Product Pick of the Month: Total Structures New Wave Truss
As its name suggests, New Wave (patent pending) is the next generation in trussing. Its patented construction methods and connection system make it unique, and allow previously unused materials and concepts to be introduced into truss design. The array of finishes and arrangements that can be achieved surpasses anything that has come before it.

A-wave is the grandfather of the New Wave series in that it uses traditional aluminum chords with the extruded plate technology. Within the range, it is, dollar for dollar, the most efficient variant while retaining the unique good looks of the form. The A-wave offers several unique faces to the world of modular truss in addition to the more typical polished silver and powder coated finishes. The aluminum can be anodized in a range of colors, and, as the assembly is glued, the chords can be colored in complementary colors to the plates. This can be further enhanced by anodizing the extrusion prior to cutting, which has the effect of highlighting the faces of the plates in silver.

C-wave combines the aluminum extruded plate technology with space-age carbon fiber chords. The strength-to-weight properties of carbon fiber are well known, and utilizing established manufacturing processes (employed for the manufacture of millions of golf clubs) combined with a carefully developed lamination pattern, C-wave brings this technology to modular structures for the first time.

In addition to the strength-to-weight dynamics, the resulting tube also offers an opportunity to furnish some unique aesthetic effects. The final laminate may be made up of, for example, a woven fabric effect that is now becoming popular on the dashboards of luxury cars or a spun filament effect that allows the structure within the fiber winds to be seen. Superb and durable color finishes are achievable below the surface of the final transparent layer, and most impressive of all is a brand-new technology that allows the last layer of fiber to be printed, giving the finished tube an effect such as wood or bamboo, or indeed incorporating corporate logos or messages.

P-wave is an incredible decorative version of the series and, while the same patented construction techniques are used, it is made entirely from Plexiglas. P-wave really comes into its own when lit. The edges of the Plexi capture the light and the truss positively glows with the color it is bathed in. There is the alluring potential of P-wave to become not just the structure for lighting support but part of the light show itself.
Total Structures Inc.

Reflected Glory
AOT White 96 from Advanced Optical Technology offers exceptional reflectivity and the ability to withstand high temperatures. It is the first sprayable diffuse coating formulated specifically for lighting applications that combines exceptional high reflectivity (96%+) which will improve any fixture's performance by between 5% and 25% depending on the optic and fixture efficiency and the ability to withstand ultra-high operating temperatures (700°C). Therefore, in any point-source-type application, at virtually any wattage, the paint will remain stable and highly reflective. It is UV stable and dries to an extremely abrasion-resistant finish. It is a water-based formulation that can be applied using standard wet painting techniques to any aluminum or steel surface. It will not adhere well to plastic. One designer suggested it as a good option for high-end lightboxes. Sample kits are available.
Advanced Optical Technology
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