Versatile, rugged, and reliable, the Studio Cool is exactly what you would expect from Arri's new lineup of fluorescent fixtures. With a choice of reflectors, three control options, and Arri's traditional cast and extruded aluminum housing, here is a fluorescent fixture equally at home on the road or in the studio. These units are designed with a mix of performance and durability, built to last in a professional production environment. Arri's smooth aluminum extrusion serves as a tough, rigid housing. The slide-in lamp support and locking lampholders provide a secure mounting system. Locking power connectors allow you to daisy-chain up to six four-tube units on one circuit. The extruded aluminum stirrup allows mounting either horizontally or vertically, and a rear mounting plate accepts a variety of single-point mounting devices. Key to the design is a unique detachable electronics module. A lightweight cast-aluminum shell protects the ballast and electronics, but can be quickly removed for service.

Want a wide 120° field? Then choose Arri's Superflood Reflector. Need more punch? Open four quick-turn fasteners and pop in the Performance Reflector for a 20% increase in light output. Every soft source needs a way to control where the light goes, and Arri offers five egg crates, barndoor, filter frame, and intensifier.

Two-, four-, and eight-lamp fixtures are each available in three versions: non-dim, one switch for each two tubes; multicontrol dimming, either DMX or analog dimming control of 3-100% at 120V; phase control dimming, plug the Studio Cool into the output of any studio dimmer.
Arri Inc.

Chauvet announces its newest version of Show Xpress Plus, its DMX programming software. It comes with all the features you'd expect: complete fixture library, 512 channels of DMX, sound-activated stepping (MP3, audio, or CD), tap sync, MIDI time code, and auto start and stop are all carried over from previous versions, but it adds new features, including a new 3D visualization mode, a one-touch mask function which gives programmers the ability to set a preprogrammed point for the fixture to aim at, thus giving the ability to see the color, gobo, iris opening, and shutter speed in a preset location. It also allows users one-click resizing for shows. The Show Xpress allows you to drag and drop the show into size. Also released is the X-Factor interface which features a single stand-alone box, USB-ready to hook up to a computer.

VXCO Lighting Systems announces the new DMXCreator software V5.8 and the updated DMXCreator512MK2 PC-DMX interface. The stand-alone memory of the interface has been extended from 2,000 to 8,000 scenes. This allows for applications which require a high amount of scenes/sequences, such as architectural applications or huge club shows. In stand-alone mode, the PC may be disconnected and the scenes and sequences can be recalled through an attachable standard PC keyboard. The DMX input of the interface box is also available in this mode and allows you to set dimmer functions or other controls manually from any external DMX console.
VXCO Lighting Systems

Plexineon from iLight is a very clever use of LEDs as a replacement for neon. It is both simple and elegant in its design and ease of use. Made of durable plastic composite materials, comprised of high-intensity LEDs, and encased in a sealed unit, Plexineon is a technology that looks like glass neon, but goes well beyond. It can be cold-bent in the field as well as custom-bent in the factory for applications like letters. It offers high temperature and moisture resistance, even tone, and it works for both interior and exterior applications. It comes standard in 2', 4', 6', and 8' lengths and can be connected together end to end for continuous runs as well as mitered corners. It is available in standard colors of red, amber, blue, green, and white with options of orange and magenta. It also has built-in special effects that include flash, fade, and chase.
iLight Technologies

The HX automated luminaire from Hubbell Entertainment is a lightweight, low-profile automated lighting solution for the architectural market. The HX system's ceiling kit presents each fixture as a semi-recessed luminaire that is easily mounted in a 2'×2' opening or drop grid ceiling. Wash and profile fixtures are available in 150 or 250W. Each HX is customizable with options like full CMYK subtractive color-mixing or eight-position fixed color wheel, seven-position rotating gobo wheels, and various beam angles. Profile fixtures are available in beam spreads of 12°, 25°, 40°, and a 20° high-resolution lens. Standard features include five on-board user programmable sequences, 32 scenes per sequence, switching power supply, mechanical and electronic strobing. Available in black or white with matching ceiling kit.
Hubbell Entertainment, Inc.

A new specialty colored LED lamp with a lifetime measured in years, not hours, comes from OptiLED. Designed to be used in any standard light fitting, these new CHIP lamps have a minimum life span of 50,000 hours. CHIP lamps offer a choice of festoon, standard spot, or MR-16 spot lamp and, at just 1W per lamp, they all use very little energy. Unlike most LED lamps, which require numerous LEDs to create a satisfactory sized spot, the CHIP lamp uses a single high-brightness LED and a unique patented optical system licensed by Light Prescription Innovators for the highest possible output. Although the CHIP lamp is only 1W, it yields 15-30 lumens per watt. You can use these lamps both indoors and out and they are available in a choice of five colors — red, blue, amber, white, and green — with a selection of bases and angle diffusers.

