ETC plans to change the way lighting professionals work, with its new Emphasis control system. Emphasis is at first hard to categorize. It is at once a control console, lighting design and visualization toolbox, and networked system. A lighting control console with the user interface of ETC's Expression and Express line of consoles, the Emphasis system is fully scaleable to any user's needs. It will be offered in channel counts from 500 to 5,000, easily upgradeable as needs change.

Emphasis is also a lighting design tool, incorporating a totally new version of the WYSIWYG visualization software. With this built-in graphic interface and database, it takes the user through the design process, into the planning stages, on to programming and realization, and then to operation and monitoring of the show. One program, one system, one-time data entry, one-time data editing.

If the user makes a change through the patch screen on Emphasis, that change will dynamically affect the CAD plan and paperwork in WYSIWYG. It is a simple point-and-click to select fixtures, or point-and-click to focus. You can select a color in the WYSIWYG palette, or use the encoder wheels on Emphasis, or a combination of both. Control is truly seamless. Designers and operators gain unprecedented options for creating designs and programming with ease and speed. This new potential to visualize live and multiple previews may revolutionize how we approach every aspect of the cueing process.

The thousands of customers who are already using ETC's Expression and Express range of consoles will not have to abandon their existing control console and learn something totally new. Every ETC Expression 2x and 3, Insight 2x and 3, Express, Imagine 3, and Focus console can be upgraded to Emphasis.
Electronic Theatre Controls

Pulsar introduces the ChromaPanel, an addition to its ChromaRange family of color-mixing LED fixtures. The ChromaPanel is a 600mm (24") square panel that utilizes 132 RGB LEDs to create a vivid panel of color making it ideal for suspended ceilings or wall displays.
Pulsar Light of Cambridge Ltd

Creative Stage Lighting Co., Inc. introduces the Entertainment Power Systems SP-20 stage-pin connector. The connector utilizes a high-temperature thermoset compound which provides protection in extreme heat applications and makes the connector very durable. An exclusive dual-termination design allows you to select your preferred method of termination. The design lets you choose between crimp-ring terminals or wire pressure shoes. A strain relief system accepts a wide range of cable, from 16/3 up to 12/3 SO. The CUL-listed connector incorporates split male pins and floating female receptacles to achieve a perfect connection.
Creative Stage Lighting Co., Inc.

Lumenyte offers a complete starry sky effect kit, including all the components necessary to create this magical effect. The kit is available in three star densities, 100, 200, and 400 star points of light, and with size ratios of 20-mil, 30-mil, and 40-mil PMMA acrylic fiber. Included in the kit is an illuminator, a 75W quartz halogen light source, with the option of a hand-painted color wheel or star wheel with white light. Also included is a bundle of multiple sizes of fibers, two sizes of drill bits, and glue. Easy-to-understand installation instructions enable those with no previous fiber-optic experience to create this effect. Applications include residential baby nurseries, bedrooms, and bathrooms, restaurants, nightclubs and bars, casinos, and more.
Lumenyte International Corporation

Lumenyte has introduced a fanless 150W metal-halide illuminator. This light source, with a rating of DC25, provides an alternative for applications requiring a minimum of noise in the environment, such as in performing arts centers, libraries, retail spaces, and other public areas. Featuring the Lumenyte Encore™ housing, this illuminator offers a choice of lamps including the Philips MasterColor, GE Constant Color, Ushio MHR 100W, the ArcStream 150M metal-halide, and the Ushio 100W quartz halogen lamp. Color controls are also available with DMX, and easy-to-use touch pad wall panels for synchronization and speed control of the wheels. Additionally, twinkle wheels are available for a starry sky effect.
Lumenyte International Corporation

The EconoCyc is a lightweight, compact luminaire designed to provide an even wash of light on cycloramas and backdrops, and can also be used as a flood/fill light. It has a state-of-the-art, highly polished and peened reflector, adjustable lampholders allow the luminaire to accept T3 to T8 lamps of three different lengths, and the housing has a slide bracket to allow multiple units to lock together, including the Focusing Cyc and others. Optional non-skid feet are height-adjustable and eliminate the need for floor trunnions. A wide selection of yokes and other hanging hardware is available to accommodate virtually all mounting configurations.
Altman Lighting Inc.

