A part from the offering of digital services galore, the biggest excitement at this year's ShowBiz Expo West was provided by a camera crane crashing to the show floor. The event, sponsored by Variety, was held June 13-15 at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

Mole-Richardson debuted the 20k Sky Pan, a 40"-diameter Maxi Brute available in 10k/20k versions and suitable for use on translight backings. New from LTM Corporation of America is a Prolight(TM) 2.5/4kW Combo S/E, a mini-focusable HMI fresnel with a guide-rail system for ensuring correct gravity center balancing and tight yoke lockdown.

Phoebus Manufacturing introduced the SkyWarrior Silverbeam Searchlight, a self-contained motorized searchlight with a 20" reflector and 3kW, 4kW, or 7kW xenon light source. Strand Lighting displayed its Bambino 500 and 650 fresnels, designed for very close rigging.

Cinemills Corporation introduced its 18/12k Super Silver Bullet, a switchable HMI lighting fixture system with a choice of magnetic or flicker-free electronic ballasts. DeSisti Lighting showed its new 400W and 575W PARs, and also combination ballasts. LP Associates Inc. introduced the 1,000W DCI(R) PAR Daylight System, a lightweight fixture with parabolic reflector, focus adjustment, and four diffusion lenses.

Ushio America Inc. introduced a new selection of HX lamps for Altman ellipsoidals. Lightning Strikes! now has a color scroller available for its units, and introduced a 25k. Lightning Strikes! did Mr. Freeze's gun flash for Batman & Robin (above), and contributed to the upcoming Amistad and Godzilla.

Lee Filters showed its new Music Color Packs. Each pack includes 12 pre-cut sheets of 10"x10" gel, along with basic instructions on color mixing, allowing up-and-coming bands to professionalize their stage images.

Rosco/Entertainment Technology introduced its line of CalColors, 32 calibrated effects colors specifically geared for film emulsion response. The Great American Market concentrated on its gel line. Le Maitre Special Effects Inc. presented its G150 fog machine, which offers continuous output.

Other companies included Bogen Cine, showing a Super Jaw Clamp to handle all stand accessories; Calzone Case, debuting the Anvil Armorlite(TM) lightweight polyethylene lens case; ETC with its ETC Source Four jr.; and High End Systems with the Studio Color(R) S version automated wash fixture.

Godzilla will undoubtedly be the rage of next year's show, but let's hope he doesn't knock over any camera cranes. In the meantime, Variety will present ShowBiz Expo East September 25-27 at New York City's Jacob Javits Convention Center.