Some readers may have observed the usage of heavier, SPT-2 cordage in portable lighting fixtures and scenery pieces. Due to the replacement of the more flexible SPT-1 wire, the conventional approach of tying a "UL Knot" is difficult to achieve. Heyco has developed the In-Line Strain-Relief Bushing to provide maximum safety, UL-compliance, and protection against 35lb. of pulling force - thereby preventing damage to internal wiring and electrical connections. The bushing is molded of 6/6 nylon and will not crack or break. It grips the cord without the need to be installed in a chassis, and has a low-profile rectangular design that can be installed by hand. In addition, the In-Line strain-relief bushing is engineered to allow installation at any point in a cable - so feeding long wire ends through a strain relief is eliminated. It is available in black, white, or custom colors upon request. HEYCO PRODUCTS Toms River, NJ