ColorSpot 2500E AT

Robe Show Lighting

The ColorSpot 2500E AT is Robe's most powerful moving light fixture. It features an MSR GOLD 1200 SA/SE lamp and a 1,400W electronic ballast, with a zoom range of 10° to 30°. The mechanical dimmer/shutter system provides smooth dimming. The fixture was designed specifically for large stages, concert halls, outdoor applications, and professional installations where large output sources are needed. It has 530° pan and 260° tilt with 16-bit resolution and 8- or 16-bit gobo and prism indexing. The color wheel has six replaceable “slot and lock” colors plus open. Two gobo wheels each have six rotating, indexable, replaceable dichroic glass gobos plus open and an effects wheel with four rotating, indexable, replaceable prisms and effects plus open. Other features include: a motorized, stepless iris; separate and variable frost effect; variable strobe effect; tracking and vector movement control; and data in/out with a locking 3-pin and 5-pin XLR.


American DJ

American DJ has released white-light versions of its P36 LED and P64 LED color PAR cans. The P36 LED WH and P64 LED WH are two DMX-compatible all-white LED PAR cans designed for applications in theatrical, concert, club, corporate, and architectural venues where clear white light is desired. The low-voltage fixtures produce a true, warm white light with minimal heat, so they will not cause fading or discoloration when placed near an object or surface. The P36 LED WH is designed for smaller stage performances and architectural/display applications. A flexible pinspot, the lightweight fixture comes with both a hanging bracket and a tabletop mount base plate. The larger P64 LED WH has a wider beam diameter for larger stage applications and includes a hanging bracket. Both fixtures offer 0 to 100% dimming. They can be operated in three modes: Auto, Sound Active, and DMX Control.

Maxxyz PC


The Maxxyz lighting controller is now available in a PC-based version. This new computer based version of the Maxxyz console is an offline and online editing tool that provides full Maxxyz functionality from a PC or laptop (running Windows XP OS). Maxxyz PC can be used for offline programming and can be linked to Martin's Universal DMX interface device or Ether2DMX Router for direct control of fixtures. Featuring dongle-protected software without the need for expensive hardware, it is suited to a large variety of shows. The software is free of charge, but to output DMX, a USB license dongle and a DMX interface device are needed. The USB interface device outputs two universes or uses ArtNet via the PC's Ethernet port. It can be used in conjunction with the Maxxyz Wing or as a backup to the Maxxyz console.

Catalyst v4 Software & Media Server

High End Systems

High End Systems is now shipping the fourth version of its Catalyst® software and Media Server. The new Catalyst v4 is enhanced with support for additional input/output devices as well as complementary products. This support includes built-in cue list functionality for greater show control integration and PixelMAD functionality. Catalyst can now be controlled by video and music industry standard controllers such as Mackie and MIDI controllers. Version 4 is the first Catalyst product that doesn't require a DMX controller. Featuring multiple onscreen mixes — applicable for both DMX LED lighting fixtures and LED walls — the show operator can now break down the set design and run different effects over different sets of fixtures. The Pro version features four independent onscreen output mixes and 10 independent assignable layers. There are new custom colors and visual effects including improved kaleidoscope, pixilation, and wave effects. A built-in web server allows for remote diagnostics and control. The software upgrade also enables users to import 3D rendered images in OBJ format. The software runs on existing Catalyst Servers. Catalyst v4 runs on both Panther and Tiger OS, 10.3.9 and 10.4.5 or higher. Three versions (Catalyst v4 Pro, DV, and Xpress) are available.

NuVJ Video Controller


Numark and Arkaos have jointly created a new video controller, NuVJ, in an effort to drive the integration of video into the DJ and audio experience. NuVJ gives DJs the tools of a multimedia video jockey, allowing the addition of visuals to a DJ's performance. The video controller is designed as a video counterpart to an existing audio setup, acting as a dedicated hardware controller to integrate sound and visuals. The software is compatible with a Mac or a PC.

CAD Content 2007

Design & Drafting

Design & Drafting has released CAD Content 2007, the first-ever Visual Shareable Library, according to the company. Using Autodesk's i-drop technology, the power library comes with predefined content, user defined content, and online content capabilities. The library can be shared over a local server or online, and its online path can be modified to control the location that a designer can browse. It is a stand-alone product that works with AutoCAD, AutoCAD LT, or LD Assistant and makes it possible to build an entire show or design in real time in just a few minutes. For designers working on projects in distant locations, they can visit the company's CAD Content location and drag different design elements into their drawings to complete a design. Any texture and data attached to the objects is transferred into CAD Content as well.



Onlyview software, produced by large-projection specialists E\T\C Audiovisuel, is a tool for real time creation of multi-screen video projections with automatic control of overlapping and soft edge blending. It's a solution for events, TV production, and fixed installations, as it allows visual designers and artistic directors to conceive and design shows before getting on site. The software softens video projectors together to create a totally seamless image. A feature unique to Onlyview is its ability to track real world objects live in real time, and changes can be made in real time without long rendering times. It can simultaneously show multiple live camera images alongside video playback and PC sources. It can use multiple timelines and cross-fade from any timeline to another in any order. Graphic files can be imported and animated. Adobe Photoshop files are imported as layers, so elements can be moved directly on screen. Onlyview can also be synchronized with Onlycue, E\T\C's large-format scrolling projection control software, for seamless integration of both video and PIGI large-format projection. The system will be available as a rental-only item from E\T\C UK.

