Let It Snow This non-evaporating, non-toxic, non-slippery snow is extremely realistic and a one-gallon solution provides up to one hour of snow squalls, when used in conjunction with the company's T-5000 snow machine. Snow flows freely, and the wireless control feature insures remote operation via "start/stop" command. While a T-5000 can hold two hours' worth of snow solution, an external reservoir (up to a 55-gallon drum) can be connected for blizzard-like conditions. Snow Masters, Plantation, FL

BGW's line of rackmount accessories now includes flanged aluminum blank panels with a black powder-coat finish. These panels are manufactured from .063"-thick aluminum with 0.500" flanges for added strength and rigidity. Custom-punched panels are available; in addition to rack panels of varying heights (conveniently sized in rack units), there are vent and security panels, pre-punched panels for various connectors, sliding shelves, drawers, stage boxes, rack rails, and various rackmount trays available. BGW Systems, Hawthorne, CA

Designers will find the expanded line of Outwater Industries wrought-iron railing, gate and grille architectural products decorative as well as useful. Due to their solid-material-type construction, the wrought-iron components are easy to weld and virtually unbreakable, as well as being easy to paint, powder- or clear-coat, galvanize, or treat with patinas. The components allow for the easy building of stair railings, balconies, window coverings, fences, gates, and other architectural details. Outwater Industries, Wood-Ridge, NJ

Senco has added two "nailers" to the Accuset brand of pneumatic powered tools. The recent introduction of the straight and angled finish nailers brings to nine the number of tools in the Accuset model line. The A250FN is a 2-1/2" angled finish nailer that fires a 15-gauge nail, available in lengths from 1-1/4" to 2-1/2" into wood of all types, especially moldings. The A250SM is a 2-1/2" straight finish nailer for heavy-duty projects and fires 16-gauge nails, available in lengths from 1-1/4" to 2-1/2". The new models feature a sleek, ergonomic design that allows for comfortable and easy one-hand control. Senco, Cincinnati, OH

Astrup Company has added dyed 10oz single filled cotton duck fabric, particularly well-suited for theatrical scenery applications and costumes, to its product line. Made using "A" grade dyeable quality single filling cotton duck, the fabrics are available in six colors: bleached white, reactive dye black, reactive dye red, vat-dyed royal blue, reactive dye spruce green, and reactive dye yellow. Astrup Company, Cleveland, OH

Buhl Optical's new Xtra Bright (XB) series of LCD lenses offer up to 30% brighter images than the previous generation of LCD lenses, while still being compatible with the increased brightness and resolution of the new generation of data/video projectors. Therefore, special short-throw or long-throw applications will benefit from the XB line of lenses. The Xtra Bright LCD lenses also offer contrast ratios that produce whiter whites and blacker blacks for sharper-looking images, according to the manufacturer. There is also an improved mechanical design with spiral focusing mounts that offer more precise on-screen focusing; the redesigned zoom portion of the lens allows for more fluid movement of lens elements. Buhl Optical, a Navitar Company, Pittsburgh, PA

The EcoAir family of spray products are environmentally and worker friendly as well as effective for their specific applications. Developed by Rawn America, these products are fully compatible with the Montreal Convention 2015 standards, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards that go into effect in 2006 and exceed the California Air Resource Board Standards that go into effect in 2001. Since the products are powered by compressed air, the need for an aerosol propellant (or CFC) is eliminated. The first product developed was the EcoAir Rust Remover VCI-423, housed in an air-powered spray can. VCI-423 is organic, water-based, non-flammable, and non-toxic. It can be used for removing rust from corroded surfaces and components and can replace conventional application methods such as brushing, dipping, or wiping. The use of a spray (and Eco-Air allows for upside down usage) also allows for application into hard-to-reach areas and crevices. EcoAir VCI377 is a rust preventative that is water-based and provides up to two years of protection against rust. It delivers a uniform, fine mist of anti-corrosion rust preventative that is also non-flammable, non-toxic, and biodegradable. Other Eco-Air products with environmentally friendly features are being developed by the company, including VCI-324 Penetrating Oil, VCI-372 Strippable Coating, VCI-386 Clear Coating, and VCI-415 Cleaner/Degreaser. Rawn America, Spooner, WI

New Frontier Electronics developed the Test 1,2,3 Audio/Video Signal Tracer to be an easy-to-use and effective diagnostic tool for troubleshooting instruments, microphones, audio and video components, and speaker systems and following a signal through interconnected pieces of equipment. The unit has a 1/4" jack on one end and three LEDs on the other. Through adapters, the unit can be used with video (BNC), RCA connectors, and XLR connectors. The testing unit can be used with composite and RGB component signals as well as phantom power for audio (microphone) systems. An optional Signal Tracer Kit, which includes a Pelican case and numerous adapters, is also available. New Frontier Electronics, New Hope, PA

