Entertainment journalists keep insisting that the teen band phenomenon is, like, over, yet 'NSync somehow keeps going strong. The group made quite the impression at the MTV Video Music Awards, held at the Metropolitan Opera House in New York on September 6. The group performed its new hit song “Pop,” from its latest album,Celebrity, on a wild, Pop Art setting; LED lighting from Color Kinetics played a key role in the visual impact.

The set, designed by Michael Cotten and constructed by Brooklyn-based Showman Fabricators, contained nearly 500' of Color Kinetics' iColor Cove® fixtures covered with 1"-thick clear acrylic, spelling the word “Pop” at stage center. Other key pieces of scenery included ramps with acrylic tops that were underlit with iColors, plus a 12'-square video cube, lightboxes, several digital prints, a revolving entrance wall with large digital graphics, and a cutout door that allowed Justin and JC to stand inside the wall before entering the stage.

The iColors proved up to the task of adding to the pulse of a typically high-energy 'NSync performance, as they produced any number of colors and effects, including chases and strobes. All were created using Color Kinetics' ColorPlay light show authoring software, and played back via Color Kinetics' iPlayer® show storage and playback device. The Color Kinetics units were chosen because of low-voltage requirements and durability. Because they were placed in the stage floor, they had to stand up to the weight of the scenery and performers. “This was a unique application of a fabulous product,” says Robert Usdin of Showman.

It was, of course, a very good night for 'NSync; the group won four awards, including Best Dance Video, Best Group Video, Best Pop Video, and Viewer's Choice. The entire production was designed by Allen Branton, with Michael Goodwin serving as lighting coordinator, Christian Choi as lighting director for automated units, Kevin Lawson and Tom Beck as lighting directors for conventional units, Zack Guthmiller as gaffer, and Hans Henze as Vari*Lite technician. Equipment was supplied by Westsun and Vari-Lite. The equipment list included 125 High End Systems Studio Colors®, 67 High End Studio Beams, 36 High End x.Spots, 30 High End Studio Spots®, eight High End Technobeams®, 110 Vari*Lite® VL6Cs, 10 Vari*Lite VL7s, 40 Vari*Lite VL5Bs, 12 Vari*Lite VL5Arcs, and 12 Diversitronics strobes, along with an extensive list of conventional units, all under the control of three Flying Pig Systems Wholehog® II consoles.