Atomic Rental now has the Cross Drape available in their rental inventory. The Cross Drape is a dimensional soft good created by designer Tom McPhillips. Originally created for performer E-yazawa in Japan, the Cross Drape also recently made an appearance at the BET Source Awards. Like all of Atomic's dimensional soft goods, the Cross Drape can ship small with its “pop-up” integrated design.

Atomic Design Inc.
Lititz, PA


Rosco's Lighting Paperwork System software streamlines the paperwork and information used when designing and implementing entertainment lighting. LPS uses an innovative display system that speeds up the creation of lighting paperwork, and using paperwork information during hang, focus, and tech rehearsals. It runs on Windows, Macintosh, and Linux platforms. The Pocket PC version is now available as well.

Rosco Laboratories Inc.
Stamford, CT


High End's DL2 is the third generation in its digital lighting line. A single unit houses a light engine, media server, and content. All that, plus it hangs and acts like an automated light. Because of this, there's no need for RGB cabling or a server in the FOH. Features include the ability to import 3D object images; movie playback synchronization between multiple DL2s; and an iris for full black-out.

High End Systems
Austin, TX


The MX1000 is the first in a new line of compact automated searchlight series. The unit weighs only 38Kg and puts out 70,000 lumens from a 3mm point source. The patented mercury arc lamp is only 5" long and 850W, which allows it to use a single phase switching power supply and keeps the weight down. It has 540° pan, 270° tilt, 0-20° beam, Venetian blind douser, and dual scroller with programmable electronic strobe. The beam spread — collimated to 20° — is fast and smooth and the douser speed — both fast and slow — matches to the rest of the Syncrolite line. The electronic strobe is programmable at variable speeds.

Dallas, TX


Honored as a debuting product/promising prototype in the projection category at last year's ETS-LDI trade show, BRASH!Live is an integrated visual composer designed to create and manipulate live visuals in real time. It sports a render engine that allows for complex imagery and effects including video, live video, true 3D objects, and particle systems to be displayed simultaneously. Further, the 3D elements can dynamically respond to a live audio feed. The manager allows you to load your own custom artwork. BRASH! visuals are created, blended, and manipulated through a standard MIDI controller. Scenes can also be cued through the built-in preset generator, or recorded to a MIDI sequencer, edited, and played back at a moment's notice.

Lucid 3D
Toronto, Ontario, Canada


The Panasonic AJ-HDX400 is a 1080i DVCPRO HD camcorder that makes high-definition acquisition more affordable for content creators. To lower the cost of HD postproduction, the AJ-HDX400 teams with the Panasonic AJ-HD1200A IEEE 1394 and Apple Final Cut HD software to offer a powerful acquisition-through-editing system. The AJ-HDX400 features three 2/3” 1-million pixel IT progressive CCDs to produce a high sensitivity of F10 at 2,000 lux, outstanding low-light shooting down to 0.008 lux (at +68dB), and ultra-sensitive recording up to 74dB. Its 12-bit A/D DSP circuits provide optimum picture quality, color reproduction, and luminance gradation. A Cine-like gamma curve replicates the look of film. A 10-second pre-recording function, which continually caches 10 seconds of video and audio in memory, allows it to capture scenes otherwise missed. The AJ-HDX400 records 48kHz/16-bit digital audio on all four channels. It has digital zoom with up to 400% image enlargement. A standard HD SDI output is included, and a down converter is built in eliminating the need for a SDI monitor.

Panasonic Corp. of North America
Secaucus, NJ


Version 2 of the Hippotizer media server expands upon and improves Hippotizer's existing features. It is available in three models: Hippotizer Express, Hippotizer Stage, and Hippotizer HD, supporting resolutions up to 1920×1080. All models support live video input, with Stage and HD allowing multiple video inputs. Version 2 offers a variety of control options, including DMX, RS232, ArtNet, MIDI, timecode, and external controllers. In addition, Hippotizer Stage and Hippotizer HD can output pixel information as DMX data via ArtNet. A control area screen separate from the main output screen allows images to be adjusted locally with layer-level preview. Hippotizer v2 features controllable interaction between layers, and there are up to 16 image layers (depending on model) with separate adjustment of all key parameters including brightness, contrast, color, position, and zoom. A master layer has 16-bit geometry applied globally to all other layers. Version 2 supports an expanded range of media file formats, including Quicktime, Mpeg1, Mpeg2, and AVIs. The Hippotizer Media Access Protocol (H-MAP) is also included, which allows lighting desks to obtain and display previews of media clips from Hippotizer.