Crouse-Hinds Molded Products introduced a new Cam-Lok series of connectors that provide for faster and easier assembly and disassembly of its connectors. The Cam-Lok E-Z1016 "J" series connectors feature a new durable locking ring made of reinforced fiberglass non-metallic material that encompasses the contact for added strength. A robust non-metallic retaining screw comes assembled in the insulating sleeve, allowing for easier assembly and disassembly. A redesigned drive pin, which increases torque and longitudinal strength, aligns and locates with the slot in the ring, eliminating the need for the holes in the contact to be aligned. In addition to the new "J" series connectors, a "J" power Three-Fer Tapping Tee and a Male-to-Male Adapter have been made available. The Three-fer tapping tee features two 45-degree and one straight-output leg to facilitate easy mating with connectors. The input leg is longer for easy connection to distro boxes. All feature color-coded insulators for fast and easy phase identification. Cooper Industries, Crouse Hinds Division, La Grange, NC

The Soundcraft Series Four FOH consoles offer maximum control in a compact package with many specialized features. The Series Four is a fully modular, VCA-equipped console which follows the acclaimed layout of the Soundcraft Series Five, but in a smaller footprint. The console is available in 24, 32, 40, and 48 frame sizes, with each size having an additional complement of four stereo inputs. The stereo mic/line inputs have full EQ as standard-more can be added in place of mono inputs. The EQ has two fully parametric mid bands with sweep shelving/bell highs and lows. There are 10 auxes, four of which are mono/stereo switchable, and direct access to the built-in 16 x 8 matrix. Automation is accomplished via the Showtime program that allows for snapshot control of many console functions. Soundcraft, distributed by Harman Pro North America, Nashville, TN

Strand Lighting recently announced the release of V2.3 Genius Pro and Lightpalette operating software for 500 Series consoles. This new software expands the features of the console, adding capabilities and operator convenience. New field edit protection locks have been added to all preview screens, which prevent accidental changing of the parameter settings while performing channel control operations. When installed with reporting dimmers from the EC90 and CD80sv Series, the expanded reporting functions provide detailed information such as a dimmer status, indicating faults such as load change and circuit breaker status. More information about a channel, cue, and dimmers is also available. A new gang-load feature has been added to the submasters, allowing cues, groups, or effects to be sequentially loaded into sub-masters quickly and easily. New configuration files have been added to the system, allowing a user to assign alternative functions to the console push-buttons and controls. Key mapping allows any key to be assigned to up to four sequential functions, creating custom-control surfaces for different operators. The software also allows for usage of different tablets and an external mouse, for easier control of moving lights. Strand Lighting, Rancho ,Dominguez, CA

The California-approved Gamtorch from GAM Products creates and sustains an actual flame that can be handheld. The solid steel housing weighs less than 3lbs and produces a 16"-high flame. Based on a design by Jeff Kleeman of the LA Opera, the Gamtorch operates on special fuel pellets that provide approximately 15 minutes of flame. The Gamtorch incorporates a shut-off mechanism which insures that should the torch be dropped, put down, or released by the actor, the flame will be totally enclosed and extinguished within one second, according to the manufacturer. The fuel pellets are non-explosive, easy to store, and have an almost indefinite shelf life. GAM Products, Hollywood, CA

The Show Pro Box Office Expert is a theatre management software program designed to simplify box office operations. It provides for easy processing of ticket purchases and reservations, organizes and maintains customer databases, generates reports for promotion or accounting, and creates labels. There is also support for group discounts, multiple show and performance purchases, customized season ticket plans, alternative pricing schedules, and a seamless interface to a facilities website. This web interface allows for patron seat selection, reservation, and purchase. The system is IBM-compatible and requires MS Access and Word. Besides a 200MHz or faster Pentium with 32Meg RAM, a ticket printer, a color printer, and a fast modem completes the system. Data Into Action, Fullerton, CA

