No More Flop Sweat AKG's CK77-WR is an extremely small dual-diaphragm microphone that's both perspiration-proof and water-resistant. It is available in flesh tone, white, and black, either with a wire mesh windscreen in the same color or foam windscreens in a wide range of colors for blending with costumes, stage decorations, etc. The dual-diaphragm transducer adds the signals captured by the two diaphragms while subtracting any noise caused by clothes rubbing against the mic. Instead of a hole in the diaphragm to provide pressure compensation, the new design of the CK77-WR features a capillary tube connected to a compensation cavity and sealed with a soft, flexible diaphragm to create the actual barometric pressure compensation. AKG is in the process of patenting this new technology.

AKG, Nashville, TN

The new Version Three (V.3.0) of the Mackie Digital 8-Bus features third-party plug-in support, and includes third-party plug ins, many new surround-sound mixing features, networking capabilities, and user-requested features. In addition to supporting the Mackie effects (or MFX) card that ships with every D8B, V.3.0 adds support for the new Mackie UFX digital signal processing card based on the more powerful Motorola 56303 DSP chip. The UFX combined with V.3.0 software allows insertion of plug-in effects into common console signal paths, including mastering-type effects for the L/R out and surround channels. With each UFX card capable of running up to four independent software plug-ins at once, the D8B's four processing slots allow up to 16 third-party plug-in effects to be utilized simultaneously. The list of plug-ins includes such manufacturers as TC Electronic, Massenburg DesignWorks, Drawmer, and Antares.

MACKIE, Woodinville, WA

The TQ-440SP is Turbosound's entree into the self-powered speaker arena, a three-way bi-amped, high-power compact enclosure that's part of the manufacturer's QLight(TM) Series designed for theatre and corporate/industrial applications. The speaker features a custom-designed dual-concentric 12"/1" driver for accurate reproduction of bass frequencies and a 6.5" TurboMid(TM) driver for mid and high frequencies. In addition, the TQ-440SP features integral high-efficiency power amplifiers; the built-in low frequency and mid/high frequency power amps provide a total power of 800W/4ohms, and are optimally matched to the drive units.


The Shure DFR11EQ Version 5 digital equalizer and feedback reducer is equipped with new hardware and software and is capable of operating as a standalone unit or via PC control. Among the new features are the addition of a limiter function and an increase in delay time, both controlled via separate windows within a redesigned software interface. This software interface also provides individual control windows for the DFR11EQ's onboard digital feedback reducer, graphic EQ, and parametric EQ sections. A total of 10 scenes can be stored within the device, all of which are accessible from the software interface. In addition, favorite scenes can be instantly recalled by using the unit's three new front-panel controls. An unlimited number of scenes can be stored on the host computer.

SHURE, Evanston, IL

Clear-Com's new CC-95 single-ear and CC-260 double-ear headsets are constructed with ABS plastic ear cups, heavily padded spring-steel headbands, and a flexible mic boom, all designed for rugged applications. The construction also protects the internal transducers and electronics from harm. Custom foam-filled ear cushions provide acoustic isolation in moderate noise-level environments, and are comfortable for long-term use. The flexible boom arm features a specially designed, noise-cancelling microphone. A shaped presence peak is designed to keep voices crisp even in high noise settings. The mic also has a low susceptibility to wind, breath, and handling noise.

CLEAR-COM, Emeryville, CA

JVC's Infrared Wireless System consists of a WT-PH31 receiver, two WM-PH71 uni-directional handheld microphones, four WT-PS31 transmitters, and a WT-C80 charger have a range of up to 100' and provide five hours of continuous operation with fully charged batteries. Handheld and lavalier-type microphones are available and two channels of receivable audio are standard. The infrared system offers excellent wireless performance without interference from other systems being used in adjacent facilities, or stray radio interference, and is secure from outside eavesdropping or jamming.


Atlas-Soundolier's new MVXA monitor panels offer accurate speaker and line level monitoring in a single RU enclosure device. Models MVXA-20008 and MVXA-2016 are active devices for aural and visual monitoring of eight or 16 different speaker and line level circuits. These monitor panels will simultaneously monitor any combination of 25V, 70V, 100V, or line level signals from -30dBV (line level reference) to 141Vrms (100Vrms reference). Audio monitoring of each signal is via the built-in 3W amplifier with front-panel volume control driving an internal speaker, a headphone jack, and/or an external speaker output. For additional convenience, a line level output is also provided on the rear panel. Clear, visual monitoring of each signal is accomplished using individual 12-segment LED bar graphs. The bottom 10 LEDs are green and have standard VU ballistics of -30dB to 02dB. The top two LEDs are red and provide peak response at 0dB to +3dB above reference level, as well as quick identification of critical signal levels.


