The 35th anniversary of FKI (FAI Komatsu Industries) was recently held on the island of Sardinia, during an international convention that attracted 500 dealers, importers, and key suppliers. FKI, part of Tokyo-based Komatsu Ltd., is best known for its earth movement equipment, and its newest models in the 7- to 12-ton range (all manufactured in Italy) were out in force at the event, held May 14-16.

Ten machines, including four mini-excavators and two compact excavators, were grouped along the shores of Sardinia's Chia Laguna following a gala dinner. LD Paolo Baldelli, of San Marino, Italy-based rental and service firm Inax, supplied the video, audio, and lighting systems for the presentation. "Thirty-two PAR-64s were used to form a fan of backlight as the machines made their entrance along two access paths, on which 24 Martin MAC 600s were used to create light 'corridors' through which the machines drove into the demo zone. Four PALs projected abstract gobos on the demo zone and eight Roboscan 1220 RPRs projected the FKI logo over the entire area. Instruments including Arri quartz 2ks were used to illuminate the area in which the machines made their entrance singly or in pairs. After being put through their paces by the operators, the machines took up their positions around the perimeter."

The presentation was completed by 24 Pallas 1ks, which lit trees, bushes, the area around the demo zone, and the path along which the audience went to view the machines close-up. The product spectacular received a standing ovation.

Baldelli led a six-strong light crew, helming a 48-channel MA Lightcommander desk, three PCs, and two Niethammer followspots from a terrace on which the PALs had also been installed on a truss bar. "I chose what might seem an unusual combination of fixtures because the Arri and other traditional instruments were ideal for the TV coverage," the LD says. "As far as effects are concerned I've always been very happy with all I've done previously with Martin--MACs are in my opinion the best the market has to offer as far as the ratio of price to quality is concerned."