Walking the dog
When it last appeared in London in 1979, My Fair Lady held the record as the longest running show at the Theatre Royal. So when planning the design for its 2001 homecoming, lighting designer David Hersey wanted to ensure there was something new for today's audiences. The traditional way of opening and closing curtains onstage using a simple fade wasn't good enough for Hersey's new design for My Fair Lady, so the engineers at DHA Lighting put their heads together and the result is the YoYo+, which was launched at PLASA 2001.

The YoYo+ houses one or two effects plates, accurately positioned in the gate of an ellipsoidal spotlight; a microprocessor-controlled motor unit allows the plates to move either vertically or horizontally to a specific point. The linear movement of the effects plates facilitates any effect that requires vertical or horizontal motion, while the continuous option produces repetitive movement effects. Thus, when Professor Higgins pulls a rope to open the curtains, the outlines of the curtains move back to reveal the windows behind them. (The windows, of course, are also projected, using DHA gobos.)

Careful positioning of the etched image on the YoYo+'s plate means that a pattern can be moved completely in or out of the gate via DMX. And the use of two plates in the double version means that one image can be swapped for another, effectively producing a gobo changer. There is also room for a standard B-size fixed gobo, allowing a whole new range of effects to be created through the interaction of the fixed gobo and effects plates.

Using digital technology, the YoYo+ is silent and can be connected in a chain of up to 20 units. Control can be accomplished either directly by DMX512 from the console, or up to 60 steps can be recorded onto a programmable chip (EEPROM), for use as a standalone effects unit, such as in a themed setting. Each step can be indexed to +/- 0.35mm. Some of the effects that the YoYo+ can create include image reveals, rising or setting sun, passing car, door opening, curtains closing, bouncing ball, waves on a shore, and swaying trees just to name a few. In addition to theatre applications, it is also ideal for advertising and themed entertainment venues. The variety of effects makes the YoYo+ a very versatile tool.
DHA Lighting Ltd

Glove your neighbor
Setwear Products has unveiled the fingerless M-Pact glove, designed for procedures that require more control. The glove features two convenient pull tabs on the middle and ring fingers for easier removal, and a gel pad in the palms and between the index finger and thumb to lessen impact and vibrations. Neoprene knuckle panels are designed to provide increased flexibility and protection.
Setwear Products

Grateful TED
The Wireworks TED-5 DMX cable tester is designed, according to the manufacturer, to show you if your DMX cables are “good to go or ready to throw.” The TED-5, which can test DMX lighting control cables in both five-pin and three-pin configurations, is compact enough for on-site use, but can also be used in the shop. The unit tests for shorts, open circuits, cross-wiring, and shorts-to-case problems in both five-pin and three-pin XLR cables, which means it can also be used to test microphone cables.

Lower the boom
JLG Industries introduced two new models in its 450 Series II articulating boom lifts. These two models fit into the 45' (13.5m) articulating boom lift class. The Model 450A Series II is an articulated boom lift and the Model 450AJ Series II is an articulated boom lift with a 4'1" (1.2m) jib boom. Both Series II models have 500lb (225kg) unrestricted platform capacity, with a horizontal reach of 24'6" (7.4m) on both models and the up-and-over reach has been extended to 25'2" (7.4m). Two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive models are available.
JLG Industries, Inc.

He who dies with the most tools wins
Jensen Tools, a division of Stanley Works, released its Master Sourcebook for Fall 2001. This 300-page, full-color catalog contains thousands of products from leading manufacturers, including more than 400 new items. The new Master Sourcebook features an extensive selection of tool kits, carts and cases, test equipment, hand and power tools, wire and cable, soldering/desoldering equipment, lighting and optical products, field accessories, storage solutions, and much more. Jensen's Kit Team will also work with customers to design and build custom kits for unique requirements. Contact Jensen for a free copy of the Fall 2001 Master Sourcebook.
Jensen Tools Inc.

Over the rainbow
Elation announced the Pro Color, a DMX color changer that features 10 dichroic colors, 10 split colors, and a frost filter for wash effects. The fixture uses a 150W discharge lamp with an average rated life of 9,000 hours and uses two DMX channels, one for control of the frost and a 0-100% dimmer, and one channel for control of the color wheel. The fixture has an adjustable beam angle of 10º to 19º. Other features include rear lamp access, a mounting yoke for hanging horizontally or vertically, and a fan for cooling. The unit has a 120V power supply, weighs 29lb (13kg), and has dimensions of 15.5"x9.5"x7" (39x24x18cm).
Elation Professional

It's a harsh and cruel world
Neutrik presents the EtherCon Series of ruggedized connectors. The EtherCon's rugged RJ-45-style connectors are ideal for audio and video stage technology, DMX systems, and rough environments. The cable connector carrier has been created with a die-cast shell and Neutrik's unique chuck-type strain relief to reinforce the cable and protect the plug. The EtherCon cable carrier is easy to assemble and accepts all standard RJ-45 plugs. The key feature is the secure latching system, which is not found on other standard RJ-45 receptacles. Neutrik's EtherCon Receptacle is unshielded. The receptacle has eight contacts, a rated current of 1.5A and dielectric strength of 1,000 VAC rms. The lifetime of the EtherCon has been estimated at greater than 1,000 mating cycles. The cable carrier has a temperature range of -30ºC to 80ºC. Although the cable carrier comes with a standard boot in black, nine additional resistor colors are available upon request.
Neutrik USA

Spin me right round
GAM Products introduced the GAM SoloSpin, which is designed to rotate one glass or metal pattern at a time. Made for use in ETC Source Four, Altman Shakespeare, and Strand SL ellipsoidal spotlights, the SoloSpin operates at 110V and rotates a B-size pattern at 3rpm. The SoloSpin is housed in a stainless-steel body and features high temperature drive belts and a snap ring to mount either glass or metal patterns into the gate.

The SoloSpin joins the upgraded TwinSpin II and the new TwinSpin Jr. in GAM's range of pattern effects units. The TwinSpin Jr. is designed to rotate M-size patterns in the ETC Source Four jr. ellipsoidal spotlight. For further information on the GAM pattern rotator family and the over 800 gobo pattern designs, visit the GAM website and view videos of the actual effects.
GAM Products