Green Hippo, Ltd
London, UK


Digital Projection International (DPI) introduced two new 3-chip DLP Professional Series projectors with 2048×1080 native resolution — the HIGHlite 10000HD and 12000HD. Smaller and lighter than most 2K×1K resolution projectors, the HIGHlite 10000HD and 12000HD provide a powerful combination of lumen output (10,000 and 12,000 ANSI lumens, respectively) and rich contrast of up to 2000:1. This combination makes the projector well suited for a diverse range of wide-format staging applications and medium- to large-venue system installations. The HIGHlite HD series projectors can support any video, HD or computer source, include four-side soft-edge blend, and can be configured to incorporate advanced options such as seamless cross-fade and user-definable geometric warp. They also support active stereo 3D at resolutions up to 1400 × 1050 at 96Hz. The HIGHlite 10000HD and 12000HD, share the same mechanical configuration and options as all DPI Pro Series projectors, such as DPI's exclusive rigging/stacking system with integrated pitch-and-roll adjustments. This design renders the projectors “ready to rig or stack” right out of the transit case, simplifying critical alignment when edge-matching or overlaying multiple projectors. The HIGHlite 10000HD and 12000HD Pro Series projectors will begin shipping in March 2005.

Digital Projection International
Kennesaw, GA


Christie has introduced two new wide-screen projectors: the Christie DW3K and the DW6K. Featuring the new Darkchip2 DMD technology and Xenon illumination, the projectors are ideal for widescreen applications. The DW3K delivers 3,000 ANSI lumens and the DW6K delivers 6,000 ANSI lumens. They feature true 16:9 display, 1280×720 resolution, 1500-2000:1 contrast ratio, and 10-bit image processing for crisp images and color saturation. Built-in edge blending and optional image warping allow images to be wrapped around objects of almost any shape. The projectors' package includes an intuitive graphic interface, auto setup, on-screen help, and direct key access, and a full suite of lenses and optional ceiling mounts are included. The CERMAX Xenon lamp module (1,000 hours lamp life) in conjunction with the Christie Light Output Control (LiteLOC) extends bulb life. With their on-board backlit keypad, IR remote control, and integrated ChristieNET network connectivity module, the DW3K and DW6K projectors provide a high level of monitoring and control over TCP-IP network from anywhere in the world.

Christie Digital Systems, Inc.
Cypress, CA


Sennheiser introduced its new line of headsets with integrated windscreens — the HSP2 (omni) and the HSP4 (cardioid). The HSP2 headset is outfitted with the MKE Platinum omnidirectional capsule for optimized treble and bass response and can handle sound pressure levels of up to 142dB. The hermetically sealed capsule and “umbrella” diaphragm protect the microphone against moisture. The cardioid HSP4 headset uses a newly designed cardioid version of the MKE Platinum capsule and is designed to deliver greater isolation in live performance environments where background noise and feedback are prevalent. Its flexible gooseneck allows optimal positioning. HSP headsets are constructed of beta titanium materials with an ultra ergonomic, 1.1mm diameter, and fully adjustable boom arm mountable on either side, plus the unobtrusive integrated windscreen. Both headsets are compatible with the new Sennheiser intelligent MZA900P in-line pre-amp with dual-color LEDs that report the status of the cable and phantom power.

Sennheiser Electronic Corporation
Old Lyme, CT


The DX200 intercom shows promise based in part on its price point. The DX2000 has a 2.4 GHZ license-free operation; it's approved for worldwide use so users won't need to coordinate frequency operation with other wireless systems. It also incorporates digital frequency hopping spread spectrum with encrypted signals to secure communications. All that, plus it comes with a pretty sleek looking beltpack.

HM Electronics, Inc.
Poway, CA


Neutrik is introducing what it considers to be the next generation of XLR cable connectors — the NC**XX series. The The NC**XX series is similar in style to the NP*X series of quarter inch phone plugs. It will be available in 3 to 7 pole configurations. The compact, unique die cast shell has internal threads that mate with the external threads on the boot to eliminate the damage sometimes found on exposed threads. The NC**XX series incorporates Neutrik's chuck-type strain relief and will provide color-coding on the boot. Additionally, the cable connectors feature female cage-type contact designed to increase conductivity and reduce wear of the male contacts and a new ground contact for better integrity between the chassis and cable connectors.

Neutrik USA, Inc.
Lakewood, NJ


This heavy-duty tactical Category 5e cable from Gepco is the ideal solution for portable or remote patching of Ethernet networks or digital audio/video formats utilizing CAT5e type cable. The CT504HD has a rugged and flexible design thanks to a double jacket construction. The CT504HD is intended for use with Neutrik EtherCon connectors, and is also available from Gepco as pre-terminated cable assemblies.

Des Plains, IL


Wireworks DMX cord assemblies are manufactured to ensure that the signal reaches each instrument without interference or degradation. They are available with either 5- or 3-pin Neutrik XLR male and female connectors. The cable itself is crucial to superior data transmission. Wireworks DMX cable exceeds the specifications of USITT DMX512-1990. Two stranded tinned copper 24-gauge pairs insulated with cellular polypropylene yield a low 12.5-pico farads capacitance per foot, providing clear data flow. They are then shielded with 100% coverage polyester aluminum foil and a second 65% braided tinned copper shield. A PVC install jacket provides all the protection needed for everyday use in harsh environments. Further, for ultimate flexibility, Wireworks introduced the DMX3F and DMX5F control cables with a matte black cable designed for flexibility without compromise in temporary installations. All Wireworks products are warranted against defects in parts and workmanship for the life of the product.

Hillside, NJ