The DAS/Sennheiser Speaker on a Stick is a complete self-contained sound system designed for compact, transportable PA. The system is comprised of one DAS DS15A self-powered loudspeaker, one Sennheiser E835 Evolution Series cardioid vocal microphone; one SS1 heavy-duty aluminum, tripod speaker stand; one PM200 high-quality microphone stand with boom-arm, and one 21" MC21 microphone cable. Designed for both fixed or portable sound reinforcement, the DAS/Sennheiser Speaker on a Stick is a one-stop solution for schools, churches, and meeting facilities--virtually any application requiring an easy-to-use, anyone-can-set-it-up, portable PA system for use with or without an external mixer. The DAS DS15A is a two-way, biamplified loudspeaker capable of providing 121dB SPLs with built in crossover, equalization and limiting. With separate microphone, live level input jacks, and level controls, the DS15A makes it simple for a non-technical person to set up a PA system in a matter of minutes. Bundled with the DS15A is Sennheiser's Evolution E835 vocal microphone, which features a rugged metal housing and internal shockmount system.


HHB has released the CDR80 Silver and CDRW80, which the company says are the world's first 80-minute professional audio CD-R and CD-RW disks to fully comply with Orange Book specifications. Achieved through a reduction of the track pitch, the extended recording time (79 minutes and 59 seconds) is particularly useful for classical music recording in which the material often exceeds the 74 minutes provided by standard CD-R media, and for any recording application in which an increased recording time is required. For example, HHB's CDR80 Silver and CDRW80 can accommodate a double vinyl album's worth of material--ideal for archiving and library applications. In addition, these products are bar-coded for easier studio and dealer inventory control.

HHB, Los Angeles, CA

Eastern Acoustic Works (EAW) has introduced a new subwoofer designed specifically to work with flown arrays of EAW KF700 Series concert loudspeakers. Called the SB750, the new subwoofer shares the exact same footprint (trapezoidal cabinet shape) as both the KF750 three-way loudspeaker as well as the KF755 downfill loudspeaker. Sharing the same flying hardware as these models, the SB750 can be flown quickly and seamlessly with any KF700 array. In addition, each cabinet is outfitted with the same tight-grip feet and companion slots for easy, stable stacking. The SB750 includes dual 18" woofers, housed within an optimally vented and tuned Baltic birch plywood cabinet with EAW's road-tough black polyurethane finish. Total weight of the cabinet is only 200lbs. Rear panel connectors are dual Neutrik Speakon NL4s. The SB750 offers a frequency response of 30Hz-150Hz at +3dB, and 25Hz at -10dB. Axial sensitivity is 99dB (1W/1m), with sound pressure levels of 138dB peak and 132dB long-term (@1m).

EAW, Whitinsville, MA

The Neumann KMS 105, is a super-cardioid, live-performance vocal microphone. The mic boasts 145dB maximum SPL, reduced handling noise (due to a triple process involving capsule tensioning, mounting, and microphone electronics), and a reduced sensitivity to plosives (owing to a sophisticated inner basket structure). With 127dB of dynamic range and a 20Hz-20kHz frequency response, the full emotional impact of a vocal performance is transferred from the stage to the audience. The high resolution and neutral off-axis response of the KMS 105 make it ideal for use with in-ear monitoring systems. The KMS 105 is available in distinctive nickel or matte black casing, and its shape is unique and stylized, reminiscent of Neumann studio microphone designs.


Phonic Ear has developed a fully featured 40W speaker system with a built-in four-channel wireless microphone receiver and input capability for other wired devices. The VocalPort weighs 14.5lbs and contains a lead gel battery capable of providing up to 12 hours usage from one charging cycle. The four-channel capability allows users to instantaneously switch from interference on one channel to another and also to use multiple Vocalport systems within one facility. In addition to the wireless (both handheld and lavalier), the system has capability for a wired microphone to be used and also for line-level-type signals from a CD player or audio cassette player to be used. Line level output capability is also provided to facilitate audio recording. Other features include input "gain" controls for each source, system bass and treble controls, and LEDs to indicate charging and battery status. A full range of accessories is available, including additional microphones, speaker/microphone stands, rain covers, and a carrying case.