ESP Vision 2.0


ESP Vision 2.0 is an upgrade to ESP Vision 1.1 and the most comprehensive software enhancement release in the lighting visualization company's history. Vision 2.0 introduces the ability to merge multiple components from many different sources, including Max, Viz, VectorWorks, and 3DS file formats into a single environment. Once there, any component can be scaled, rotated, and positioned, as needed. Lighting instruments, moving truss, set pieces, and other components can be added directly into any scene. The ability to modify textures and effects placed on any surface extends the software's realism by simulating LED curtains, tiled LEDs, and water. Users can create rendered stills, AVI files, and MOV files for distribution to clients. All ESP Vision 1.1 users with active subscriptions can upgrade free to 2.0.

Frontier Playback Unit


Frontier is the newest addition to the VisualDMX line of products, which includes Matrix Mania! software, Visual3D visualizer, and various USB-to-DMX interfaces. It is specially designed for fixed installations that require a stand-alone replay unit for preprogrammed lighting sequences. This will allow small venues to operate lights easily and prevent accidental erasing any of the programs. The 19" rack mountable unit offers playback of 16 different sequences, programmable by VisualDMX. Additionally, the unit is fitted with a manual speed control dial and audio input for automatic beat triggering. Its illuminated buttons and clear layout are particularly useful in low-lit environments.

Vivien Virtual Event Designer 1.2

Cast Software

With the latest release of Vivien Virtual Event Designer, event designers and planners can create 3D images of events without in-depth CAD training. Vivien is specifically designed for event, meeting, design, and production professionals. It features a streamlined user interface, more intuitive tools, and performance enhancements that improve the program's speed. With the new Import Floorplan feature, users can import floorplans into the program and then set the correct scale so their designs are always accurate. Other new features include a Projection Wizard that lets planners choose from a number of screens and projectors and the ability to save event layouts in multiple formats and then distribute them by email or hard copy.



The COLORbar is a DMX controllable addition to the COLORdash series of LED lighting. The 4'-long LED panel system incorporates four rectangular panels with 24 RGB LEDs, for a total of 96 diodes per unit. Using five, six, or 17 DMX channels, four operating modes allow users to customize programs with options including sound-activation or automatic operation, RGB mix, and adjustments to color, speed, and fade. It also comes with built-in color change programs and is designed for venues that require easy change in decor. Each system operates with a power source of either 110V or 230V. The life expectancy of the diodes is about 100,000 hours.

My Favorite Dimmers:

My current favorite is the Pocket Console from BCi. I find it to be a great tool for many applications. I am a production electrician, primarily doing corporate shows, but I also do several sports events, trade shows, and the occasional one-off concert.

I use the Pocket Console for ringing out a truss before flying it out to trim, checking both conventionals and automated. I use it when troubleshooting just about any DMX device, such as scrollers, strobes, LED fixtures, and moving lights. I run it into the DMX-B port on an ETC Sensor rack to troubleshoot problems without having to ask board ops to turn on a specific dimmer or park something while I work on it. I also run backstage work lights, hazers, etc., through the B port of the rack, once again not bothering board ops with such things. I've even used it as a wing for a Wholehog 2 in a pinch.

When an LD asks can if I can throw a couple of booms out in the foyer and hang some fru fru lights out there, I can toss a Pocket Console on it with a preset look and forget about it — batteries last a solid six to eight hours.
Pete Campbell
Production electrician
CLS Productions, Inc.

I would have to say that I really like ET's IPS dimming system that we are using on the Phantom of the Opera National Tour. I have used ETC touring dimmer racks on other tours, which were great dimmers, but the ability to press a button right next to the unit to turn the lamp on is great. The ability to change the wave form to use twin spins and effect wheels is a definite plus. I just wish that changing the dimmer units wasn't such a weird process. If they just made the LED and focus button a part of the dimmer plate, instead of having to fish it inside the holes of the stage pin plate, this would be the perfect dimmer. The feedback that is given lets me know before the lamp even goes out. I can tell that the unit is pulling more power than the day before by reading the alerts that are given.
Roger Desmond
Assistant electrician

Phantom of the Opera, Music Box Company

We like the portable and user friendly Chauvet DMX-4. It's a four-channel dimmer designed for truss or pipe mounting and can be used anywhere as a four-channel or, with the push of a button, a two-channel, and again, a push of a button, and it's a single channel dimmer, with eight outputs. For my money, this is the Swiss Army knife of portable dimming. We've used these for several years, and they just keep working and working. It's a cheap and reliable dimmer that fits the bill for many applications.
Don Lanier
Pearl Productions