A.C. Lighting Ltd. Chroma-Q Cascade

The latest addition to the Chroma-Q™ range of color changers is the Cascade™, which utilizes two internal gel strings and the latest technology to provide over 300 usable colors from a single unit. Offering the same level of reliability and affordable technology, the new compact and lightweight Cascade offers many new features and enhancements, creating the most versatile Chroma-Q to date.

A Universal Mounting System (UMS) eliminates the need for individual mounting plates, and by simple adjustment makes this unit instantly compatible with a range of fixtures with up to a 7" (175mm) lens, suitable for up to a 50° beam angle (without light loss). The Cascade is supplied complete with gel strings and benefits from an integrated heat shield which increases gel string longevity, particularly beneficial for higher-wattage lanterns.

The unit additionally features two operational modes, creative and library, selectable via dipswitches. The creative mode operates by using a CMY color-mixing method. This method relies on having a full spectrum source (white light) and mixing two variable-density subtractive filters at different saturations to achieve hundreds of colors from a single color changer, making frustrating advanced color selection a thing of the past. The library mode offers quick access to 100 preprogrammed colors presented on a single DMX channel.

Operating from existing Chroma-Q PSO8 and PS18/2 power supply units, the new Cascade can work simultaneously with any other Chroma-Q unit on the same circuit. The Cascade eliminates the need for costly custom gel strings, making it ideal for the short-term rental market. Designers like the flexibility of fine-tuning their color selection throughout productions without any cost implication. Chroma-Q color changers are exclusively distributed around the world by A.C. Lighting, Ltd.
A.C. Lighting Ltd.

Apollo Gel Shield
Apollo Design Technology introduces Apollo Gel Shield which reflects infrared energy, preventing color filters from absorbing IR energy as heat, protecting the color integrity and life of the color filter. Manufactured on 7mil polyester, Apollo Gel Shield is ideal for color filter and scroller applications on fixtures of 1,000W or less. Apollo Gel Shield is available in sheets of 6"x6" squares, 8"x8" squares, and 20"x24" squares.
Apollo Design Technology, Inc.

SGM Giotto Profile 400
The Giotto Profile 400 offers a 400W hot-restrike MSR lamp, 9-24° motorized zoom and focus, internal rotating shaper, and electronic ballast (90-245V). It offers operational versatility in a compact and lightweight design and has silent operation and easy maintenance.
SGM Elettronica srl

Chauvet Omega
Chauvet has introduced the Omega, a compact and lightweight four-channel DMX scanner. The fixture includes 14 colors and gobos, true X and Y axis movement, a 150W lamp, and strobing. Stepping motors provide excellent feel and control when programming the unit. Designed for the mobile DJ or the smaller nightclub, the Omega is the perfect unit where space and ceiling height are a consideration. Stand-alone programming and easily accessible dipswitches on the bottom of the unit make this a user-friendly fixture. It is programmable via any DMX controller, and the availability of a three-button easy controller gives both experienced and novice users a wide variety of options when setting up a show.
Chauvet Lighting

Martin Professional MAC 2000 Wash Barndoor Option
Martin has developed a fully motorized and fully closing set of barndoors for the MAC 2000 Wash. The barndoors come fitted with a wide-angle lens standard but can be fitted with the fresnel or PC lenses that are supplied. Quarter-turn screws allow users to easily remove the standard front lens and replace it with the barndoor module, complete with lens. No cables are needed as the module plugs directly into a socket already equipped on every fixture. An individual DMX channel controls each of the barndoors' four blades. Additionally, each blade can fully close over the beam of the fixture. For further flexibility, an additional DMX channel gives rotational control over the entire module, allowing it to be rotated through 100°. This gives the possibility to align both the small and large doors to any angle required.
Martin Professional

Chauvet Laser-Link Series
Chauvet offers up its latest laser with the introduction of the Laser-Link series. Available in green or red versions, these lasers are pre-programmed and linkable via a 1/2" stereo cable. They come preprogrammed with 32 two- and three-dimensional patterns at their disposal and a simple remote is available. The units are programmed to work in conjunction with one another and will perform same pattern style effects in either the same direction or the inverse. Both red and green lasers are rated at 4.9mW, and are legal to operate without having to hold a separate laser variance. Three-dimensional effects include laser tunnels, an ascending and descending laser sky, and many others.
Chauvet Lighting

Odyssey Viper 160R
Odyssey Innovative Designs introduces the Viper 160R, a gobo-rotating moving-head unit that can be used in stand-alone mode with built-in programs, sound active, or can be controlled with various DMX controllers. Features include separate gobo and color wheels, 11 dichroic colors plus white, seven interchangeable, rotating gobos, gobo scrolling effect, strobe, 540° pan and 270° tilt, Philips CDM150/2 lamp with 6,000 hours average rated life, 110V/220V selectable, and hanging brackets included. You can link up to 16 units in master-slave mode with no controller needed.
Odyssey Innovative Designs

Antari Fazer X Series
The Antari Fazer X-310 is equipped with a cast-aluminum heater, a quiet pump, and a controllable twin fan. The new heater is so effective that one liter of fluid can provide up to two hours of continuous fogging at 30% output. The fan volume can also be adjusted, allowing it to operate silently. The Fogger X-510 can generate more fog due to its large heater block. The liquid level sensor will stop the unit in order to protect the pump whenever the liquid is running low. A common control interface can be used with any member of the X series product line. Be it DMX or wireless, just plug in the corresponding module and you are ready to fog.