5"W x 17.5"H (1.8x.55x.44m). The engineering of the Hurricane provides for attachment with Unistrut components, and UL listing for specific site approval is available. Lab approval from ETL, IP Rating 55, and NEMA 3R testing is pending. Custom colors are available. TEMPEST LIGHTING Irvington, NY

A signal to Mars The Ramses xenon-powered searchlight, developed by Space Cannon, can be seen from space--all the way from Mars, the company says. The Ramses is a 49,000W color-changing xenon searchlight with peak candlepower of 6.8 billion. Color changing is done by the Space Composer, which allows up to 130 different light shows to be pre-programmed. The truck-mounted searchlight has a 7'-diameter beam and weighs 3,000lb (1,350kg). The Ramses is completely mobile and is usually found lighting up Las Vegas. SPACE CANNON Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Light loggers AEMC Instruments has developed a group of single-channel data loggers for the measurement of Arms, Vrms, temperature, light, ADC, and VDC that require no user setup and can self-adjust scale and sample rate to optimize data recording. The new models are L220, a plug-in AC voltage simple logger, to record voltages from hot, neutral, and ground; CL600, a clamp-on AC current simple logger with a jaw opening of 1.65" and a 600A input capacity; L320, a DC current simple logger of 4-20mA; and AL24-2500 and AL36-2500, which provide true RMS recording (250 and 2,500 Arms) with a flexible, easy-to-locate sensor. AEMC also provides a Windows-based software for easy plotting, statistical analysis, and text annotation capabilities. AEMC INSTRUMENTS Dover, NH

PAR for the course Osram Sylvania's Capsylite IR PAR-38 lamp has new innovations providing a smooth, even beam that eliminates unwanted stray light and is also more energy efficient, while providing long life with a high lumen output. The company says the 60W lamp can be used as a direct replacement for a standard 90W PAR-38.

The efficiency is primarily obtained by thermal recovery--"capturing the infrared heat within the lamp capsule reduces the energy input required to maintain the filament at its optimal operating temperature," the company says. Other features include a redesigned parabolic aluminized reflector and a spiral lens pattern that work together to maximize the performance of the halogen light source. OSRAM SYLVANIA Danvers, MA

An accent on fiber Fiberstars' fiber-optic FE-9000 series are very small scale lighting fixtures designed to be used in a range of commercial and residential decorative ceiling accent lighting applications. Four models are available, and all can be installed in ceiling spaces with minimal clearance required.

The FE-9001 is comprised of semi-recessed fixtures with 0.5 mm, 1mm, and 2mm aperture openings. The FE-9002 features a 5mm domed lens. The FE-9003 and 9004 contain Swarovski crystal and are available with 15mm or 30mm light heads, which cast sparkling diamond-like patterns. All series members are available with polished gold- or silver-plated trim options, and each fixture comes with a plastic mounting ceiling anchor for secure ceiling installation. FIBERSTARS Fremont, CA

Twist and shout New Lytequest products feature multiple colors and effects for creating special environments. The Pro-LQ-123 Super Twister has 19 multicolored lenses and a 38 multicolored beam effect. It is sound-activated, has a sensitivity control, and is suitable for mobile or permanent installations. Two 300W lamps provide the light and operate at 120V or 230V.

The LQ-225 Kamela is a "triple derby" multicolored beam effects unit that is also sound-activated with a variable sensitivity control. Three 300W lamps, operating at 120V or 230V, are used with the unit. The LQ-105 Mini Pinhead and the LQ-110 Mini Apollo both feature a reversible 360-degree rotating ball. The LQ-105 offers a white light effect while the LQ-110 features 60 multicolored beams. These units are lightweight and operate with a single 150W lamp, at 120V or 230V. GEMINI SOUND PRODUCTS Carteret, NJ

Upright light Lithonia Lighting's Verticals series are specification-type luminaires designed for exterior and interior parking areas, perimeter areas, and roadways. The series consists of round and square housing shapes with design features such as domed tops and accent reveals with optional contrast striping. Four of the models offered have vertically lamped optics, and two meet the IES "cutoff" criteria. A selection of models with horizontally lamped optics are available for a wide range of applications. LITHONIA LIGHTING Conyers, GA

The Medici era The Medici family of specially designed fiber-optic fixtures from Ultratec is designed to accept 1/4"- and 3/8"-diameter fiber, and has interchangeable lensing for wide or narrow beams. Color finishes are solid brass, chrome, and white. Ultratec says designers will appreciate the elegant appearance of the fixtures, which is highly functional and "suited for sophisticated and elegant decor." Detailed specification sheets provide sizing and other technical details. ULTRATEC FIBRE OPTIC Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Doubles and triples Edison Price Lighting's Triplux 126/5 is a horizontally lamped 5" aperture downlight capable of using triple-tube compact fluorescent lamps, while providing precise optical control with very low aperture brightness, and shielding angles of 35 degrees parallel and 44 degrees perpendicular to the lamps. The recess depth is 6", suitable for shallow plenums. The unit allows for interchangeable use of downlight and wallwash reflectors, permitting the fixtures to be installed first; the reflectors can be changed at any time in the future. The fixture is designed to use one 26W triple-tube CFL for rated life of 10,000 hours. A companion fixture, the Duplex 213/5, is identical to the Triplux 126/5, but two 13W double twin-tube CFLs are used. EDISON PRICE LIGHTING New York, NY

Let the sun shine in The Solatube tubular skylight now includes ventilation capability, increasing its utility in high-humidity environments. It consists of flexible tubing known as Spectralight that is coated with a proprietary reflective material which enables natural daylight to travel from the roof dome to the ceiling diffuser. Ventilation is achieved by an electrical fan, installed at roof level, with a rating of 150 cu. ft. (4.5 cu. m) of air per minute.

The 10" model can illuminate an area up to 150 sq. ft. (13.5 sq. m). The 14" and 16" models are similar to the 10" and all can be installed between the rafters and ceiling joists typically found in residential and small commercial buildings. The standard warranty is 10 years, with a three-year warranty for electrical components. SOLATUBE INTERNATIONAL Carlsbad, CA

Bulbs, ballasts, and EZ control Continuing an industry trend, Lutron is offering many new products designed to work together to provide occupants with an easier method of having complete control of lighting in commercial and residential applications. Lutron has expanded the line of Hi-Lume compact fluorescent dimming ballasts to include a model for control of 42W four-pin triple-tube CFLs. The electronic, high-frequency ballast provides dimming from 100% down to 5%, in 120V and 277V versions.

The Lutron Spacer System provides more flexibility through the addition of infrared preset lighting controls that allow for the recall of optimum and preset lighting levels for restaurants, retail areas, conference rooms, home theatres, and executive offices. It can create and recall multiple lighting scenes, or one favorite scene, from the handheld remote control unit or from the wall-mounted master control panel.

Lutron's MicroWatt Lighting Controller provides for the efficient management of lighting control functions, and allows for manual dimming, daylight "harvesting," occupant response (sensor control) systems, and inputs from building automation and security systems. It features microprocessor-based design and internal programmed logic. LUTRON ELECRONICS Coopersburg, PA