PHONIC EAR, Petaluma, CA

Rosco's new Plug-In Rotator provides gobos of all types with variable and silent movement in a small, lightweight (less than 1lb) device. The Rotator will fit the ETC Source Four, Strand SL, and Altman Shakespeare ellipsoidals. "B" size gobos, stainless as well as glass, are accepted. Custom gobos and specialized glass gobos such as Roscos Prismatics, Colorizers, or Image Glass can also be used. The Plug-In Rotator requires no external controller. A plug allows connection with a dimmer or any 120VAC outlet. Therefore, the dimmer value set on the lighting board determines functions, such as start/stop and speed of rotation.

ROSCO LABS, Stamford, CT

Marinco Weather-Resistant Covers ("Boots") offer protection from moisture, mud, dust, and dirt and fit Marinco 15/20A straight blade and 15A locking plugs and connectors. The covers have a triple series of seals, designed to facilitate easy connection, and to forestall disconnection. Integral to the cover is a ribbed outer housing that provides a non-slip grip even while wet. The covers are black and made from PVC vinyl; Model #6017 is the Plug (male) cover and #6018 is the connector (female) cover. According to Marinco, these covers will also mate with Leviton(R) and Hubbell(R) brand covers.


Non-porous, 100% tempered safety glass backed in white safety vinyl is incorporated into the Paragona(TM) Glass Palettes, from American Art Clay Company (AMACO). The glass palettes were developed for paint mixing and color control and are also suitable for use with heat-set Genesic Artist Colors(TM), also from AMACO. The glass palettes provide artists with a clean surface without the inconvenience of dried paint buildup. The smooth surface is gentle on brushes and will not absorb pigments, oils, or inks. According to AMACO, dried acrylic paint peels right off, and dried oil paint can be removed with light scraping. Six varieties of palette styles and sizes are available, along with other painting accessories.


The Tivoli Beacon(TM) Seat Light provides glare-free aisle illumination for a wide range of theatre or auditorium seating applications. The small, ADA-compliant step and aisle-guide lighting fixtures are of a rounded design that installs quickly and easily on either the side or arm of theatre seats. It is designed to provide proper light cutoff across aisles or steps. An optional navigation-row indicator is also available to provide guidance back to seats after concession visits or intermission. The Beacon fixture is low-profile, 2-1/4" across, with a lens that protrudes 1". The seat light mounts directly to side surfaces or pivot arms of seats with a single-set screw and double-sided tape. Two energy-efficient, Ultabrite long-life LEDs in a choice of amber, white, or red are available. A remotely located, tamper-resistant, low-profile junction box features a 12V DC Class II power supply. The Beacon system is ETL-listed.

TIVOLI, Santa Ana, CA

Outwater Plastics Industries now offers and stocks a wide range of environmentally and structurally sound lumber-like products fabricated from 100% recycled plastic materials, (which in turn, can also be recycled.) Recycled Plastic Lumber can be nailed, screwed, routed, milled, cut, and fastened using traditional woodworking techniques and standard carpentry tools. The plastic is thoroughly and permanently color-impregnated, to ensure long-lasting and maintenance-free color retention. The line of plastic lumber is available in standard sizes, tongue-and-groove decking styles, and in gray, teak, redwood, and white. According to Outwater, the plastic is impervious to harsh environmental factors, such as gas, oil, salt, sunlight, and chemicals.


FOH display of future event posters and associated brochures will be easier with new products from Plasticrafters. The NMT228 is a polished acrylic lobby poster holder with brochure pockets that is 67" high and holds 22" wide x 28" high standard posters for double-sided viewing. An optional attachment dispenses 4" x 9" and/or 81/2" x 11" brochures. Peg dividers can be removed to reconfigure pocket sizes between the different sized literature. Plasticrafters has a variety of displays, sign and literature holders that can be used together or in separate kiosk/informational applications.

PLASTICRAFTERS (Division of George Patton Associates), Warren, RI

Jands Electronics has launched the new Hog 500 lighting control console, an economical version of the Echelon 1K released last year. The Hog 500 features auto menus and palettes for beam, color, position, and groups, with user-definable fixture libraries and auto menus for quick patching and setup. Playback can be as easy as playing a single cue list in a structured show, and any cue can be quickly called from memory. Eight fader playbacks allow simultaneous activation of multiple cue lists, chases, or effects, and time options included wait, delay, and learn. A total of 512 control channels are available on the Hog 500, and output consists of one stream of DMX512. For external control, a MIDI interface permits reception of MIDI show control, notes, timecode, and command strings. Show storage is on a standard 3.5" floppy disk and shows can be fully or partlymerged with other Echelon, Wholehog II or Jands Hog shows.


