Power to the People

The new Panorama Power is the next step in the evolution of high-powered cyc/architectural color-changing luminaires built upon the original Panorama Cyc 1800. Coemar's new TLT (twin lamp technology) features two Philips MSR 575/2 (or MSD) lamps mounted axially in parabolic dichroic cold-mirror reflectors for 1,150W of wash power. This new optical system delivers twice the light output of Panorama Cyc 1800 while drawing 35% less power. The fixture's IP44 rating ensures safe reliable use in outdoor architectural or entertainment applications. Four interchangeable diffusion filters allow the designer to modify the beam angle depending on application. Full CYM color mixing and dimming are standard features. Two internally mounted, power factor-corrected magnetic lamp power supplies allow for single or dual lamp operation. In addition, single lamp operation does not detrimentally affect the beam's uniformity, only light output. Barndoors allow framing of the light for coverage. The fixture software offers standalone operation with master/slave mode without the use of a dedicated controller.
Coemar SPA, Castelgoffredo, Italy

Change in the Weather

The Martin Professional Exterior 200 is a compact 150W short-throw CMY color changer in a weatherproof extruded aluminum housing designed for outdoor use. The Exterior 200 also features a 6,000-hour lamp, built-in sensor, memory presets, and DMX controllability. An IP 65 rating means the unit can withstand extreme outdoor conditions. The asymmetrical beam characteristics of the unit allow it to be placed close to architectural projection surfaces. Color temperature is also extremely stable throughout the lamp's life and the beam-shaping function changes the round beam into a rotating elliptical beam for easier architectural coverage.
Martin Professional, Hollywood, FL


Holy Holograph!

Edwards Technologies is distributing the HoloPro holographic projection screen, developed in Germany by ProNova Projektions Systeme. HoloPro's patented technology laminates a refraction grid between special plates of glass, resulting in a screen that focuses light instead of scattering it. The screen offers full transparency, which means that full-motion video, text, and graphics can be combined with real environments, products, and people, even in daylight. Edwards Technologies offers the HoloPro in various system configurations with state-of-the art projectors for retail display and other applications.
Edwards Technologies, Inc., El Segundo, CA

Route 6600

The new Panasonic PT-L6600 series of fixed install projectors feature the company's BriteOptic built-in dual lamp system, which delivers the power of two high-intensity light sources through a high-precision prism. Power-saving single-lamp operation is available for optimum projection conditions; two-lamp operation is also available for maximum brightness. The four projectors — the PT-L6600U S-XGA, PT-l6500U XGA, PT-L6600UL S-XGA, and PT-L6500UL XGA — incorporate three 1.3" TFT Active Matrix Polysilicon LCD panels with Microlens Array to deliver images, text, and graphics for computer and video applications. The projectors are also HDTV-ready, support most worldwide video standards, and can be ceiling mounted or used on a desktop for front or rear projection on screens up to 300".
Panasonic, Los Angeles, CA

Hi-Def Server

Alcorn McBride's new addition to its Digital Video Machine product line is the DVM/HD High Definition Video Server, intended for broadcast, entertainment, and retailing applications. The DVM/HD supports all 18 ATSC digital TV standards, including 10801 and 720p, for both input and output, and will convert between any two on the fly. It stores over an hour of high-definition video, loaded using ethernet, on a removable hard disk, which enables the unit to be connected to any company's local area network or accessed across the Internet. Additionally, the DVM/HD offers video and digital and analog audio outputs and it supports Dolby 5.1 digital bitstreams.
Alcorn McBride, Orlando, FL


Avid for EVID

Electro-Voice's new EVID (Electro-Voice Innovative Design) loudspeakers system line features three full-range models, including a subwoofer: EVID 6.2, with dual 6" LF drivers and a 1" Ti-waveguide; EVID 4.2, with dual 4" LF drivers and a 1" Ti-waveguide; EVID 3.2, with dual 3.5" LF drivers and a ¾" Ti-direct radiator; and the EVID 12.1 subwoofer, with a 12" LF transducer. All the loudspeakers are styled to blend unobtrusively into environments and all models feature dual-woofer design for deeper and smoother bass response. The 3.2 model, rated at 50W, is suited for background music in bars and restaurants; the 4.2 provides 65Hz and peak SPL exceeds 110dB and is recommended for outdoor sound in themed areas or concourses; the largest model in the line, the 6.2, which boasts a dynamic range of 117dB and is suitable for sound reinforcement in large areas. The EVID 12.1 subwoofer utilizes a 12" transducer with dual voice coils to provide low frequencies down to 40Hz. Its built-in filters reduce coloration and provide a high-pass output for satellites to increase output capability.
Electro-Voice, a division of Telex, Burnsville, MN

PowerLight, the Sequel

QSC's PowerLight 2 Series is a line of amplifiers designed for touring and live performances. Four models range in power from 900W to 1,850W per channel, all in a two-rack-space chassis that is 14" deep and weighs 21lbs.

The amps are available in two versions — Base and “A.” Base models are for systems using external signal processing; “A” versions offer internal analog signal processing. Full DSP capabilities may also be added to any model with the addition of the DSP-3 Module.

PowerLight 2 amplifiers utilize Power Wave, a technology switching power supply technology that the company says provides tighter bass and clean transparent highs, cuts waste heat, and gets rid of unwanted noise and hum. PowerWave provides ample current to the audio power circuitry by charging the supply rails 230,000 times a second through an ultra-low impedance circuit. So unlike amplifiers that use conventional supplies, the audio signal is never starved prematurely and remains crisp and clean.
QSC Audio, Costa Mesa, CA


Road Warrior

New manufacturer 10Co. debuts its TP 5025 Roto-Molded Truck Pack Road Case, a steel-reinforced case engineered to withstand heavy impact. The case has a tight-fit locking lid designed for stacking; custom interiors are available. 10Co. also offers utility trucks, available in several color choices. Optional equipment includes security lids, handles, locking and sealing devices, caster upgrades, garment-hanging bars, and drains. The trucks are available in medium- and heavy-duty ranges.
10Co., Wesley Chapel, FL

Strap It On

Hardware fastening manufacturer Powerfast introduces the first tool of its new contractor line, the lightweight, all-steel PowerFast StrapGun. The StrapGun allows contractors to install 12/2 and 14/2 nom-metallic sheathed cable with one hand; the tool uses a guide system to position PowerFast strap over the cable, eliminating the risk of pinching or cutting the cable. The plastic insulator provides a built-in depth stop for the staple, ensuring the insulator is all that touches the cable. In addition, the StrapGun requires no power cord or air hose, is easily carried on a tool belt or in a tool pouch, and features a drive spring mechanism, which prevents hand fatigue while still providing a high driving force output. Straps come in 25-piece strips for convenient reloading, and are available in 400-count boxes.
PowerFast, Bowling Green, KY

Large-Format Printing

PosterWorks 5.0 is S & H Pierce & Co.'s upgrade of its large-format production application for Macintosh and Windows computers. PosterWorks can print displays, fleet graphics, billboards, and custom wraps, creating layouts up to 500,000 sq. ft. composed of single or multiple custom-size panels prepared for output on any PostScript device. Version 5.0 adds nesting tools, print direction controls, and performance enhancements; users can compose the layouts with either fixed or variable tiles. Users can also vary the margins, overlaps, bleeds, and gaps between the tiles. Artwork is imported in EPS, TIFF, or Scitex format for final sizing, cropping, and placement within PosterWorks.
S. H. Pierce & Co., Cambridge, MA