Apollo introduces the Spectra Q line of color changers, offering digital circuitry at attractive prices. In a variety of sizes to fit many lighting fixtures, the scrollers are self-calibrating. With a capacity of 2-16 colors, fan-forced cooling, and quiet operation, Spectra Q scrollers are designed to provide years of reliable service and exceptional value. Included in the line is the Comspec color mixer that allows designers to determine colors “on the fly.” Equipped with two gel strings, thousands of colors can be produced by blending shades.
Apollo Design Technology, Inc.

The Sperry Bracket can hold up to 12 lighting instruments or four speakers. Rated to hold 150lb, it can support decorative elements or fabric and attaches directly to a tent pole, providing 360° of coverage. The aluminum modular construction and its flexible sizing allow attachment to poles 3"-8" in diameter. It is available in custom colors; the standard bracket is available in aluminum or white powder-coat for an additional charge. The bracket consists of two pieces and comes with attachment hardware that includes bolts, nuts, and lock washers. Also included is a safety cable and D-ring banding strap.
Tent Tec

Chauvet introduces a number of additions to its product line. Among recent introductions are the Obsession, a compact DJ series fixture using an EFP5 12V 100W lamp with beat activation, dual function gobo and projection wheel that includes 18 gobos and 27 colors, and sound activation. The DMX-40 Control Center controller (above) allows a user to control up to 12 fixtures with 16 DMX channels per fixture, and includes blackout, MIDI, fog control, and 240 scenes — 30 banks of eight scenes. The Abyss is a simulated rippling water effect with continuous color-changing and uses an ELC3 24V 250W lamp.

Compulite introduces the Rave, a new lighting control console designed for DJs, rental houses, trade shows, and other live venues. Rave includes features that have previously been available only in more advanced and expensive consoles. Rave can control up to 100 channels, 40 automated fixtures, and 20 additional DMX devices. Enhanced playback operation and fixture manipulation combine to make Rave a powerful tool. Features include an integral three-band equalizer for perfect sound-to-light synchronization, effects generator with standard effects package, MIDI, SMPTE, DMX input, and Ethernet support.
Compulite Systems (2000) Ltd.
SSP International (distributor in US and Canada)

Awarded the LDI Lighting Product of the Year/Architectural, Lighting & Electronics' Orlando is designed for applications requiring a bright, even wash of light. For use with 150W CDM lamps, which offer an average rated lamp life of 10,000 hours, this fixture features a compact design with a lightweight aluminum housing incorporating an integral electronic ballast and uniquely designed reflector. The Orlando is supplied in one-, two-, or three-cell configurations and is equipped with color frame, yoke, and 6' (1.8m) cord set with a molded U-ground connector. Available in five optional powder-coat finishes: black, white, hunter green, royal blue, and red.
Lighting & Electronics

If you love Mole-Richardson fixtures and wish that they came in a bundled kit form, your wait is over. Mole introduces a line of kits called DigiMole. The line currently consists of 10 kits that have varying combinations of Mole fixtures and accessories in a starter or pro configuration and in both AC and AC/DC versions for a range of lighting applications. The kits are designed for key lighting, backlighting, and bounces, or can be used with an optional Chimera® LightBank. Kits include the compact and lightweight DigiMole 200W and 400W HMI PAR fixtures in a variety of combinations and one kit features a 200W HMI DigiMole Softlite. All come with molded cases.
Mole-Richardson Company

Phoebus introduces the Ultra Quartz II®. This rugged, compact, high-intensity 25-100'-throw (7.5-30m) followspot is designed for smaller spaces. The Ultra Quartz II incorporates a 3:1 variable focal length lens system, an FLE (or ENX) 360W MR-16 integrated dichroic reflector lamp, and a six-color color changer. The light output of the followspot is equivalent to or greater than that of conventional 1,000W followspots. New features include a full-range mechanical dimmer/douser, a lightweight internal solid-state power supply, new fan controls, lighter weight, and lower price. The Ultra Quartz II is ideal for small theatres, nightclubs, schools, and churches and its sturdy design holds up to on-the-road abuse and rigorous rental schedules.
Phoebus Manufacturing