Another year, another LDI. In fact, I have a feeling I say this same thing every year. I guess I have redundancy issues.

But this is no ordinary LDI — hmmm, do I say that every year also? This year, we are jumping light years ahead in the trade show game and bringing the entertainment technology community a few new ways to stay connected.

First, and very exciting since we are the first magazine or trade show in our company to offer this, thanks to the hard work or our new media team, we now have an iPhone app available for LDI attendees. It will feature LDI show news, including our LDI Show Daily that is already up and running weekly as The Road To LDI and will go daily on the Monday prior to the trade show opening.

But wait, there's more. The app also includes a booth location tool so you can find anyone on the show floor at the touch of a button or slide of the screen. Get it at

I know you're probably wondering why this isn't in our “iPhone Apps We Love” article by Greg Bloxham on p. 108, because we do love it ever so much, but we couldn't get it into that feature in time. We editors tend to write these letters while the press is running awaiting the last stroke of the key.

And if iPhone applications aren't your thing, then maybe job applications are. LDI, in partnership with ESTA, has unveiled Career Connection@LDI, an online job search tool specifically designed for professionals in our industry. Jobseekers and employers can register online, search resumes, post jobs, and even create appointments to meet at LDI. Employers can even reserve interview rooms at the trade show. All that info can be found at

Exciting stuff, eh? And so is this issue. Be sure to check out Michael Eddy's coverage of the Democratic National Convention (p. 58). Designer Bruce Rodgers is doing a case study on the DNC at LDI at the Projection Master Classes. Those same classes are led by Bob Bonniol, who is featured in “How Do You Teach Magic” on p 28. Ah, the great big circle of life.

See you in Vegas.