Crouse-Hinds Molded Products has introduced a new Cam-Lok series of connectors designed to provide for faster and easier assembly and disassembly of its connectors. The Cam-Lok E-Z1016 J series connectors feature a new durable locking ring made of high-tech reinforced fiberglass non-metallic material that encompasses the contact for added strength. A robust non-metallic retaining screw comes assembled in the insulating sleeve; the screw head features a retaining ring that holds the screw securely in place. A redesigned drive pin, which increases torque and longitudinal strength by 300%, easily aligns and locates with the slot in the ring, eliminating the need for the holes in the contact to be aligned.


The ZBeam from Polar Focus is a new rigging system designed for commercial/industrial sound reinforcement and audio, video, and lighting equipment installations and applications. This stock universal audio "bumper" will suspend almost any loudspeaker equipped with safe rigging points, in an infinite number of configurations. The ZBeam ZB-20-880 is designed to provide rotational control around a vertical Z-axis for balanced suspended loads. ZBeam rigging products are rated for 880lbs. With a 10:1 design factor and full compliance with the current European standard and the proposed US standard.


Typically, lighting in the FOH for many theatres is provided by incandescent sources. GE Lighting has developed a series of "A-Line" lamps that combine the benefits of a compact fluorescent lamp with the functional and familiar shape of an incandescent "A"-style lamp. The Compact Fluorescent A-Line lamp features long life--according to General Electric, approximately 10 to 13 times longer than incandescent. In addition, the increased efficiency of the lamps allows the user to replace higher wattage incandescents with lower wattage CFLs. For example, a 15W version produces approximately the light of a 60W soft white bulb. A 20W version produces approximately the light output of a 75W soft white bulb. The CFL lamp has familiar "bulb" type design and a slim shell base, therefore allowing its installation in most fixtures with medium base incandescent sockets.

GE LIGHTING, Nela Park, Cleveland, OH

Alusuisse Composites has introduced Kapa-Bloc foam board, a composite board with a foamed polyurethane core. The composite board features excellent rigidity and stiffness due to its tight cell structure, resulting in good bending characteristics, easy cutting with knife or sawing with a blade, excellent routing capabilities, and pressure and humidity resistance. Also featured are heat resistance that allows for hot-mounting laminating, and an ability to use adhesives and solvent-based lacquer or paints. The foam board is designed for the exhibit/signage point-of-purchase markets, and photo-mounting situations and is available in sheet sizes of 4' x 8' and 5' x 10' with thicknesses of 3/16", 1/2", and 1/4" in either white or black finishes.


Chimera has developed small Adjustable Speed Rings to fit smaller lighting instruments. The speed ring has been designed to fit a variety of lights, adjusting as small as 5" and opening to accept 9" instruments. Item #9901 is a 5"-9" adjustable speed ring for Chimera Video Pro series Lightbanks. Item #9902 is a 5"-9" adjustable speed ring for Chimera Daylite Jr. series Lightbanks. Chimera has also introduced new Speed Rings for the DeSisti Goya 400 light head. These rings facilitate the use of Chimera products, such as the Video Pro or Daylite Jr. Lightbanks with the Goya 400 luminaire.

CHIMERA, Boulder, CO

The Nupla Power-Drive(R) Dead Blow Hammers feature an enhanced design and innovative concepts such as the Nupla Smart Hammer(TM) Technology. According to Nupla, each Power Drive Dead Blow Hammer utilizes a patented shot-loaded composite interior cavity, which delivers 40% more striking power than conventionally configured designs, while reducing rebound up to 80%. The rebound leads to muscle tension, fatigue, and poor posture--all symptoms of muscular/skeletal disorders, the #1 occupational hazard, according to OSHA. The Hammers are available in a wide range of weights, from 8oz to 64oz, with brass and steel face options available on some models. The composite cavity is encased in a tough polymer jacket and a specially engineered striking-face material that provides extreme surface protection and is durable. An entire range of safety features provide Smart Hammer Technology. The Nuplaglas(R) Lifetime(R) fiberglass handles isolate the user from heat, cold, and electricity. Ergonomic grip designs are also available.


Docter Optics' new line of dichroic filters are manufactured from Schott Borofloat(R) glass, known for its resistance to thermal shock and ability to withstand high operating temperatures over long periods of time. The filters are available in 20 standard colors in rectangular, square, or diameter sizes up to 580mm x 380mm and thickness sizes from 1mm to 3mm.


The 20A Single-Channel Dimmer Pack from Doug Fleenor Design is designed to control many variable devices, including lamps. The proprietary "snubberless" circuitry controls inductive loads such as fans, transformers, and AC motors, as well as resistive loads such as heating elements and incandescent lamps. The 8.25" x 1.7" x 6.5" unit features local and DMX512 control. A dry contact relay bypasses the dimming circuitry when at full, eliminating heat and noise.