X marks the spot

Advance announces the Mark X Powerline dimming ballasts for the operation of one or two T5/HO fluorescent lamps. The ballasts provide 1-100% full-range continuous dimming for maximum lighting system flexibility and improved visual comfort. Since the ballasts take their dimming signals directly from the power line, no additional control wiring is required, making installation a simple process. The ballast can operate with a variety of controls from over 20 manufacturers, including wall box dimmers, architectural dimmers, and occupancy sensors. The ballasts can be easily integrated into such systems as theatrical control panels, and remote control via computer systems. The ballasts provide lamp ignition at any light setting, including the 1% dim level, making it unnecessary to ramp up to 100% light output when starting.
Advance Transformer Company

It's baffling
Prescolite introduces the Virtual Baffle family of products providing a lighting solution for a range of indoor commercial environments: hospitality, gaming and retail venues, corporate offices, and interior spaces of all kinds. Virtual Baffle uses patented Virtual Source optical design to enhance performance and efficiency, while improving the aesthetic qualities. A unique dual reflector system offers enhanced light output and control with minimal flash on the cross baffles. Virtual Baffle is available in 6" and 8" apertures. The Virtual Baffle reflector comes standard with a specular clear Alzak finish.
Prescolite, Inc.

Life at the oasis
Altman's Mirage Wall Wash is a lightweight, compact semi-recessed luminaire created to provide an even wash of light on any flat surface. Engineered with innovative features that enhance its versatility, efficiency, and overall performance. Its patented optical system enables the Mirage to operate on 12' centers to deliver more consistent, money-saving coverage with fewer fixtures, less power consumption, and lower heat output. Designed for use with 10,000-hour 39W, 70W, or 150W ceramic metal-halide lamps, the low-profile housing provides optically superior performance while enhancing overall facility ambience.
Altman Lighting, Inc.

Suspended animation
Day-Brite Lighting introduces Rubato, a new suspended luminaire that provides a simple, elegant look in any environment. Designed for schools, retail environments, offices, and other contemporary settings, its profile complements any interior while providing soft, smooth illumination. The fixture is available in both indirect solid bottom versions and direct/indirect models with perforated housings. Rubato luminaires are available in 4', 8', and 12' units with standard electronic ballasts and T5 and T8 lamps. It can be configured for an aircraft cable suspension or wall mounting system. A modular wiring harness is available for continuous row installations. It is available in a matte white finish.
Day-Brite Lighting

Remain objective
Docter Optics has introduced a high-performance line of multi-element objective lenses designed for various luminaire applications such as color-changing, gobo, 35mm slide, and spot projection. The lenses are three, four, six, or seven glass element designs, mounted in compact, durably constructed metal or plastic housings, with fixed or variable focal lengths from 45mm to 500mm, speeds from f/1.7 to f/5.6, object diameter sizes from 40mm to 120mm, color corrected for wavelengths from 400nm to 700nm. The lenses provide high light transmission, brilliant reproduction across the entire color spectrum, and superb brightness across the entire image.
Docter Optics, Inc.

Historical recreation
Beacon Products introduces the Central Station Luminaire, a part of its Village Collection. Re-created for San Francisco's Fisherman's Wharf Historic Renovation Project, this fixture encompasses a cast aluminum housing and reflector. The standard lens and optical assembly consists of acrylic or polycarbonate refractor with symmetrical or asymmetrical light distribution. The electrical component is a high power factor CWA, to operate up to a 175W HID pulse-rated medium-base lamp. The finish is polyester powder coating and the luminaire shall be ETL- and CSA-listed and suitable for wet locations.
Beacon Products Inc.

Spred it on thick
Edison Price Lighting introduces Spredlite 30 MH, a metal-halide linear wallwash system designed to light walls from architectural coves using PAR-30 metal-halide spot lamps. The fixture provides a grazing illumination on vertical surfaces which produces no reflections on highly polished surfaces such as marble or granite, while accentuating the richness of textured walls including brick, stone, or other wall coverings. Baffled and non-baffled versions are available. It is available in modular units to form continuous runs. The fixture uses 39W and 70W PAR-30 metal-halide lamps, which consume one-fifth the energy and have four times the life of incandescent lamps. It provides for angular adjustment of the lamps, allowing precise illumination of the wall surface. The lamp angle can be locked in place, and the fixture may be cleaned or re-lamped without disturbing its adjustment.
Edison Price Lighting

Step right up
Vista's new LED Step Lights provide illumination to demarcate steps, stairwells, and corridors for both interior and exterior applications. The luminaires are designed to provide years of maintenance-free illumination on 5W of power. Each unit houses 16 super-bright white LED lamps to illuminate both the riser and the step platform. The slanted louver faceplate shields glare while remaining unobtrusive. Tempered glass or polycarbonate lenses protect the LED lamps from moisture and debris. The units are UL- and CUL-listed and meet NFPA, OSHA, NEC, and all state and local codes for aisle/step marking. The units feature a steel box housing designed for installation into wood or steel stud walls. The exterior model uses a corrosion-resistant die-cast aluminum housing. The cast aluminum faceplate on both models may be specified in black or white chip- and corrosion-resistant finishes standard.
Vista Lighting