Peter Ksander, a third-year MFA candidate from CalArts in lighting design, has been named the new Wally Russell Intern at Los Angeles Music Center Opera (LAMCO). Sponsored by the Wally Russell Foundation, the internship is tailored to the individual; however, notes Jeff Kleeman of the Opera, the intern "basically serves as the second assistant lighting designer on each show." The length of the internship is also flexible, but can last the length of the Opera's season. Ksander begins with the opening of LAMCO's fall 1999 season.

And this season at the Opera should provide a variety of experiences and learning opportunities. The schedule includes Samson, in a production from San Francisco Opera, with Kurt Landesman recreating Thomas Munn's lighting; a revival of LAMCO's Elixir of Love, with Beverley Thies recreating Paul Pyant's lighting; a new production of The Capulets and the Montagues, designed by Christine Solger-Binder; a coproduction with New York City Opera of Hansel and Gretel, lit by Paul Palazzo; a revival of the company's Faust, lit by Maidie Rosengarden; and productions of La Rondine and Billy Budd, both designed by Alan Burrett.

The previous Wally Russell Intern, Evan M. Ritter, is now the resident LD for Heliotrope, an LA-based modern dance company.

The Wally Russell Foundation was created in 1992 to honor the memory of Russell, whose frequently unrecognized impact on the profession was profound. The foundation also sponsors the Wally Russell Award, which honors outstanding lifetime achievement in entertainment technology.

In other news, for the first time, all industry members are invited to vote for this year's Wally Award winner. The nominees are Dave Cunningham, Stan Miller, Sonny Sonnenfeld, and Don Stern. Send your vote (one candidate only, please) by October 1 to, or fax 212/229-9179, or mail J. Tien, 32 West 18th Street, NY, NY 10011. You must identify yourself; anonymous votes will not be counted.