Jem launches the ZR 24/7 hazer with rugged construction, digital technology, and continuous operation for a versatile professional hazer. The rugged ZR 24/7 is a high-precision, continuously operating DMX haze generator capable of delivering haze for long periods. The first in a new range of professional hazers from Jem, the ZR 24/7 uses the latest in reliable digital PCB technology. A high-velocity radial blower and innovative ECO-Mass vaporizing system combine with a variable geometry airflow system, which allows users to adjust the angle of the haze output, to produce very small, highly refractive airborne particles. For increased flexibility, the amount of haze dispensed can be adjusted via on-board fan speed and haze output control.
Jem, a division of Martin Professional

Lutron Electronics Co. Inc. has streamlined the design and specification process for its products with the introduction of Grafik Eye® Designer 5 Software. Among other things, Designer 5 can create a complete system layout, including an equipment schedule, bill of materials, one-line diagram, and CSI specifications, thus satisfying the selection and design process and ensuring a proper schematic for the job. It incorporates all panel and control options for Grafik Eye 3000 and 4000, including GP and LP dimming panels and XP switching panels, along with seeTouch Wallstations. It imports load and fixture information from Excel. Exports to AutoCAD .dxf, Adobe .pdf, and Microsoft Excel formats. Installs on any PC with Windows 95 or higher.
Lutron Electronics Co. Inc.

Middle Atlantic introduces the 26"-deep version of its AXS line of slide-out equipment racks. The new model has the traditional AXS features that allow entire bays of equipment to roll out for service and installation, but with the benefit of a deeper frame to accommodate greater equipment depths in space-restricted situations. Shipping factory-assembled within its MRK, WRK-SA, or ERK enclosures, AXS systems can be placed against walls or back-to-back while still permitting quick and easy access to the rear of equipment. The racks can be ordered in rack frame heights from 32 to 41 spaces and can accommodate up to 650lb of equipment. Also available is an upgrade to its free RackTools specification and proposal software. The free download and upgrade of RackTools 2.5 are both available at
Middle Atlantic Products Inc.

Martin Professional's MAC 250 Profile has been thoroughly updated both inside and out, spawning two new versions. Retooled for greater performance and featuring an all-new look, the MAC 250 is now available in either the full-featured MAC 250 Entour or the leaner MAC 250 Krypton. The MAC 250 Krypton features a number of significant changes including a new optical system for brighter output and improved image quality, new gobo patterns, improved movement, and an all-new design. A new and improved glass reflector produces extremely high light output — more than competitive products using condenser-based optical systems. A high-precision achromatic lens system maximizes optical efficiency of the Philips MSD 250/2 lamp (included) for superior image quality.
Martin Professional

Space Cannon introduces the Metamorphosis, a highly designed luminaire that uses a powerful series of high-brightness LEDs. The use of this innovative source, able to produce a powerful beam of light, allows total control in color-mixing by using four colors of LEDs: blue, red, green, and amber. The color-change is instantaneous and it is possible to dim, strobe, or shut off the beam of light; in addition, it is possible to vary the color temperature. The luminaire is engineered to be absolutely noiseless and devoid of vibration thanks to a self-cooling system, which decreases the temperature inside the fixture. A dipswitch controller permits users to assign a DMX address per fixture. An optional kit of lenses to change photometrics is available.
Space Cannon VH

Spotlight introduces the ARC-Hyperspot Video, which consists of a moving yoke in combination with a conventional video projector. The Automated Remote Control (ARC) brings movement into lighting and multimedia applications. Any LCD or DLP video projector can be motorized with the ARC system. BNC and VGA connectors are standard. The power supply and cables are hidden inside the ARC unit. It uses 16-bit resolution and DMX for control, and optical encoders are used for smooth starts and stops. The unit needs no reset after a power failure and will return to its original position if manually moved.

Stage Tools Truss America introduces a line of TÜV-approved aluminum trussing that is not only strong and durable but is also priced affordably. The trussing is made from high-strength 6082-T6 extruded aluminum alloy, a material so strong, rigid, and corrosion-resistant that it is used by the aviation industry. Stage Tools offers a complete line of truss in standard lengths, including 3m/9.84', 2m/6.56', and 1m/3.28'. Also available are a wide range of other lengths from 0.5 to 5m, as well as corners, cross, and T-junctions. One end of connecting hardware is included with each segment. Overall width of the truss is 290mm (11.5"), with 50mm (2") outer diameter tubing, 20mm (0.78") diagonal bracing, and 2mm (0.078") wall thickness.
Stage Tools Truss America LLC