Hamilton Caster & Manufacturing developed its new Poly-Tech wheel series with a crowned tread for easy rolling and a clean, attractive appearance. The wheels feature a resilient tread of red polyurethane mechanically bonded to a specially designed white center of harder polypropylene. The non-marking, contemporary-looking wheel has 2" face widths in 4", 5", 6", and 8" diameters. Completing the line are three smaller wheels with 13/8" face widths in diameters of 31/2", 4", and 5". A variety of bearing choices, including ball bearings, the Hamilton Delrin bearing, stainless ball bearings, and straight roller bearings, are available. The Poly-Tech wheels may be furnished with swivel and rigid casters made of carbon steel or corrosion-resistant stainless steel. Hamilton Caster & Manufacturing, Hamilton, OH

An iris feature with outstanding performance properties has been added to High End Systems' Technobeam(R) automated luminaire. The iris allows for total designer control over the beam size, and software is available for the Status-Cue(TM) console, Wholehog II, and the Technobeam LCD controller. High End has added an "I" to the Technobeam name to signify units equipped with the special iris. The original Technobeam and new iris version are fully compatible, are the same size, and will use the same size patterns. Both Technobeam automated luminaires offer compact size, quiet operation, and brightness (more than 4,000 lumens), as well as crisp graphic and morphing effects. The Laser Aiming Device (LAD), for focusing in high ambient lighting conditions, also is available on both models. Another feature is the built-in programmed effects; the number of user-programmable effects is now 16, and they can be divided into "User A" and "User B" categories. In this mode, operational parameters such as Pan Invert and Operating mode can have a standard setting and a special event configuration. High End Systems, Austin, TX

The Contemporary Research Stereo FM Tuner 232-FMA has bidirectional RS-232 remote control/status with simple ASCII protocol. These advanced features allow for usage of the tuner with show control systems for FOH and retail entertainment applications. Conventional users will find the front panel switch controls for seek up/down, mute, preset up/down, and bright channel/status display convenient. There are also programmable local/distance and stereo/mono modes with programmable front panel lockout. The tuner is rackmountable, is 1RU high, and the non-volatile memory saves and restores all tuner functions. Contemporary Research, Dallas, TX

Elektralite, a division of Group One, Ltd. has introduced two new fog machines, the Turbo Fog and the Turbo Fog+. The Turbo Fog is a 1,000W machine, and the Turbo Fog+ is a 1,500W unit. Both units have the following features: DMX control capable of of 120 V operation, ETL certification, variable output for either constant output of fog or fog blast, and an electronic thermal sensor which supplies power to the heater instantly when needed, and an aluminum construction that keeps the machines running cool to the touch. Each unit is supplied with one gallon of Elektralite fog fluid. Elektralite, Farmingdale, NY

Sound playback for productions as well as FOH and other public spaces will be easier with the Denon DN-H800 five-disk CD carousel and AM/FM tuner. The CD player has numerous playback modes. The Play mode can be set to either single or continuous, while the Program Play enables the user to combine up to 20 tracks from the five or fewer CDs that are loaded. Two pitch control buttons allow playback speed to be adjusted +/- 12.0% in 0.1% steps. Direct disk and track select buttons make accessing specific tracks fast and easy, while a large, integrated LED display makes the machine's status easily readable. Additional features include a 30-station random preset memory, timer on/off switch, analog (balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA) output connectors, headphone jack with volume adjustment, wired remote control terminal, and optional wireless remote controller (RC-176). Denon, Parsippany, NJ

The Fantome is the name given to the newly developed Wynne Willson Gottelier (WWG) automated luminaire (moving mirror type), which incorporates the Juliat 2.5kW HMI zoom profile luminaire. Tony Gottelier of WWG explains "The French spelling of 'Phantom' is an acknowledgement of Robert Juliat, the French manufacturer of the zoom profile," and the silent, noise-free moving light functions, which are achieved through the use of servo motor technology. The Fantome also provides a very low profile, which conserves space on the lighting grid. Every feature is DMX-controllable (positioning, zoom/focus, iris, framing, and scrolling color) including the original DMX-controlled dowser and remote ignition. Wynne Willson Gottelier, London, UK

GAM's new recipe book presents dozens of effects that can be achieved with gobos and gel. It is designed to accommodate the myriad of venues and the different tastes (and budgets) of lighting designers. The cookbook is logically organized, with two tables of contents: the first is by effects desired grouped by subject with many illustrated in color on the cover. The second listing is equipment-based: ellipsoidal, TwinSpin, Scene Machine, Flickermaster, or Spin/FX. Within the category is a listing of effects. Each desired effect has a separate and complete "recipe" with the appropriate gobos listed by name and description, as well as notes on suggested gel (with numbers) and optional patterns to consider. Friendly reminders such as "very soft focus" are included. All types of effects are included and there is a wide variety that can be achieved using just one ellipsoidal. GAM Products, Hollywood, CA