The Pocket PAR 200W and 400W and the Pocket Lite 200W and 400W are the latest in Arri, Inc.'s line of small Pocket PAR location lighting fixtures. The 200W and 400W Pocket PARs, like the original 125W fixture, have custom-designed dichroic glass flatted reflectors and matching spread lenses for precise beam control. The 200W fixture comes with a four-lens set, and the 400W has a fifth lens. The 200W and 400W Pocket Lites, intended for news-gathering or other "run-and-gun" situations, are lensless daylight fixtures with matte-finish dichroic glass reflectors. The fixtures provide a smooth field with focusing from 14° to 70°. Arri introduced the new lighting products, along with the Arriflex 435 advanced camera system, Arricam system, and Arrimotion motion control system, at NAB 2001.
Arri Inc.
Blauvelt, NY; Burbank, CA

The LiteTruss powered truss system, from Times Square Lighting, is billed as “the display solution” to combine lighting with trussing. It's specifically designed for trade show and museum exhibit situations, as well as retail. With its integrated track, the product eliminates any messy wires running along the truss. Among its features are in-house automated powder coating, with Pantone matching of fixtures and truss; one-, two-, or three-circuit track; the ability to incorporate other manufacturers' lighting fixtures, and free AutoCAD design support. Also available is standard truss without track, as well as custom sizes and curves.
Times Square Lighting
Stony Point, NY

10 Co. Industries is a new company offering a wide variety of medium- and heavy-duty utility trucks in several colors. Options include security lids, handles, shelves and dividers, galvanized steel bases, hinged lids, garment hanging bars, document pouches, and drains.

Rotational Molded Truck Pack Road Cases are steel reinforced to withstand heavy impact but are surprisingly lightweight, and have tight-fit locking lids designed for stacking. Custom interiors provide versatility; motor cases are designed to hold 1/2-ton and 1-ton motors.
10 Co. Industries
Wesley Chapel, FL

Zero-g, a UK-based film/TV service provider, introduces the FPS multi-purpose jacket. Designed by DP Franz Pagot in collaboration with Panavision, it features water-resistant seams, rust-resistant zippers, transparent forearm pocket for maps or call sheets, and many other specialized compartments for tools, flashlights, cell phones, even cigarettes. Hood and collar can be removed, and sleeves can be removed in sections.
Zero-g Ltd.
London, England

The LowelScandle provides 200W of daylight or tungsten-balanced illumination from eight 24W lamps, switched in pairs for quickly variable output. (It can also use 18W CFLs.) It has a rotating universal speed ring for attachment of softboxes from a variety of manufacturers. Custom accessory reflectors are available.

The updated Fluo-Tec studio line has received ETL/CSA approval. The dimmable models are now DMX-controllable. An installed remote port will accept the planned IR remote control accessory, which will allow remote dimming without the need of a console.
Lowel-Light Mfg., Inc.
Brooklyn, NY