Froggy Goes Controllin'

The Frog range of lighting control consoles from Zero 88 Lighting Ltd. builds upon the foundations of the Sirius and XL families. The Frog can control up to 48 generic channels, which may be manually or automatically patched to any of the 512 DMX channels. It is fitted with a floppy drive for loading and saving show data, a remote “go” port, and an optional monitor. Memories can be recorded as scenes or chases, each having its own fade times and modifiers. They may be played back with the crossfade master and the “go” button for sequential, preprogrammed shows. Extra flexibility is afforded through the 108 submasters allowing for the creation of lighting effects for more spontaneous shows. The Frog also features nine pages of 12 submasters, onboard LCD menus, up to 400 memories, super user functions, and HTP control.

Zero 88 Lighting Ltd.,
United Kingdom & Agoura Hills, CA

Open a Window

The DMXCreator software from VXCO Lighting Systems runs on a Windows operating system and features such tools as a track-effects generator, 16 multi sequences, MIDI control, position memory, scene crossfade control, DMX512 input recording, and physical master. Each DMX-controllable device has its own customized control panel including active elements like pan/tilt field, faders, CMY color mixing, and gobo pictures. The newly embedded 3D Visual Emulator simulates the movements of the light beams on a virtual stage without any fixtures being physically connected.

Two different hardware DMX512 interfaces are available: the DMXCreator1024 (USB) and the DMXCreator512MK2 (printer port). The DMXCreator1024 provides 1,024 output channels and 512 input channels for DMX512. The standalone mode of the DMXCreator512MK2 (512 input and 512 DMX output channels) allows the user to download the programmed show directly from a PC to the built-in flash memory of the interface (up to 2,000 scenes). You can download the software free at:

VXCO Lighting Systems, Kriegstetten, Switzerland

Studio 24/7

SGM's Studio 24 Lighting Console has new 24-channel two-preset lighting control desks that can be expanded to 48 channels (single preset), plus two presets and memory registers on three independent rows of faders. It features 24 programmable chases (max. 24 steps), 576 scene memories, and 24 pages of memory registers. The DMX in/out connector and the SMPTE socket for changing memory registers in synch. It also features independent regulation of preset crossfade times, audio input, and built-in microphone for music sync functions, and MIDI in/thru/out connectors. In addition, data and memories can be downloaded to a PC.

SGM Electronica SRL, Pesaro, Italy

Whisper to a Scream

The Compulite Whisper D 1kW and 2kW color changers use two DC servo motors, controlled by an internal microprocessor to directly drive the color scrolls. The velocity is controlled independently for each motor to ensure correct gel string tension and position. Whisper is compatible with Compulite's Sabre, Ovation 4D, Micron 4D, Spark 4D, Spark, and Photon control consoles. With the addition of a 24V operating mode, Whisper D is compatible with various manufacturers' power supply units. It also has an internal dark gel feature and a frame snap feature for easy manual operation. Whisper D is suitable for 1kW and 2kW luminaires.

Compulite R & D, Ramat Hasharon, Israel


O Solo Mio

The Solo controller from Stage Technologies is a rigger's controller that allows rigging and show operation to be made from any location. It can be used with the Nomad and Acrobat, or it may be used as a primary controller for small systems. The Solo is supplied in either a handheld or wall-mounted format. It features multiple language support as standard, and it can function as a rigging or playback controller for all axes in the system. The application software can be customized for revolve controller or house curtain controller. The Solo also features simple variable-speed joystick control of a single axis or group of axes between preset limits, with control of speed, acceleration, and deceleration. Other features include: axis diagnostics display, PIN number entry to restrict unauthorized use, and all operations are audited by the audit server.

Stage Technologies, London, England

People Mover

Self-propelled, vertical personnel lifts from JLG Industries, Inc. have working heights of up to 26'. They are capable of reaching overhead lighting rigs and other tall places on sets, eliminating the need for ladders or scaffolding. The lifts have a 350lb platform capacity and a rigid mast structure, which reduces deflection and eliminates outriggers. Each rear wheel is driven by a separate, variable-speed, reversible electric motor providing improved maneuverability. Compact dimensions enable the lifts to be driven through standard commercial doors. Other features include a pothole protection system and an optional 2' deck extension.

JLG Industries, Inc., McConnellsburg, PA

Lock & Load

The column-and-beam design of Wenger's new orchestra pit filler (patent pending) uses a simple system of columns, beams, and diagonal supports. All diagonal braces and attachment brackets are pre-attached and lock into place with a quick-release pin system; there are no loose parts. Any deck can be removed or adjusted at any time, without disassembling or disturbing the understructure, providing maximum flexibility. Each deck is acoustically isolated, eliminating friction and noise. The decks are constructed of hardboard, plywood, and honeycomb. It is available in heights of up to 10', and the height can be adjusted by switching columns. The filler can support a vertical load of 125lbs/sq. ft.

Wenger, Owatonna, MN


Ride the Wavefront

The Martin Audio Wavefront Theatre WT UB enclosure is a speaker that is specifically designed for under-balcony use in theatres and infill in venues requiring wide horizontal coverage. A triple soft dome, high frequency line array coupled with a proprietary diffusion phase plug gives wide horizontal and tight vertical dispersion. The two 6.5" (165mm) drivers feature 1.5" (38mm) voice coils and an innovative heat exchange system to reduce power compression. A combination of ferrofluid and a rear-mounted heatsink cools the high frequency line array's neodymium magnet assembly, with extreme high frequency overload dealt with by an auto-resetting over-current device. The Wavefront Theatre includes fully passive operation and requires no controller; also, the enclosure input configuration is externally switchable between pins one and two on the fitted Neutrik NL4MP connectors. The rugged, multi-laminate birch ply enclosure features M8 inserts for the dedicated mounting bracket and an additional M8 safety chain point.

Martin Audio, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada

Celestial Sounds

The Celestion CXi range of loudspeakers is a complete line of birch-ply, trapezoidal install cabinets incorporating Celestion innovations in horn, compression driver, and cone driver technology. Two products from the CXi range made their first NSCA appearances: the CXi 521, a 5" two-way compact cabinet, featuring 90 × 90 horn, true compression driver, and 5" cone driver rated at 150W RMS, and the CXi 1532 three-way cabinet.

The KR-1 is a 5¼" coaxial speaker in a high impact molded polystyrene enclosure, with a 100W rating. It is available in both low-impedance and constant voltage versions, as well as in a ceiling speaker configuration. Other KR products include the KR-2, KR-4, KR-8, KR-10, and KR Sub.

Celestion Industries, distributed by Group One Ltd., Farmingdale, NY

Gotta Have Friends

The Stage Accompany Friend Series speaker system is specifically designed for the installation market and the smaller rental market. The series consists of four models: the F-1, F-5, F-7, and F-9. It features full-range speech and music reinforcement, as well as fill speakers of an under-balcony system. The series has a high-grade finish, with double Speakon connectors, a steel grille, and flush-mounted speakers to prevent baffle reflection. They are available in various colors and are suitable for mobile applications. Various mounting options and angles are also available.

Stage Accompany, Hoorn, The Netherlands


On the Move

InFocus Corp.® heralds its new 3lb digital projector, the LP130, as a “benchmark in projector portability.” The LP130 is 40% smaller (at 110 cubic inches) than the company's LP330/335, and features 1,100 lumens of brightness, true multimedia functionality, and 1,024 × 768 (XGA) resolution. It incorporates Digital Light Processing (DLP) technology from Texas Instruments and has 2,000-hour lamp life.

InFocus, Wilsonville, OR