grandMA in the Third Dimension

MA Lighting has released grandMA 3D, the free visualization software for grandMA consoles. MA Lighting planned to add a visualization system to the grandMA range, but with the costs of PCs falling, and the processing speeds ever increasing, it made sense to make it a PC application. The 3D software connects to any grandMA console via Ethernet. A wizard guides the user through the process of setting up a basic stage. When connected to the console the fixtures are automatically downloaded into the 3D program. Users can then use the intuitive controls to position the fixtures in 3D space and then this information is stored in the grandMA show file. Multiple grandMA 3Ds can connect to a single grandMA console allowing the same show to be visualized in multiple virtual venues simultaneously.
MA Lighting Technology GmbH

Flash Bang
American DJ has introduced the Neutron Star, an analog 750W strobe. It is designed for larger clubs as well as an effect unit for theatre, concerts, and special events. Features include 0-10V control for adjustable manual dimming and a speed adjustment. The unit can also be used with the American DJ S-10S controller (sold separately) to control speed and flash. It comes with a hanging bracket and ZB-300 lamp and has 1/4" input and output jacks so other Neutron Stars can be linked together. It weighs 8lb (3.6kg) and measures 5"x12"x8.5" (12x30x21cm).
American DJ Supply

Tools for a Jedi
Kobold introduces the LS 13 Light Sword, a tubular light wand with a 50cm-long (20") fluorescent tube. There is complete control of the longitudinal light opening; with the slot attachment removed, light is emitted in all directions. Some of the applications for this device include: concealed behind props, in objects or in vehicles, and as an effect light for edges and narrow openings. For use outdoors, the unit has an IP rating of IP 54. The light is color corrected to 5500K and delivers approximately 600 lumens. The Light Sword is 74cm (30") long, 6cm (2.4") in diameter, and weighs 1.7kg (3.75lb). The built-in starter and electronic ballast are shock protected. The unit is available in 120V or 230V versions and includes a 5m (16.5') power cord.
Bron Elektronic AG

Camera Light
Kobold introduces the CL16, a compact onboard camera light. For the lamp, Kobold has chosen the MR-16 Constant Color halogen lamp with dichroic filter, available in different beam angles and powers. From 20W up to 71W, the user can choose and quickly adapt lighting to any shooting situation. Access to the lamp is easy and does not require any tools. Some of the characteristics of the MR-16 lamps are long-lasting performance (5,000 hours average rated life), a high light output (+20% as against comparable lamps), and absolute consistency of color temperature. To adapt to ever-changing scenes and lighting conditions, Kobold CL16 features a built-in dimmer. Its regulation is continuous 0-100% and is operated with the touch of a finger. Kobold CL16 is supplied with built-in matte safety glass, flip up/down daylight filter, two barndoors, and can be operated with a battery from 6 to 16V.
Bron Elektronic AG

Meter Reader
Cooke introduces the cal-Light 400 Calibrated Precision Light Meter. Too much light can waste energy, and too little can cause eyestrain in classrooms, libraries, offices, conference rooms, or mishaps in stairways and parking lots. Use the light meter to measure how much light is falling on a surface. The cal-Light uses a silicon photodiode sensor corrected to measure like the human eye sees. Every unit is certifiably calibrated and recognized by the American National Institute of Standards and Technology.
The Cooke Corporation

Get Over It
JLG introduces the Straddle Extension Kit option for its AccessMaster® Series push-around vertical personnel lifts at heights of 20-41' (6-12m). The kit is designed to work over auditorium seat rows, machinery, and even stairwells, and can be adjusted for use on sloped auditorium floors and stairs. The kit can be set up by one person without tools and can be loaded onto a standard pickup truck with the AM Series personnel lift, making it easier to transport to and from job sites. It spans up to 128" (3.25m) and is available with either 48" (1.2m) or 55" (1.4m) total floor-to-platform clearance.
JLG Industries

Command Performance
Martin now offers the MAC 2000 Performance, a 1,200W framing profile spot and animation projector. It features a four-blade framing system and gobo animation wheel for theatrical effects. Also new is a gobo animation wheel useful for effects such as fire, sky, and water imaging. The entire wheel can be swiveled for flexible positional control. Other features include a CMY color-mixing system with a color temperature correction system, making it possible to gradually increase or decrease color temperature. Other features include a gobo wheel with five indexable rotating gobos, additional effects wheel with rotating beam shaper and three-facet prism, and a variable frost capable of smooth gobo fade-in/-out possibilities. The MAC 2000 Performance operates at a very low noise level.
Martin Professional

Foggy Day
Jem introduces the Glaciator, a self-contained, low fog-generating system. Replacing the larger, three-phase heavy fog machines; the Glaciator needs only a 13A power supply and a bottle of Jem Standard Heavy Fog Fluid. Unlike other machines on the market, it does not require CO2 cylinders and separate chillers to complete the package. The Glaciator has DMX control. An optional power ducting adapter is available that allows ducting to be fitted to the machine for delivering fog to hard-to-reach locations. The adapter has a built-in booster fan that helps conduct the effect through longer lengths of ducting.
Jem, a division of Martin Professional

Kino Flo has created a new True Match® ring light assembly called the Kamio® System. The dimmable beauty light is designed for lighting tight shots of actors and other on-camera talent. Unlike conventional camera lights that mount high above the lens, the Kamio ring light tucks in close around the lens axis. It mounts on the lens and weighs less than 1lb (0.45kg). It is available in a kit with accessories such as sunshades, an eyebrow, color filter holders, and step down ring adapters (sizes 80mm to 110mm). The fixture uses True Match daylight and tungsten lamps.
Kino Flo

A Little TLC
Lightronics announces a new line of lighting consoles. The new TL Series features a streamlined appearance and feel while maintaining the same features from earlier designs. The new series will include 12-, 16-, 24-, and 32-channel models. All models will include user-programmed scene and chase memories and optional DMX output. Some models will feature sound-activated chase operation and dimmer softpatch capability. All models are covered by Lightronics' two-year warranty and customer support.

Star Bright
A complete line of Schott SpectraStar illuminators is available with UL approval. They feature 150W discharge lamps with integral reflector and 6,000 hours of lamp life to ensure low maintenance and even illumination with no focusing required. The lamp also offers excellent color rendition and stability. The illuminators were designed for applications requiring glass or plastic fibers. The addition of a motor drive and connection port enables the use of various effects wheels to change color or light intensity. A switch can be attached to the light source to stop and start the effects or dim the light.

Hot Potato
For procedures that require more protection, Setwear now offers a Hothand glove. These gloves feature heat-resistant leather and the palms, fingers, and thumbs are lined with Thinsulate and Bemberg materials to help provide extra protection. The Hothand gloves are designed to handle most hot materials used in any industry. The gloves are great for lighting, rigging, rappelling, belaying, and more. These multipurpose gloves help provide extra protection from both hot and cold elements.
Setwear Products