The Satellight-X (patent pending) HMI softlight from Satellight-X, Inc. is now available for rent or lease. It is 4'x5'x1' and uses four 575W, individually switched HMI bulbs. Ballasts and switches are fully contained within the light. The Satellight-X collapses to approximately 2'x2.5'x1' for storage. The light typically uses a full grid cloth diffuser, but it can be used bare or with other diffusers and gels. It can be backed into a tight corner, hung overhead, underslung, or aimed from floor level.
Santa Monica, CA

Artistic Licence from the UK has a series of new products dealing with DMX over Ethernet. Art-Net is an Ethernet communication protocol developed by Artistic Licence. The protocol has been placed in the public domain on a royalty-free basis. Other manufacturers are now supporting the Art-Net protocol. Art-Net is a TCP/IP-based protocol, which means that it can coexist on the same cable with most proprietary protocols. The company is launching two new products: Down-Link is an Ethernet-to-DMX converter; Up-Link is a DMX-to-Ethernet converter. Both products are Art-Net-compliant and are housed in a standard three-gang cover plate. The front panel provides DMX connections, address switches, and indicators.
Artistic Licence (UK) Ltd
Harrow, Middlesex, UK

E\T\C Audiovisuel is adding the Pigi'S to its Pigi range of projectors. The Pigi'S is a compact 2.5kW HMI projector that is a scaled-down version of its 7kW xenon unit. The projector is available in three versions: a single slide carrier, a single scroller, and a double scroller. Other features include dichroic color-mixing, an internal dimming shutter, and remote focus. Control is either via DMX or Pigi software.
E\T\C Audiovisuel
Ivry sur Seine, France

For those of you who need a strobe with some punch, Diversitronics is introducing the Mark III, a 3,000W, high-intensity strobe light. The Mark III includes nine themed, pre-programmed effects including lightning, arc welding, rapid-fire machine gun, emergency vehicle, and a continuous mode for architectural applications. The Auto Lightning effect changes after each firing for a random appearance. The Mark III has long operational duty cycles as well as DMX control. There will also be 2kW and 5kW versions with the same features.
Elmhurst, IL

TESTING, 1, 2, 3...
Newark Electronics announces the newly expanded line of environmental test products from Tenma, including 3-wire 110VAC circuit tester, socket polarity and earth leakage tester, universal voltage tester, and solenoid voltage tester. Newark and sister supplier MCM are the exclusive Tenma distributors in North America. Tenma's new hand-held test instruments are quality-designed and value-priced. Newark Electronics is one of North America's largest distributors of electronic components, test instruments, tools and wire, stocking over 150,000 products from 300 leading manufacturers. The company supplies everything from the basics to the newest innovations through its 48 branch offices, catalog, CD-ROM, and website ( For more information call Newark at 800-4-NEWARK.
Newark Electronics
Chicago, IL

Pathway Connectivity (formerly Gray Interfaces) introduces Pathport Manager software, a user-friendly method of remotely configuring Pathport smart nodes. Pathport is Pathway's LDI2000 Product of the Year in the lighting tools and software category. Pathport allows for cost-effective DMX distribution over Ethernet systems. The Pathport Manager provides direct PC access to all of the Pathport functions, including soft labeling, universe and channel patching, merging, and input prioritizing. Pathport has support for up to 64 universes of DMX and includes powerful DMX routing capabilities.
Pathway Connectivity
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Fusion 2000 is a new 12-channel 16A intermediately priced rack-mount digital dimmer that complements the existing Fusion range. The specification includes two extra non-dim auxiliary DMX channels, 30 memories, and three sequences for standalone use, fully flexible soft patch, choice of dimming curves, and socapex/harting outlets fitted as standard. Features include single-, two-, or three-phase operation when phase is missing, temperature control, high-performance heat sink, fan cooling with low-noise theatre mode, protection against over-voltage, soft start, performance by up to 30% under voltage, low-voltage output for analog control desk, DMX512/analog control, interference suppression, resistive/non-resistive loads, menu management via VF display, rotary encoder with turbo detection, short-circuit protection, mounted circuit breaker, and various LED indicators.
Newport News, VA

Selecon has added a mechanical douser accessory to the Pacific MSR light system. The douser continues the modular design philosophy of the Pacific. It is a separate accessory that simply drops onto the Pacific lamp housing onto which can be mounted any of the Pacific lens systems. Using graduated optical filters, the douser provides a visually even fade from full output to blackout. Control is via DMX. The daylight color temperature (5600K) and high efficiency of the 575W MSR lamp combine to deliver a high-output, high-impact beam. The Pacific range and heat management system ensures even energy distribution at the gate allowing for the use of dichroic glass patterns. Hot restrike, standard MSR, and MSD lamps can be used with the Pacific. Power supplies include a universal electronic power supply and 220-240V magnetic ballasts for architectural applications. The douser is also suitable for use with Pacific CDM luminaires.
Auckland, New Zealand

Wybron jumps into the pattern rotating business with its new Moiré, a dual pattern rotator designed to fit the ETC Source Four and the Altman Shakespeare 600 ellipsoidals. The Moiré allows the designer to spin two metal or glass B-size patterns independently. Use of a toggle switch allows the patterns to move in opposition, together, or one static and one moving. The unit plugs into a non-dim AC output for power.
Colorado Springs, CO

American DJ's new Saturn 4 and Luna 4 packages are designed to provide DJs and clubs with convenience and economy. Each package contains four fixtures, a black-out controller, and three 10' XLR cables for linking. The Saturn 4 and Luna 4 are sound-activated and will chase to music with built-in chase programs. The Saturn 4 shoots out sharp beams of white light that move back and forth crisscrossing the floor. Each of the four Saturn heads has six lenses for a total of 24 moving beams. The Luna 4 is a multicolor moonflower effect with rainbow-like dichroic beams.
American DJ
Los Angeles, CA

Physical Optics Corporation (POC) has expanded its Holographic Light Shaping Diffuser (LSD) and optical component product line. The company's unique LSD Diffuser sheets and thin films, as well as its high-resolution rear- and front-projection screens, are now available with wider viewing angles and larger surface areas. Also available is a new line of glass diffusers for high-temperature, UV, and high-power laser applications, in addition to Circle-to-Rectangle, holographic optical components, and Variable Angle Light Shaping Diffusers.

POC's patented surface relief holographic structures allow precise control and angular distribution of light while maintaining high transmission and homogeneous distribution. These structures have been developed into a variety of products for a broad range of OEM applications, including LCD backlights, automotive displays, LED displays, machine vision systems, projection displays, and high-level lighting applications.

Also available is a new and expanded 12-page full-color product guide, which can be ordered by calling 310-320-3088 or by visiting the company's website at
Physical Optics Corporation
Torrance, CA

Gobo Express is introducing glass patterns with a black, anti-reflective coating to enhance the image. The black coating on the custom patterns cuts down on hazing and ghosting offering a sharp, clear projection.
Gobo Express
Mesa, AZ