The Unique, a compact hazer, is manufactured by Look! Solutions of Germany, and distributed in North America by Theatre Effects. The pump mechanism and the fan can be controlled (99 discrete steps), and independently of each other. Through the adjustment of the hazer components, many atmospheric effects, ranging from fine mist to a heavy haze, can be achieved. Unique can be operated via the control panel, analog console, and with DMX512, (two channels, user-selectable addresses). Other Unique features include a rapid warmup time of approximately one minute, quiet operation, and minimal and efficient glycol-based fluid consumption - a 11/42-gallon container (mated to the hazer) will last approximately 50 hours, at a 50% output level. Power consumption is 1,200W and a 120VAC and a 220VAC model is available. Unique weighs 15lbs (without fluid) and is approximately 11" wide x 9" high x 17" deep. Theatre Effects Hagerstown, MD